Friday, March 31, 2017

Social Justice Warriors and Bubonic Plague

[Fred Reed is a hell of a writer. Pity about that Mexican he’s married to. – HAC]

Today I will explain why America is going to hell, and probably deserves it. It has to do with conservatives and liberals, who may be thought of as Woofers and Tweeters. They should all be taken out and shot. The country would then be a much better place. Worth a try, anyway.

Some observations:

(1) Liberals posit the equality of groups that are not equal, attribute the inevitable differences of outcome to discrimination, and try to eradicate them through regulation, affirmative action, and punishment of those noticing the differences. This doesn’t work, assuring a  pretext for indignation that is non-depletable, like the liver of Prometheus.

Here we have the bedrock of American politics.

(2) Liberals believe that we should all  love one another, and hate those who don’t. This puts them in the morally invincible position of being against hatred. It also obscures the observable fact that most of us, certainly to include liberals,  dislike a great many people, and that most groups detest a lot of other groups, or will if placed in contact with them. Distance is prerequisite to love.

(3) Groups hate each other, firstly, the greater their proximity. Secondly, the more they differ from one another, and, thirdly, the more power one has over another or the greater the apparent superiority of one over the other. The result is a spectrum of hostility running from surliness to severed heads.

This explains anti-antisemitism. Jews do not assimilate: Bill O’Toole in America does not think of himself as Irish, but Rachel Cohen thinks of herself as Jewish. This is not a sin, which has nothing to do with it.  Proximity is close to a maximum since Jews are widely mixed through the population. Jews rise to positions of power, completing the triad. They can’t win.

There are those who believe that homo sapiens came about through the mating of a Neanderthal with a pit bull. While this has not been confirmed, it fits the evidence.

(4) This brings us to the curious notion that diversity is a strength, which it obviously is not. Diversity is in fact the cause of most of the world’s troubles. If you doubt that diversity is a great evil, consider relations between: 

Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka; Tutsis and Hutus in Burundi; Protestants and Catholics in Ireland; Israelis and Arabs in Palestine; blacks, whites, and browns in the United States; Anglophones and Francophones in Canada; Sunnis and Shias everywhere; Chinese and Indonesians in Indonesia; Chinese and Malays in Malaysia; Muslims and Hindus in India; blacks and whites in South Africa; Jews and everybody else everywhere; Spaniards and Basques in Spain; Spaniards and Catalans; Turks and Kurds;  to name a few.

Then consider the proportion of riots, crime, looting, arson, lynchings, racial attacks, complaints of discrimination, ill will, court cases, and legislation that would have been avoided in America over the years since 1600 had there been only one race in the country.

Thus sensible social policy should always be to keep different groups apart. Usually it is not that either of two warring groups is evil, but only that they are different. It is enough.

(5) The granularity of detestation descends well below the national and racial levels.  New Yorkers and West Virginians do not like each other, nor the urban and the rural. Massachussetans and Mississippians do not like each other, though these do not actually kill each other. (In the mid-1800s, they did.)  Those who like and those who despise President Trump hate each other. Women seem to hate men, which is why maintaining separate bars and clubs as sometimes retreats is wise.

(6) The only way to  make different groups like each other is to make them stop being different. Blacks who move in reasonable though superficial comfort among whites do so by adopting white speech, dress, and mannerisms; the Irish and Italians in America by ceasing to be Irish or Italian while keeping the names.  This suggests that good policy would be to allow, or encourage, different groups to separate from each other, or to force them to be like each other. The former approach leads to tranquility, the latter often to bloodshed. The current effort by Social Justice Warriors to make boys and girls into warped sexual interstitial amalgams produces angry, unhappy  men and women.

(7) This in turn brings us to immigration, which amounts to the importation of people so they can hate each other.

Open borders are supported by vaguely warm-hearted appeals to those who think with their glands. There are probably 500 million Indians, as many Chinese, hundreds of millions of Africans, more Muslims, and several hundred million Latin Americans who would like to emigrate to the United States. The question for Social Justice Warriors is how many of these should be admitted–none, all, or a specific figure between?

Anyone who makes noises in favor of immigration should answer this question as otherwise he will be engaging in mere moral posing. But to choose one number is to exclude another number. Not inclusive, that.

