Sunday, November 12, 2017

In Memoriam: Ingrid Rimland (1936-2017)


For those of you who haven't heard, Ingrid Rimland Zündel, the widow of Holocaust Revisionist Ernst Zündel, died on October 12th in her home in Tennessee, aged 81.

This month-long delay between someone's death and the rest of us hearing about it is pretty usual in our wee little Movement, since for some reason which has always baffled me, unlike every other persecuted minority in the world we refuse to come together and live in communities, but isolate ourselves from one another in remote locations. We can never hide from our enemies, but we do a great job hiding from our friends. 

Ingrid was a prominent Revisionist historian and novelist in her own right, her most well-known work being The Wanderers. 

The Last of the Summer Wine is running dry, people. Make good use of those of us who are left. 



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