Thursday, March 30, 2017

Donald Trump Is Not Forever


[From the Northwest Front Bulletin, March 2017]

I will try to make these bulletins as little about Donald Trump and his activities as I can, and concentrate on what we ourselves need to be doing, which is Northwest Migration. In view of the situation throughout the empire at the moment, that’s going to be hard, but I’m disturbed at the reaction of all too many White people that “the good guys have won” now, and therefore we can all flop down on the sofa and pick up the TV remote again. That simply isn’t the case, and this mistaken attitude could kill us all. Literally, all of us.

We need to understand that at the very best, the Trump presidency might provide us with a breather of four years and possibly eight if the old man wears like Ronald Reagan, wherein we can get our act together and make a planned and organized migration to the Northwest Homeland. After that, through some kind of electoral jiggery-pokery the pendulum with probably swing back, and we’ll have this up-and-coming negress Kamala Harris or someone else even more ghastly in the White House. Remember, Franklin Roosevelt was first elected by an all-White voting population, so it’s not as if they don’t know how to schmooze and deceive their way into power as well as batter their way in with millions of illegal votes.

We also need to be aware that we might not even get four years. IMHO there is an increasing chance that President Trump will be overthrown in some quasi-legal way, through the abuse of the courts or the 25th Amendment, or else he will be murdered by one of these crazed lone gunmen who seem to pop up whenever the established power structure really, really needs someone to get dead. This will leave us with the cipher Mike Pence as a lame-duck president chained in his office, or possibly some Democrat they find a way to install through skulduggery.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Trump himself may turn out to be a total dud who betrays us in some spectacular fashion. No one has “won” anything; windows of opportunity have been opened, but if we don’t take advantage of them we might as well have ended up with the Hildebeest in power. 

Immigration Raids

I will admit that our new God-Emperor does seem to be keeping one promise he made, although it’s actually the easiest one for him to keep. ICE raids and the arrests of illegal aliens are resuming, much to the hysteria of the left-loons.

I say it was the easiest, because all he had to do was tell the existing ICE and other federal agencies, “Okay, guys, the border is back. Resume enforcing the law.” These raids give good optics, and to be sure they’re better than having ICE and the Border Patrol changing bambinos’ diapers and giving the illegals rides into the interior, as occurred under Obama. But the numbers so far—a dozen here, as many as a hundred there—aren’t anywhere enough to make a serious dent in the muddy population which has been flooding onto the continent over the past 30 years.

Okay, to be fair, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the demographic and genetic damage which has resulted from past eight years of deliberately dismantling the border and all immigration controls can’t be undone in a few weeks. Four years of strict enforcement of existing immigration law can result in a significant reduction in the number of illegals and the slight re-whitening of the country. The question is, do we have those four years?

Phone Threats Against Hebroids

Okay, chalk this up under “I really shouldn’t have to be talking about this nonsense at all, but here we are.” I suppose most of you have heard of all these headstones in Jewish cemeteries being knocked over and bomb threats being called in to Jewish communities and synagogues? Yes, I am aware that statistically there is every likelihood that these activities are hoaxes being carried out by the Jews themselves in order to gain sympathy, but there are some dumb-asses in our own ranks who are—well, dumb-asses. On the off chance that this is being done by some of our people reading this, knock it off!

I really shouldn't have to explain why. Do you understand that you will receive almost as much prison time for making these bird-brained prank calls as if you actually did something? Not to mention yet one more excruciating embarrassment to add to the 10,001 previous excruciating embarrassments of the past 70 years, when you get caught and it turns out you have some traceable track record back to one of our grouplets. I don’t blame the bulk of the White population for having nothing to do with our wee little movement when they think we’re all Craig Cobb and Milo Yiannopoulos.

There is nothing more stupid and infantile than threatening somebody. Why, oh why do I have to explain this? If you mean to carry out your threat, you put your target on guard. If you don't, you just make all of us look weak and foolish. Dewds, I know we decided some years ago to substitute words for deeds, but it would be a shame to do 15 years' hard time for only words. For Christ’s sake, wise up!


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