(9) The two primary political errors are liberalism and conservationism (who hate each other: See?)
Conservatives are hostile, darkly suspicious of almost everything, tribal, but not actually delusional, living in something resembling the real world but taking a dim view of it.

Liberals construct in their minds a world as they think it should be, and then try to live in it. Their goodness of their ideas is so obvious, so reasonable, so heart-warmingly right that we should have a happy multicultural society, black and white together, and brown and yellow and what have you, kum bye yah, and learn from each other, vive la difference. It doesn’t detract from the appeal of this theory that it allows those holding it to feel really good about themselves.

An example of trying to live in fantasia is the statement by Obama, “Joe Biden and I know that women are as least as strong as men,” he said. “We’re stronger for it.”

Women are not as strong as or stronger than men. Perhaps they should be. We may want them to be. It might be a good thing if they were. But they are not.  If Obama believes otherwise, he is out of touch with reality–i.e., psychotic. People otherwise sane can be politically psychotic in this manner. Think of conspiracy theorists.

When it doesn’t work, the fault must lie with obstructive racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, Islamophobic, et cetera at unbearable length. We just need somehow to teach people not to act like people.

(10) Most  of Social Justice Warriorism deals more with feelings than with fact, logic, observation, or actual thought, all of which are regarded as nuisances and probably sexist. Thus there is no hope. We should all go home and slit our throats, leaving the world to bugs and things.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Donald Trump Is Not Forever


[From the Northwest Front Bulletin, March 2017]

I will try to make these bulletins as little about Donald Trump and his activities as I can, and concentrate on what we ourselves need to be doing, which is Northwest Migration. In view of the situation throughout the empire at the moment, that’s going to be hard, but I’m disturbed at the reaction of all too many White people that “the good guys have won” now, and therefore we can all flop down on the sofa and pick up the TV remote again. That simply isn’t the case, and this mistaken attitude could kill us all. Literally, all of us.

We need to understand that at the very best, the Trump presidency might provide us with a breather of four years and possibly eight if the old man wears like Ronald Reagan, wherein we can get our act together and make a planned and organized migration to the Northwest Homeland. After that, through some kind of electoral jiggery-pokery the pendulum with probably swing back, and we’ll have this up-and-coming negress Kamala Harris or someone else even more ghastly in the White House. Remember, Franklin Roosevelt was first elected by an all-White voting population, so it’s not as if they don’t know how to schmooze and deceive their way into power as well as batter their way in with millions of illegal votes.

We also need to be aware that we might not even get four years. IMHO there is an increasing chance that President Trump will be overthrown in some quasi-legal way, through the abuse of the courts or the 25th Amendment, or else he will be murdered by one of these crazed lone gunmen who seem to pop up whenever the established power structure really, really needs someone to get dead. This will leave us with the cipher Mike Pence as a lame-duck president chained in his office, or possibly some Democrat they find a way to install through skulduggery.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Trump himself may turn out to be a total dud who betrays us in some spectacular fashion. No one has “won” anything; windows of opportunity have been opened, but if we don’t take advantage of them we might as well have ended up with the Hildebeest in power. 

Immigration Raids

I will admit that our new God-Emperor does seem to be keeping one promise he made, although it’s actually the easiest one for him to keep. ICE raids and the arrests of illegal aliens are resuming, much to the hysteria of the left-loons.

I say it was the easiest, because all he had to do was tell the existing ICE and other federal agencies, “Okay, guys, the border is back. Resume enforcing the law.” These raids give good optics, and to be sure they’re better than having ICE and the Border Patrol changing bambinos’ diapers and giving the illegals rides into the interior, as occurred under Obama. But the numbers so far—a dozen here, as many as a hundred there—aren’t anywhere enough to make a serious dent in the muddy population which has been flooding onto the continent over the past 30 years.

Okay, to be fair, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the demographic and genetic damage which has resulted from past eight years of deliberately dismantling the border and all immigration controls can’t be undone in a few weeks. Four years of strict enforcement of existing immigration law can result in a significant reduction in the number of illegals and the slight re-whitening of the country. The question is, do we have those four years?

