Friday, October 27, 2017

A Seattle Vignette

Dear HAC:

So you're gonna love this.

Sitting in bar, [name redacted]. Two older hippies, sitting to our left. They leave, I toss a NWF card on the bar, where they were sitting.

Bartender comes down, she grabs the card. Her eyes widen in shock and disbelief, she exclaims "Oh my God!" 

She brings the card to a 30 something man to our right, drinking a PBR. She shows him the card, he reads it without comment and gives it back. She expresses disbelief. She casually pitches it in the garbage.

Before leaving, the man asks her, "What did you do with that? Throw it away?"

She says yes, to which the man says "let me see it again". She gives it to him, he makes a PC excuse.....

......and puts the card in his pocket


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