Thursday, November 02, 2017

Andy Donner - Theorycraft #2 Podcast 

Short but important podcast by Andy Donner on all that inside baseball stuff. 26 minutes long. Andy answers the question: "If the Northwest Front is so right about all this, why haven't we succeeded yet?"

May I suggest to our YouTube-ing comrades that this would make an excellent video with appropriate graphic artwork? Let's unlimber all that Aryan creativity, eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy is correct; just knowing the JQ doesn't translate into any meaningful action. A lot more people are aware of the Black Question due to it being in their face on a day to day basis and, other than moving to more expensive areas and sending their kids to private schools, I don't see much of a response. Knowing may be half the battle, but many seem to stop there.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NWF should get off JewTube. There are alternatives now.

4 of these are secure, most seem to be more conservative than progressive, including some alt-right. Openly defiant of Jew media.

I don't have the knowledge but someone could move "A Message From The Underground" to an alternative. JewTube put their blue-line WARNING and disabled "certain features".

The URL is

2:40 PM  

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