Phone Threats Against Hebroids

Okay, chalk this up under “I really shouldn’t have to be talking about this nonsense at all, but here we are.” I suppose most of you have heard of all these headstones in Jewish cemeteries being knocked over and bomb threats being called in to Jewish communities and synagogues? Yes, I am aware that statistically there is every likelihood that these activities are hoaxes being carried out by the Jews themselves in order to gain sympathy, but there are some dumb-asses in our own ranks who are—well, dumb-asses. On the off chance that this is being done by some of our people reading this, knock it off!

I really shouldn't have to explain why. Do you understand that you will receive almost as much prison time for making these bird-brained prank calls as if you actually did something? Not to mention yet one more excruciating embarrassment to add to the 10,001 previous excruciating embarrassments of the past 70 years, when you get caught and it turns out you have some traceable track record back to one of our grouplets. I don’t blame the bulk of the White population for having nothing to do with our wee little movement when they think we’re all Craig Cobb and Milo Yiannopoulos.

There is nothing more stupid and infantile than threatening somebody. Why, oh why do I have to explain this? If you mean to carry out your threat, you put your target on guard. If you don't, you just make all of us look weak and foolish. Dewds, I know we decided some years ago to substitute words for deeds, but it would be a shame to do 15 years' hard time for only words. For Christ’s sake, wise up!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - March 30th, 2017 

A special panel discussion on health and alternative medicine for all us codgers and little old ladies in tennis shoes, as the stereotype makes us out to be.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Is HAC A "Terrorist"?

I recently had a kind of message from some good folks I know on the periphery of our Movement, the upshot of it being that they listen to Radio Free Northwest, they read their NF Bulletin, they wish me all the best and all that, but they can no longer be associated with me because I am a “terrorist” and if they are ever in any way connected with me by the FBI or some other secret police organ then they will “get in trouble.”

Well, the short answer to that is yes, you well may get in trouble if you’re in any way associated with me in the official mind. I’m not going to deny that, and all I can really tell you is that unless and until enough of us are willing to get into trouble with the government of the United States, life on this continent is going to become an unbearable hell on earth that no one of us can really imagine.

That’s the price of change. That is the price of making things better for our children and those yet to come. Somebody has to get in trouble. Are you willing to let your children, your grandchildren, and all of our children and grandchildren suffer contempt, oppression, servitude, desolation and murder because you’re a chickenshit coward who is afraid you’ll get in trouble?

If so, then you’ve got a lot of company. Most White men and women are too timid and frightened to do anything about all this. If the small number of us who are not can pull it off, then perhaps some day in the future all of you yellow dogs out there will live long enough for your own children spit on you.

Now let’s deal with that terrorism crap. In point of fact, no, I am not a “terrorist.” I would not be ashamed of it if I were. Terrorism is the weapon of the weak against the strong. It usually involves a very high risk of self-destruction and therefore regardless of what moron Jews and howling Republican idiots in the media say, it requires an immense amount of courage. I admit it: I do not have the personal courage of Bob Mathews or Joseph Paul Franklin or Joe Stack.

What I am is a writer and, for the past nine years, a speaker with a very small audience. In real life our weekly number of hits on our podcast would fill a medium-sized auditorium, although probably one out of four attendees would be Jews or media or undercover cops or Goat Dancers or strange little men from That Nineties Show. If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, read my Northwest independence novels. You can order them online.

To make this long story as short as possible, it is true that in one sense what I do is an act of treason. I speak of the death of the king, and in medieval and Renaissance times that was quite literally treason, as in head-lopping and boiling-in-oil and being burned at the stake treason. For many centuries in Europe not only was it treason to speak of the death of the king at all, but if you were into astrology, as most people were back then, it was treason to cast the king’s horoscope, because that might reveal the time and manner of his death. It was treason and punishable by death to speculate on who might succeed the king in the event of his death, which you weren’t supposed to be talking or thinking about to begin with.

Henry the Eighth was the worst about this kind of thing; if you even referred to any of his miscellaneous wives or children by the wrong title, depending on who was supposed to be legitimate that week and which religious faction was on top of the palace heap, you find yourself boiled in oil. Henry VIII was the only king of England who ever actually did that, by the way.

