Monday, November 20, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - November 23rd, 2017

Thanksgiving Day episode

Sunday, November 19, 2017

White Female Misandry

[Excerpt from a lengthy e-mail I got from one of our guys.] 

About marriage & mate qualities:

My idea years ago was that even as an English or philosophy (history, etc.) major on a college campus, doing real work for a real degree etc, I would find an intellectual girl with whom we were compatible & get married etc.

Eventually I realized that will never happen. I mean absolutely dead seriously, literally, I thought about it, "OK, I did my 4 year degree in 5 because of [redacted],I owe $75000, & I went out on one date in my 5 years with a girl who then made fun of me on social media for being shy & awkward. Now, a male who is awkward--not crude, vile, groping, abusive etc. blah blah--is likely to be accused of something in the harassment/stalking/used insensitive language (he talks like a book of 50 years ago because he's never had anything else).

At best he suffers total social ostracism mixed with hostility; at worst he ends up charged with whatever they make up and his life is ruined as he fights charges, jailtime etc. Girls desperately want the football athlete hunks etc who really do rape and assault, and they take their rage out on the pathetic awkward nerd who is skin and bones and wouldn't hurt a fly; the latter type is the ax-murderer rapist, obviously.

The falling-down drunk girls at the Goth club etc. got ugly but at least they didn't file charges that appeared in the national media or file lawsuits.

The pick-up game worked to some extent for me, but its application is solely to bag girls to bang, who are largely sluts. Getting a devoted wife with shared values may happen once in a million in "game," but I know I won't win those odds.

As the guys online explained to me, the cute little emo boy type like me is really only used by girls to cheat and/or A) make themselves feel better & B) make their boyfriend, partner, husband jealous. It's a bet I lose 100% of the time.

To splice a James Bond & Qui-Gon Jin quote, for me, "The best move is not to play that game, because I'm certain to lose--even if I win."

[Redacted] informed me the night we talked 1 hour & a 1/4 in his pickup, that I have zero chances getting a mate in the church. It's quasi-Mormon: I'm over 24, I'm a single guy who is ancient (even if I looked 20-25 then) and I'm dirt-poor. My chances are virtually zero.

Yes, I might be able to find a 45-50 year old woman who is OK with having a husband who causes everyone to ask "He's your son, right?" However, that trophy wife ("Look, I'm hetero, even if wife is 51") precludes any possibility of children. I'll put up with marriage difficulties for children and a family, nothing less. Otherwise, I must maintain my freedom of action; I also am then expendable (if need be.)

Btw, I was never enamoured of the gorgeous Barbie dolls etc (though the Italian-descended girl when I was 19 was quite pretty). Bluntly I was an IQ hunter, I was after the science nerd astrophysicist girl. Jordan who takes a liking to Mitch in 1985's Real Genius (truly my movie) was, with long hair, the ideal. Breed for genius IQs. (A National Geographic story about a science grad girl who goes 5 miles into a cave to install a neutrino detector, that sort of girl.) Those people did not exist in East Texas.

Friday, November 17, 2017

I Am A Northwest Volunteer

I am a Northwest Volunteer. I have one purpose in life, to serve the 14 Words of David Lane through the establishment of the Northwest American Republic as a Homeland for all White people.

I am a Northwest Volunteer. Every day, every waking hour of my life is devoted to the goal of freeing my people and bringing my country into existence. I renounce all the money, the material goods, the personal pleasures, the gratifications of body and mind, and the social approval with which America rewards conformity. I voluntarily choose to become an outcast and an outlaw, so that my race and the civilization my race has created may not perish from the face of the earth.

I renounce fear. I understand and accept that my life no longer belongs to me, but to my people and my country, and is an asset to be husbanded wisely and used without stint when the time is right. I understand and accept that I have neither the right to throw my life away without point or gain, nor the right to preserve it at the expense of future generations.

To the Party I pledge my swift and wholehearted obedience, without cavil or hesitation. I am a political soldier, and thus I function in society.

