Monday, July 10, 2017

Youth Asking For Advice On Northwest Migration

Hey Harold,

My name's Richard, and I hail from the UK. I'm wondering if you could give me any solid advice on how I should plan my migration to the Northwest?

I've only just recently left school and I'm in the stage where I'm looking for jobs/apprenticeships in which I can learn a trade, something where in your own words I should "learn to fix the rich man's toys" and will be enough for me to get a Skilled Workers visa.

I know that my friend Lewis (the one from the 22nd June 2017 RFN) is planning his migration as well, and I was just curious if you could maybe suggest a trade that's in high demand over there, and any other advice you can spill.


Hail Victory.

* * *

Dear Richard:

Okay: my standard response to this question for young men is carpentry, electrician work, and plumbing. Plumbing especially will make you a rich man over here, if you do it well. However, there are significant differences in our electrical system in the States and Canada, not to mention we don't use metric. Then come the skilled construction trades: concrete work, industrial wiring, HVAC installation and maintenance, etc.

If you don't mind going raving mad and being forced to retire in your 40s due to stress, you could become an air traffic controller.

You might think of computer hardware manufacture and maintenance, as opposed to software-related stuff. If you are a real hot-shot software engineer you might make it as a White macaca, although the techlords usually go to the Indian subcontinent or weird places like the Philippines or Indonesia for those. I'm not joking, you really don't want to end up as a drone or slave in Silicon Valley coding hive. They are the modern equivalent of the "dark Satanic mills" of the early 19th century.

But there is one sure-fire ticket to almost immediate admission to the United States: any kind of skilled or semi-skilled medical capability, especially if it relates to geriatric care. We are overrun with aging baby boomers and fat people entering their 40s now, when all those bloated Amurrican bodies are starting to need serious care. A Registered Nurse or LPN, especially in geriatric-related fields, can write his or her own ticket over here and it doesn't matter what color they are, we're so desperate. America has become notorious for looting the world of half-qualified or poorly qualified medical professionals. Physical therapists, medical IT, even CNAs if you can stomach it. (I tried a quickie course at a local nursing home when I first arrived in the Homeland and quit on the third day, because I knew I couldn't hack it.)

Keep me up to speed on how you're doing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

BadGoy here, may i suggest rubbing shit all over yourselves,learn some spanish and just show up. Noone will question you if they think your mexican.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very much agree with healthcare, esp physical therapy. Would add car mechanic to the list.

7:51 AM  

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