Friday, October 20, 2017

Last Letter From Dt. Edward R. Fields

[I regret to say that Dr. Edward R. Fields, formerly of the National States Rights Party and the Thunderbolt and Truth At Last newspapers, former comrade in arms of the immortal J. B. Stoner, and the last of his Movement generation, is formally retiring from all Movement activity, at the age of 85. 

I will deeply regret his departure; it would be nice to have somebody around who still calls me "the Kid." - HAC]

Dear Kid: 

You have been around since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell. (Not really; I was 13 when Commander Rockwell was murdered.) I really don't know how you have survived all the arrows that have been aimed at you. You are the only one with a plan to save the White Race that makes sense. However, the public does not move unless there is a grave national crisis which can bring a radical movement to power. So said Sir Oswald Mosley.

At age 85 I have some health problems, naturally. Anyway, I am now totally out of right-wing activity. Besides yourself I am only in touch with my life long friend and lawyer, Sam Dickson. Actually, I believe that the reason I am still here is due to my loyal wife's love and care. She sees to it that I take my medication and make the doctor visits, etc. Also, I have a large and extended close family, and that makes a big difference. 

(I have always envied Ed that; he is from probably the last generation where such an accomplishment was possible for White men, before we were cast out of Eden, so to speak. The next part of the letter is personal to me and is redacted. - HAC)

I hope that you are in good health and can keep the Northwest Redoubt going, because one day it may well succeed. Good luck!

Ed Fields


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