I live a clean and manly life of honor. I do not defile that honor with perversions of the body. I do not defile my blood through congress with anyone not of my own blood.

To my fellow White men and women, who will hate and persecute me because they have been so cruelly deceived, I pledge my patience and my love.

To the world enemy in all his loathsome manifestations, I pledge unending hatred, resistance and destruction. The word “surrender” will never pass my lips nor the thought enter my mind.

I am a Northwest Volunteer.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Yes, I Understand

[I was recently approached by someone using an e-mail pseudonym. Since it's important that White nationalists have some way to communicate off-internet, for reasons which should be obvious, I asked him for a name and mailing address to begin the NF contact process with an introductory packet of literature, as per our protocols. This this the response I received. It is fairly typical of communications I get almost very week in one form or another.] 

Disclosure of same will have to wait until I am in a different location where no one knows me and possibly mis-addressed mail would not be as disastrous.

By way of explanation, over the years I dealt with co-workers, others in various positions and agencies in the surrounding area and the clientele. None of those I dealt with are friends and none could be counted on to do other than bash me, either in outraged anger, payback, or just to save their own skins.

Emotionally, yes, I want the packet. However, using a cold, rational, professional, analytical long term view that was tempered in me by the cubicle, my best chance to finally achieve the finances necessary to emigrate to the Homeland is best served by the appearance of being so squeaky clean no one would suspect.

The current possible repercussions of a mistake could cost everything I have and see us sleeping in the woods. Stick a copy of the intro packet on a shelf and save it for me several years from now when we can have a meet and greet in the Homeland. Thinking cold and rational long term, this is just how it is.

* * *

First off, yes. The risk and the danger of disastrous consequences through any association with my name or with the Northwest Front is entirely real, and I'm not gong to sit here and tell you they won't happen. They have happened to me often down through the decades.

It is also true that many White men exaggerate the possible danger out of fear, timidity, paranoia, and the social conditioning which forbids even the slightest gesture of resistance or bad thoughts in our heads or else they will be treated like Bimbo in "Swing You Sinners." (This year's Halloween cartoon; check it out.

The degree of actual danger is something only you are qualified to assess. If you say you don't dare, then you don't dare, and I pretty much have to accept that. That being said: 

A) All Northwest Front correspondence comes in a plain envelope. We used to have specially printed novelty Tricolor postage stamps, but stopped using them because some people became frightened and hysterical when they arrived in the mail box. That was a pity, because others were powerfully stirred and moved by the sight of our country's flag on a canceled stamp.

B) At some point, White men have to stand erect again and do the right thing. We are not going to win our freedom by constantly hiding, any more than we will win our freedom by playing with our electronic toys. Sooner or later physical deeds must be done in the real world. I would say these deeds will require us to let others see our faces but ... well, some of them won't, if you get my drift.

C) For now, no one in the NF is asking you to commit a crime or go to prison. There are many legal things you can do to serve the 14 Words and bring our new country into being. However, just because these things are legal doesn't mean they're safe. I get that.

D) I have learned over many years that the majority of White people will always place their personal safety and well-being over the common good of their people. It's who we are, it's what we do, and I long ago stopped fighting the fact. There is no way that I can compel, shame, or browbeat White people into doing the right thing. I have to take whatever you are willing to give and hope to God I can use it to move the Party and the 14 Words a couple of microscopic inches forward.

All of the above having been said, all of you reading this have one thing that you most certainly can do and do without personal risk. You have a wallet. Use it.

Northwest Publishing Agency
P. O. Box 2188
Bremerton, Washington 98310

Checks and money orders should be made out to Northwest Publishing Agency.

It saddens and depresses me that this most holy and urgent of causes must be reduced to me shilling for donations like Jim Bakker trying to build a waterslide at Heritage U.S.A. It shouldn't be like this. I really should be sitting on a white horse flourishing my saber aloft and yelling "Charge the blockhouse!" But I have learned to play the cards I was dealt, and you guys are the cards I've been dealt.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - November 16th, 2017 

HAC on Back To The Future and being a terrorist, Gretchen on Julius Evola, Andy on taking care of the elderly in the context of Northwest Migration.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

In Memoriam: Ingrid Rimland (1936-2017)


For those of you who haven't heard, Ingrid Rimland Zündel, the widow of Holocaust Revisionist Ernst Zündel, died on October 12th in her home in Tennessee, aged 81.

