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Bill White On FBI Infiltration

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The following letter to the editor is in the November-December 2017 issue of the British nationalist publication Heritage and Destiny.  It was mildly edited.



Sir -- I would like to reply to the letter you published by Martin Kerr in #79 of Heritage and Destiny regarding federal infiltration of the White nationalist movement.  I have spent the past year fighting the U.S. and various state entities for documents on this very subject.  I recently had to provide the U.S. District Court of the Middle District of Florida a list of just the relevant documents, and it ran to a page.  Suffice to say that I have reviewed over 50,000 pages on FBI / Joint Terrorism Task Force infiltration of the White nationalist movement since 1975, the U.S. has identified over 100,000 pages of additional documents which they have not yet tendered, and they are withholding probably several hundred thousand pages of additional documents which I am in court trying to force out of them in various ways.

I would refer those of you online to Google something called "the Trust", which was a Soviet Bolshevik operation in the civil war, and post-civil war period in which the Soviets set up a phony "White Russian" organization, fooling not only most of Russia's Whites, but,also, the U.S.  and, the UK into supporting it, and used it to roll up the Tsarist opposition to the Communists.  Anyone who partakes of the 1976 Church Committee reports on the original Cointelpro will know that the FBI adopted this technique, calling the groups so formed "notionals."

I have the Attorney General's Guidelines here on Terrorism Enterprise Investigations. After 9-11, Attorney General [this is an error that H+D made;  he was FBI Director]  Robert Mueller fundamentally changed the nature of the FBI.  The memorandums issued after that date, incorporated into said guidelines, state that any person or group, opposed to the FBI's belief in "civil rights" and their interpretation of the Constitution, was a "terrorist," and could be made subject to a TEI -- even if it did not appear likely that they had committed, or would commit, a federal crime.  As the FBI currently interprets the Constitution to only protect anti-White racism, and globalist/Zionist multi-culturalism, this essentially made every White nationalist person or,group in the country a target.

I would refer H+D readers to the badly written book by David Gletty, an informant in the Middle District of Florida, who describes in detail his involvement in "disruption operations" targeting White nationalists from 2003 - 2007.  The particular operation he describes in the book Undercover Nazi, was actually ongoing at the Florida state level as early as 1999 and is continuing today.  Because Gletty personally targeted me, many of the documents that I have refer to this operation.

In 1975, according to FBI documents, an FBI informant named Robert Brannen created the National Socialist Movement (NSM.)  A group using that name is still operating today.  [This was added by H+D;  it is the same group:  Cliff Herrington was a friend of Brannen and fellow informant, and he selected the current "Commander,",Jeff Schoep.]  This means that this "notional," which ironically, was specifically created to target Matt Koehl's National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP), whose successor group (New Order) Martin Kerr leads today, had been continuously utilized by the FBI for 42 years.  And while Koehl knew it was fake, the FBI documents specifically state that they are not concerned because they do not believe that Koehl could prove his comments, and they will be perceived as a personality dispute -- the erroneous attribution for these things that Martin Kerr asks us to accept today.

The FBI cell in the Middle District of Florida which targeted White nationalists was set up as follows:  Director Mueller was, according to an internal FBI memo, supervising the entire operation personally on a national level;  the local SAIC, Carl Whitehead, then, Steve Ibison, was nominally in charge. The day-to-day operations were conducted by FBI SSA Andrew Lenzer, who had four case agents:  SA Kevin Farrington, SA Daniel Toft, TFO Kelly Boaz, and, TFO Robert Killian.  [Note:  I have since been given the names of three other analysts/agents involved in this operation.]  Of those four, I only know of Boaz and Killian, both trained law enforcement officers, personally doing undercover work.

Boaz, under the name Kevin Post, set up a phoney "Aryan Nations" group nominally led by August Kreis III.   Killian is known to the movement as Michael "Doc" Schneider of the Von Bluvens Show. Together, these four case agents were operating about forty informants in White nationalist movements and set up at least five notional White nationalist groups, just in the half dozen year period that I'm interested in. Further, they also had another dozen or so trained law enforcement officers ready to go undercover for, say, events like the phony march that I was invited to in Orlando in 2006.

Now, that is just one event in one of the 93 U.S. judicial districts.  The broader operation was larger, much larger.  An estimated 3000 non-law enforcement persons since 2001 have been employed by the federal government to impersonate "White supremacists."  Several major U.S. "nationalist" groups and websites are essentially the FBI, along with scores of minor ones.  As an example of this operation's breadth, in 2006 the FBI decided that it had to eliminate me, personally, from the White nationalist movement.  It sent out a directive to its agents to tell a segment of its puppets to start denouncing "Nazis."  The Vinlander Social Club was one such group, as well as numerous skinhead groups (also FBI-controlled) which affiliated with it.  Those who were there ten years ago may remember how, early 2006, all sorts of "White nationalists" from Christian Identity groups to Don Black's Stormfront, started taking an anti-Nazi line.  They all did it at once.  This was, of course, the FBI's doing.

From 2001 to 2007, I was approached four times by the FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies and asked to work with those security forces to help control the White nationalist movement.  Each time I said no;  the last time was the straw that broke their back, and ended up with my imprisonment on trumped-up charges.  I know numerous other people who have been approached with the same deal, some of whom refused, some accepted.  I also ran some of these informants back on their case agents as journalistic sources for years as well, another reason that the FBI hated me.  I have personal knowledge of much of what I'm talking about, more than enough to fill in the documents that I have.

Martin Kerr is wrong when he states that the White nationalist movement in the U.S. does not merit immense federal attention.  The US needs a constant domestic threat to keep the U.S. together.  Because the USA is not a proper nation, like Israel itself it can only be held together by fear andforce.  White nationalism plays a role in America comparable to the idea of Edom in Judaism;  it is the contant, unseen but ever-present and pervasive threat that keeps the am-ha'aretz together.

And it is not only White nationalism that has been held together this way.  All seemingly opposition political movements in the U.S. are controlled either directly by the FBI, or indirectly through the two major political parties who all cooperate with the FBI.  Look at the phony Donald Trump events in Berkeley, and, Portland.  Just like the phony Nazi/Klan rally in Pikesville, Kentucky, the FBI is essentially paying everyone on both sides to come out and fight each other, so they can build databases of political dissenters on both sides.

Anyone who would like more information on U.S. intelligence agencies, and, their methodologies in controlling political dissent, are welcome to write to me.  I am in a political prison with people who have been involved in all different flavors of organizations, from patriot to Islamic.  I have read scores of these kinds of cases, in addition to the paperwork in my own case. I have even known people like my friendly associate Marcus Robertson, a former CIA operative in Africa, who have been personally involved in running these kinds of operations.

While I respect Martin Kerr's views, he is unfortunately naive in his understanding of how modern governments control their populations. Until we start understanding the secrets of the old Egyptian magician Thoth-Judah, not only will our efforts to organise White people to resist globalist genocide fail, but, we will continue to be trapped in the illusion of the spectacle of modern life. 

William A White #13888-084
PO Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


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