Friday, November 24, 2017

Thinking of the Northwest, Part Deux

Dear HAC:

My racial awakening took place a few years ago. I have had to rethink the course of my life and now it is pointing toward the Homeland.  

Whenever I get a chance at social functions like ceili and contra dances  I will our people (Whites) about your work. It is usually done one-on-one, in private. I will often start off by talking about our great losses (financial, territory, population, resources, jobs, cultural ...) then proceed to who is behind it and then discuss the need for a White Homeland.

A list of internet information is included in this envelope. It is an example of what I use to supplement my conversations with those Whites I meet. 

I have been pusillanimous with my identity. Since I live within the UIC Medical District and because of my current scientific research, I ask that my identity remain anonymous until I am out of the belly of the Beast. Antifa has been operating a block from my house.

I was born in the early 60s and I have elderly parents who require care. They will never come with me to the Northwest. My parental problem has delayed my scouting trip to the Northwest. 

My family and other White friends have developed methods of temporary survival and keeping some White identity while living alongside blacks, mestizos, and eventually Asians.

For the past 20 years all my disposable wealth was poured into a "fixer-upper" brick two-flat building that I had once hoped would become a nest egg to be used for my Great Escape. Much of my research these days is done in my home, and there is equipment/resources here I cannot get anywhere else. especially now with all the Chinese garbage forced on Americans. However, my property is too close to the government and private agencies that support blacks and various shitskins. The Third World passing through makes my neighborhood look like a zombie movie. Thanks to {{{Them}}} and especially the monkoids, my property is virtually worthless. I'm stuck here for a while.

-Paddy from Chicago


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