Sunday, March 12, 2017

HAC On The Future

People ask me often how I stand the kind of treatment I get, how I can keep on going in the face of the madness and the hatred and the revolting cowardly behavior of men with White skins, White faces, and the souls of rodents.

I can keep on going because those torches from that January night so long ago in my grandfather's world burn in my mind's eye and in my heart. I keep on going because I know that what we see from so-called "White men" today is an aberration, a corruption, the ultimate expression of Judaic cancer gnawing away at the Aryan soul before death.

I keep on going because I know that those who shout and screech and revile on the internet like deranged monkeys are not the true representatives of my Folk---and those men who marched beneath the torches underneath the January stars of Germany on that night so long ago are. It is they who fill my thoughts and my spirit, not these other critters.

Sometimes we are so depressed and demoralized and angered and revolted by what we see today from so-called "White people" that we forget---all of this left-wing liberal lunacy is a very modern phenomenon, less than a hundred years old, really. For thousands of years before that our males were men and our females were women, not consumer organisms or politically correct duckspeakers, and that for all their assault on everything good and decent, you can't sweep away millennia of culture and history and folkways in one or two generations.

Despite it all, I sense a great awakening coming. This is where I have a lot of trouble---conveying to all  of you my overwhelming sense of optimism about all this, however poorly justified that optimism may seem.

If I were not convinced, utterly and completely, that history is on our side and that our Folk will survive and conquer, I certainly wouldn't waste my life sitting here being heckled and insulted by crybabies and federal agents while beating a dead horse. Long ago I would have done like good Americans do, I would have quit when the job became to hard and tried to grab something for me with the rest of my life. 

I'm still here. This should tell you something. 

It's going to happen for us, people. It may not happen like we want it to happen---it may not happen like it happened in Germany. In fact, it almost certainly won’t. It will happen in some typical sloppy, dysfunctional, half-insane, and utterly American way, that unique brand of shrill and hysterical brilliance encased in a turd which is the hallmark this country and its White people.

It took me a long time to understand and accept that myself---my longing to see the long brown columns marching beneath the torchlight is every bit as urgent and deep and anguished as most of yours is. But it will happen as the inscrutable forces of history dictate, in ways which are appropriate and natural to our time and place. 

We, too, will have our flag-raising at Longview, our January 30th someday. Right here in the Northwest, and when that day is over these filthy evil people and their black and brown pets will all be gone, and we will finally be able to live again. I know this. Don’t ask me how, I could never explain it. I just know.
Stay strong, try to stay sane, don't fall by the wayside. Be there with me, when that glorious day comes!


Blogger Unknown said...

I agree, and I liked the article. I vacillate between having great hope for us actually pulling this off, and wondering if it's ever going to happen. I think we are making huge progress as a movement, and the quickening, as some might say is underway. I think most of us are going to see it go down, and maybe even get to participate. Don't worry, I'm hanging in there.

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