Sunday, November 19, 2017

White Female Misandry

[Excerpt from a lengthy e-mail I got from one of our guys.] 

About marriage & mate qualities:

My idea years ago was that even as an English or philosophy (history, etc.) major on a college campus, doing real work for a real degree etc, I would find an intellectual girl with whom we were compatible & get married etc.

Eventually I realized that will never happen. I mean absolutely dead seriously, literally, I thought about it, "OK, I did my 4 year degree in 5 because of [redacted],I owe $75000, & I went out on one date in my 5 years with a girl who then made fun of me on social media for being shy & awkward. Now, a male who is awkward--not crude, vile, groping, abusive etc. blah blah--is likely to be accused of something in the harassment/stalking/used insensitive language (he talks like a book of 50 years ago because he's never had anything else).

At best he suffers total social ostracism mixed with hostility; at worst he ends up charged with whatever they make up and his life is ruined as he fights charges, jailtime etc. Girls desperately want the football athlete hunks etc who really do rape and assault, and they take their rage out on the pathetic awkward nerd who is skin and bones and wouldn't hurt a fly; the latter type is the ax-murderer rapist, obviously.

The falling-down drunk girls at the Goth club etc. got ugly but at least they didn't file charges that appeared in the national media or file lawsuits.

The pick-up game worked to some extent for me, but its application is solely to bag girls to bang, who are largely sluts. Getting a devoted wife with shared values may happen once in a million in "game," but I know I won't win those odds.

As the guys online explained to me, the cute little emo boy type like me is really only used by girls to cheat and/or A) make themselves feel better & B) make their boyfriend, partner, husband jealous. It's a bet I lose 100% of the time.

To splice a James Bond & Qui-Gon Jin quote, for me, "The best move is not to play that game, because I'm certain to lose--even if I win."

[Redacted] informed me the night we talked 1 hour & a 1/4 in his pickup, that I have zero chances getting a mate in the church. It's quasi-Mormon: I'm over 24, I'm a single guy who is ancient (even if I looked 20-25 then) and I'm dirt-poor. My chances are virtually zero.

Yes, I might be able to find a 45-50 year old woman who is OK with having a husband who causes everyone to ask "He's your son, right?" However, that trophy wife ("Look, I'm hetero, even if wife is 51") precludes any possibility of children. I'll put up with marriage difficulties for children and a family, nothing less. Otherwise, I must maintain my freedom of action; I also am then expendable (if need be.)

Btw, I was never enamoured of the gorgeous Barbie dolls etc (though the Italian-descended girl when I was 19 was quite pretty). Bluntly I was an IQ hunter, I was after the science nerd astrophysicist girl. Jordan who takes a liking to Mitch in 1985's Real Genius (truly my movie) was, with long hair, the ideal. Breed for genius IQs. (A National Geographic story about a science grad girl who goes 5 miles into a cave to install a neutrino detector, that sort of girl.) Those people did not exist in East Texas.


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