Saturday, December 16, 2017

"Prevent" Police Snooping Around Again

Dear Friends & Comrades,

A comrade who due to mental health problems has had social workers visit him in his government flat for the last four years has confided in me. He said that his new "care coordinator" arrived at his flat yesterday for his monthly check up.

This "care coordinator" asked him all the usual questions; how he was, how the medication was going and what he had been doing with himself. Perhaps somewhat naively he told the social worker that he had been on a radio talkshow on the internet. The social worker being very interested asked him what the show was about. He told him that it was about "history and politics".

When the social worker responded by asking yet more questions about what the show's name was, where he could find it online and who else was on it etc etc, my acquaintance understandably became somewhat suspicious, and especially so since by this point the social worker was taking notes on a note pad.

Alerted by the excessive line of questioning and the note taking our comrade asked the social worker why he was asking all these questions and who was going to read the notes. "That's a very good question" the social worker said evasively. "Anyone who has access to your case file", he said after much probing. "Who has access to my case file?" Said our comrade. "Anyone, like your GP, your care givers, the hospital, Prevent...."

The comrade in question was approached by Prevent last year but having been momentarily intimidated into letting them into his flat, then immediately declined to take part in their "de-radicalisation" programme. I can sympathise as from my own experience with them they can be very intimidating and aggressive.

Although "voluntary" it is clear from their own literature and from the minutes from their select committee meetings in the House of Commons that the UK police originally introduced the Prevent spying and re-education programme with the intention of making it compulsory and very much still wish to make it compulsory, and in some instances (such as in prisons and so forth), have succeeded in doing so.

They also have a secondary re-education phase of the programme called "intensive de-radicalisation," but so far no one I know knows what happens when you reach this stage. From reports we've received most of the people who reach this stage simply shut down and refuse to cooperate any further.

Needless to say I have made strong representations to this acquaintance of mine to end these appointments with social workers at once, which are wholly unnecessary and which are meant to be non-compulsory; to exercise his right to review all the notes that have been made about the things he has said in the presence of public sector workers thus far, (and which he has been recently informed amount to many hundreds of notes over the course of several years); to make a freedom of information request as to all information pertaining to his political activities held by the British State; and to refuse at any level to engage in conversation or dialogue regarding his political or religious views or activities with any group or individual affiliated with or in any way tied to the public sector, this regime or its ideology.

I advised him strongly that this spying probably amounts to an attempt on the part of the security services to find evidence incriminating him or the people close to him as leverage in order to coerce him into attending their re-education centre to be quote "de-radicalised," that they are paid and promoted on the basis of performance and that they have been trained and professionally orientated in a cultural Marxist political belief system that is highly dangerous and not to be trifled with.


Please go to 2:31:15 of this podcast to hear more of what me and another UK comrade have to say about our experience and knowledge of the Prevent police, a sinister Marxist brainwashing organisation with state power and heavy connections to Common Purpose:


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