This month-long delay between someone's death and the rest of us hearing about it is pretty usual in our wee little Movement, since for some reason which has always baffled me, unlike every other persecuted minority in the world we refuse to come together and live in communities, but isolate ourselves from one another in remote locations. We can never hide from our enemies, but we do a great job hiding from our friends. 

Ingrid was a prominent Revisionist historian and novelist in her own right, her most well-known work being The Wanderers. 

The Last of the Summer Wine is running dry, people. Make good use of those of us who are left. 


Friday, November 10, 2017

Andy Donner Special Podcast 

This is an interview Andy did last August for the Race and Nation podcast with Lord Goyhammer and Sir Stephen. It’s probably the most hard-hitting critical commentary anyone has directed against the so-called “alt.right” from more-or-less within. This interview was done a few days before Charlottesville, and afterward we felt it wasn’t quite the most tactful time to air it, but I think enough water has passed under the bridge so this can and should be shared.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

A Bureaucrat Writes

Dear HAC,

Greetings from my little cubicle. As always, thank you for the inspiration and the message of hope. I might anticipate some awakening with the recent demographic news in the media. Still maddening to see so little awareness among our kin, Can’t imagine the frustration you’ve had these many years.

I hope there are active folks in Olympia. Thanks for addressing us suit and tie folks’ concerns. I have a good job, but they canned a guy in Tacoma for having an “offensive” cartoon on his personal Facebook page and a post implying that blacks commit more murders than Whites. A simple perusal of the Uniform Crime Statistics would prove this to be true. If one is fired for telling the truth, how many time do any of us White men have left in the nation we built?

Please be aware the state government is hiring due to actually getting a budget, finally. Fellow worms in the wood may find this of use. I won’t be in a spot to hire any time soon, but you never know. Job apps are around town in Olympia for other states as well. for the state. Also, there is a trucking company with veterans’ preferences. Recently (post-9/11) discharged vets should try South Puget Sound has a lot of employers that hire vets. Labor and Industries has a good [illegible] for apprenticeship.

Again, on the hook for a bit of time in ZOG’s reserves. You are giving good advice on not joining the Army. If they qualify for a high threshold such as [illegible] MMI, CA or even industry they may be OK. However, far better to join the Air Force. Caller had bad info, though. Army needs a 31 now and they aren’t taking waivers any more. But no more of our brothers should die in pointless conflicts. Especially in the Ukraine. Just hope the big fool isn’t tempted to jump due to the taunting. At any rate, I have [segment redacted due to possibly identifying information].

On a humorous note, I accidentally managed to leave the gas on when leaving the house. “You might be a National Socialist if you try to enact the Final Solution on your pets.” Ironically, with drafty windows much like the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, all my pets survived. 

Monday, November 06, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - November 9th, 2017 

HAC on politically correct pronouns and Back to the Future. Gretchen on Madame Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled and we hear from a young English National Socialist.

Friday, November 03, 2017

The Ghost Dance

Here are the online links to the text of all three Ghost Dance programs. Please make use of them. You might also combine all three into one lengthy essay yourselves and make use of it both online and in hard copy form. If there seems to be any demand I can make a .pdf of it.


A Londoner Writes

Just re-watching over this broadcast from 1993 in the early hours of this morning, I found it highly ironic to see the exact same Alt-Right and Far Right mantras that we have today being reverberated back to us from a little under a quarter of a century ago.

That Nationalism is the wave of the future, that more and more people are quote-unquote ' waking up'; that it makes no sense to bomb hoards of brown people in the Middle East while the Mexican border is totally porous under a deluge of one way third world traffic; and that the country is being invaded by Haitians immigrating into the United States on makeshift   rafts.

