Thursday, November 09, 2017

A Bureaucrat Writes

Dear HAC,

Greetings from my little cubicle. As always, thank you for the inspiration and the message of hope. I might anticipate some awakening with the recent demographic news in the media. Still maddening to see so little awareness among our kin, Can’t imagine the frustration you’ve had these many years.

I hope there are active folks in Olympia. Thanks for addressing us suit and tie folks’ concerns. I have a good job, but they canned a guy in Tacoma for having an “offensive” cartoon on his personal Facebook page and a post implying that blacks commit more murders than Whites. A simple perusal of the Uniform Crime Statistics would prove this to be true. If one is fired for telling the truth, how many time do any of us White men have left in the nation we built?

Please be aware the state government is hiring due to actually getting a budget, finally. Fellow worms in the wood may find this of use. I won’t be in a spot to hire any time soon, but you never know. Job apps are around town in Olympia for other states as well. for the state. Also, there is a trucking company with veterans’ preferences. Recently (post-9/11) discharged vets should try South Puget Sound has a lot of employers that hire vets. Labor and Industries has a good [illegible] for apprenticeship.

Again, on the hook for a bit of time in ZOG’s reserves. You are giving good advice on not joining the Army. If they qualify for a high threshold such as [illegible] MMI, CA or even industry they may be OK. However, far better to join the Air Force. Caller had bad info, though. Army needs a 31 now and they aren’t taking waivers any more. But no more of our brothers should die in pointless conflicts. Especially in the Ukraine. Just hope the big fool isn’t tempted to jump due to the taunting. At any rate, I have [segment redacted due to possibly identifying information].

On a humorous note, I accidentally managed to leave the gas on when leaving the house. “You might be a National Socialist if you try to enact the Final Solution on your pets.” Ironically, with drafty windows much like the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, all my pets survived. 


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