Saturday, April 08, 2017

Donald Trump, Globalist Traitor

by Bill White

Last night, al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Zionist occupiers of Palestine all cheered as Donald Trump ordered an attack on one of the world's few remaining free governments, the embattled legitimate President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad.

When America's white working class elected Donald Trump, we knew that he was a loud mouth, a liar, and a fool.  No one elected Trump thinking that he was consistent, trustworthy, or even loyal. This is a man, after all, who sacrificed his daughter to the Judah-cult like a Canaanite before an idol of Moloch, all in pursuit of a billion shekels, the bounty of Mammon.  But we elected Trump because no other candidate was willing to say the right things. The hope was that saying the right things would lead to him at least doing a few of the major ones. Last night, with his unprovoked and unjustifiable attack on Syria, Donald Trump showed America's white workers that that premise was wrong.

In a way, it's not Trump's fault.  He's a weak, deeply flawed man who has been promoted beyond his competency and placed into a hostile environment.  He was elected to destroy his peers, to dismantle Congress and the judiciary, to bulldoze the two major parties, to make things happen that the elite which he obviously envies and wishes he could be part of have spent decades fighting to make sure will never occur. 

Placed in a position where he was being counted on to stay strong under pressure, Trump decided he wanted to appear tough rather than be it. He decided to seek the praise of CNN, the failing New York Times, and the Jewish filth which he'd been naively installing into office.  And that's what Trump has gotten: support from Lindsey Graham and the gay mafia, from songbird John McCain, and even from his enemy in the primaries, little Marco.  So Trump has that.  But he no longer deserves the trust or support of the people who elected him, America's white working class. 

The attack on Syria itself was a big nothing when compared with the devastation that Barack Obama wrought when he chose to create ISIS and the Syrian Free Army, and used his CIA in conjunction with the Mossad to shatter Syria into warring factions.  

The missile strike was so ineffective that Russia didn't even bother to turn on its air defense system, and waste a few bucks shooting the American missiles down. To date not one video, not one picture, of any actual damage to a target in Syria has been broadcast, and for all we know Russia jammed the missiles and they crashed somewhere into the Syrian desert.  So white people's anger at Trump has nothing to do with the damage done to Assad;  there is no real damage at all.

Instead, white people must be angry that they have been lied to and betrayed.  True, America no longer has a cabinet of racist negroes who are actively trying to hunt white people down and murder them as Obama and his internal security forces did.  

But for the past three months we have overlooked Trump's flaws as he maintained Judah-cultists as arbiters of our economy, and promoted his Jewish son-in-law and his shiksa-whore daughter as senior advisors. He marginalized the men that most Americans thought would be guiding Trump policy, Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon among them, and promoted the loser of the Iraq occupation, homosexual general Lap Dog Matthis, into power. 

We overlooked Trump as he installed billionaires and hobnobbed with Chuck Schumer, promising common cause with the Democrats. And even as it became clear that Trump was weak, unable to control his own law enforcement and intelligence agencies and likely to go down into ignominy, white working people stuck with him in the hopes that he would at least obstruct the globalist agenda.

Well, Trump has now betrayed us.  For the sake of a war started and financed by Barack Obama, Trump has swallowed the globalist Kool-Aid and brought us back to a world where the United States sows chaos by attacking at random the few nations who are hold outs from the One World agenda, denying the remaining free peoples of the world the right to live under a government that reflects their national identity and culture.  The question now is what will happen next. 

Let's be honest, this wasn't about some children who were killed when a chemical weapons factory maintained by the U.S.-backed rebels exploded.  If Trump wanted to get justice for murdered children, he could arrest Bill Clinton for the equally horrible 1993 murders of 80 children at Waco.



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