Actually the immigration figures into the US for 1993 were almost half of what they are today and still rising, and since the early 2000’s the Midwest of all places has effectively been deliberately transformed into Little Somalia within just a decade.

Yes, Nationalism (of several sometimes tentative varieties), has certainly risen steadily in both Europe and North America, but this is only in line with the mass transformation of the ethnic basis of European founded societies and the spread of Third World Islamism and its effects across the culturally sickened and enfeebled populations of The West.

Moreover this rise of Nationalism far from having any ultimately meaningful effect carries with it no violent impetus, and in some cases actually draws upon the victim narratives established under Jewish democracy for the disintegration and decay of White societies.

Donald Trump, a complete outsider politically, was elected into the White House in 2016 on an ostensibly pro-White ticket, despite every effort by the Jewish establishment to silence and undermine his presidential campaign, and yet the Jewish stranglehold on business and on mass culture is as such that insofar that ‘The Donald’ actually intended to deliver on his promises, the Trump Administration has effectively been rendered impotent by the Cultural Marxist and Jewish monopoly-control over the institutions.

In another quarter of a century will we still be sat here discussing the very same rising ride of Nationalism and proclaiming to each other that things can’t continue like this for much longer, only with a still rising Third World population of about 50% of the overall population instead of 20%, and with 25% of the White electorate behind us in one form or another instead of the approximately 10% we enjoy today?...

One striking difference I do observe however, is the reaction of the minorities. In this 1993 broadcast the few who called in seemed to do so with a sense of fear and sombre indignation. Let us not forget that at the time that the broadcast was first aired interracial marriage had only been made universally legal only 26 years earlier and that Apartheid South Africa, although in terminal decline took about another year before it finally collapsed under the weight of pressure from the Jewish democracies and their continually subversion of the South African State.

In 2017 however, I know from observations that the reaction of the minorities would be very different. A certain sense of fear would still be evident, but the overall attitude would be almost entirely characterised by a violent hysteria excited vitriol spilling over into outright gloating. The minorities today are not the minorities of the early 90's.

Today they are radicalised and more used to the idea that they are there to transform the societies they are in. They are increasingly foreign born; increasingly connected with Islam, The Middle East and North Africa as opposed to Europe, The Americas and Subsaharan Africa, (although many of them are black); and have a completely different, more truculent, more combative attitude to the minorities of previous the generation.

Women (particularly within the Islamic contingents of the Third World invasion), play an increasingly significant political role in their burgeoning White social welfare / jobfare subsidised communities, and the communities as a whole are now taking the lead of The Jews in establishing lobbies for the infiltration of domestic society, culture , law and politics with an obviously militant attitude towards the White general public. - I stress not necessarily against White states anymore, but against the White general public itself.

Already we have seen the repeal of fundamental aspects of our way of life thanks to minority community lobbies and The Jewish control of the mass media, such as the aspect of more or less candid free speech in public; the right to not to be punished for our national success with excessive taxation;  equality under the law despite ethnicity; and the right to be able to access affordable basic housing and to meet basic living costs without falling into the social prison of the government/citizen welfare contract.

If this is what it's going to be like now with non-Whites making up only 20-30% of the American population, then what is it going to be like when their numbers swell to 50-75%, thus turning those of us who live there all into tax prisoners and/or impoverished hate relics and figures of derision of hostile fun in an overpopulated Third World toilet that was once the land that our ancestors conquered, built and settled?

On January 18, 1993, Dr. William L. Pierce, appeared for the first time on the Richmond, VA, television program Race and Reality with host Ron Doggett. On this ...

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Andy Donner - Theorycraft #2 Podcast 

Short but important podcast by Andy Donner on all that inside baseball stuff. 26 minutes long. Andy answers the question: "If the Northwest Front is so right about all this, why haven't we succeeded yet?"

May I suggest to our YouTube-ing comrades that this would make an excellent video with appropriate graphic artwork? Let's unlimber all that Aryan creativity, eh?