Friday, September 08, 2017

Bill White Legal Update

Hello all: 

I just received the government's Response Brief in my MD Fl habeas case. I have not yet read the brief but I've skimmed it, and read enough to know that the conviction in the Middle District of Florida (the American Front conviction) is in a lot of trouble.

I don't know if Judge Antoon is going to even bother to read my 2255 pleadings.  His last ruling in this matter, on my New Trial Motion, simply copied the government brief and was extraordinarily erroneous. Antoon has been screwing this whole process up since May. However, I do know that the 11th Circuit does a very thorough review of these orders, and I'm certain that in the long run, the MD Florida conviction is going into the toilet.

Be well.

[Bill is apparently no longer allowed an attorney, and so he is filing all of these appeals pro se. The dictatorship is basically ignoring everything he files. It has also ignored a Supreme Court ruling several years ago determining that what Bill is charged with was never a crime to begin with. This will probably go on for many years.]


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