Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Harold's Quoting That Jew Again

[I'm sorry. I admit it; I'm a user and I'm hooked. A shameful failing but I am powerless in its grip. - HAC]
The Democrats reduced themselves to a gang of sadistic neo-Maoists seeking to eradicate anything that resembles free expression across the land in the name of social justice. Coercion has been their coin of the realm, and especially in the realm of ideas where “diversity” means stepping on your opponent’s neck until he pretends to agree with your Newspeak brand of grad school neologisms and “inclusion” means welcome if you’re just like us. I say Maoists because just like Mao’s “Red Guard” of rampaging students in 1966, their mission is to “correct” the thinking of those who might dare to oppose the established leader. Only in this case, that established leader happened to lose the sure-thing election and the party finds itself unbelievably out-of-power and suddenly purposeless, like a termite mound without a queen, the workers and soldiers fleeing the power center in an hysteria of lost identity.

They regrouped briefly after the election debacle to fight an imaginary adversary, Russia, the phantom ghost-bear, who supposedly stepped on their termite mound and killed the queen, but, strangely, no actual evidence was ever found of the ghost-bear’s paw-print.

-James Howard Kunstler


Blogger Luek said...

I am amazed at how the Russians were able to highjack the presidential election and swing it in Russia's favor and didn't leave any real evidence of their espionage coup. The FBI has been looking for this evidence since July of last year and has come up with nothing evidently. Nice shot Putin!

3:05 AM  

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