Anyway, what I’m getting at with my usual obscure historical references is that officially, in those days, the king was immortal, at least insofar as anything said or even hinted at in public went. Everyone had to pretend that the present was the permanent order of things and the monarch would never die. They all knew it was crap and they knew the king was mortal like everybody else, you just didn’t dare to say it.

Our own lords and masters are like that. Officially, Amurrica is forever. Some years ago a tame university egghead called Francis Fukuyama even wrote an entire essay to that effect, entitled The End of History. Therein he claims that liberal democracy is the ultimate form of government and that from now on mankind’s future is one long, endless strip mall where happy contented wage slaves will slurp Starbucks and gobble down Happy Meals while we are ruled from behind the scenes by soulless businessmen and executives in expensive suits, as well as a few rabbis in blue knitted skullcaps to whisper in the ears of the businessmen and executives.

I say that’s crap. I speak openly of the death of the king, of the end of Amurrica, and what’s worse I say out loud how I’m pretty much convinced it will end, by a breakup into several smaller black and brown and hippie-dippy ethnostates. I believe it is absolutely imperative for the future of all humanity, not just our own people, that when that happens, the White man must acquire an ethnostate of his own out of the wreckage, for use as an all-White homeland where our race can rest and recuperate and restore our numbers while the rest of the world goes to hell in a mass slaughter, as will inevitably occur in any society ruled by non-Whites.  I believe that the establishment of this White homeland will be attained through some kind of armed insurrection or confrontation between White Americans and the United States and its armed men.

That is a very dangerous opinion to hold. It is an even more dangerous opinion to speak out loud. Do you know why? Because I am right, and pretty much everybody knows it, even though some may not admit to the fact out of fear or self-interest.

This is not a matter of my inciting anything. I am simply making a factual observation that there are hundreds of millions of privately held firearms in this country, and that conditions are deteriorating to the point where eventually someone is going to load one of those firearms and shoot it at a politician, or a judge, or a congressman, or a multinational executive, or an FBI agent, or a cop, or a news anchor, or any one of the thousand and one people who are both actually and morally responsible for the America we were born into turning into an unspeakable horror show with subtitles in Spanish.

The feds cannot allow me to continue to say these things out loud. Someday someone might actually do something, and it won’t just be Joe Stack crashing his airplane into a mysteriously empty government building. It’s like a dog who starts killing chickens, or a bear or alligator who kills a person. Once it happens the animal has to be destroyed, because now he knows it can be done and how easy it is, and the regime can’t take the chance that White people might someday figure out that badges and black robes and briefcases and $2000 suits might be neat accessories, but they don’t make anybody bulletproof. Once that knowledge spreads, Amurrica is done for.

The FBI and other secret police agencies are charged with the task, not of enforcing laws, but of keeping the lid on, which is not the same thing. I’m not breaking any laws, but that’s never mattered much where we’re concerned and ever since the Edgar Steele case, it doesn’t matter at all. So yes, there is indeed a chance that if you are associated with me in any way, you will “get in trouble.”

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Moral Imperative Of Northwest Migration (2010)

Another plug for my HAC Classics re-print site.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Job Training For Migrants In Idaho

A Northwest Tricolor at Lake Coeur d'Aleme

Caught this in the Spokesman-Review.  This may be a good opportunity for those young guys that dicked off in school to get free training on heavy equipment and possibly a job.  This will be occurring in June outside of Coeur d'Alene and the deadline to apply is April 1st.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Harold's Quoting That Jew Again

[I'm sorry. I admit it; I'm a user and I'm hooked. A shameful failing but I am powerless in its grip. - HAC]
The Democrats reduced themselves to a gang of sadistic neo-Maoists seeking to eradicate anything that resembles free expression across the land in the name of social justice. Coercion has been their coin of the realm, and especially in the realm of ideas where “diversity” means stepping on your opponent’s neck until he pretends to agree with your Newspeak brand of grad school neologisms and “inclusion” means welcome if you’re just like us. I say Maoists because just like Mao’s “Red Guard” of rampaging students in 1966, their mission is to “correct” the thinking of those who might dare to oppose the established leader. Only in this case, that established leader happened to lose the sure-thing election and the party finds itself unbelievably out-of-power and suddenly purposeless, like a termite mound without a queen, the workers and soldiers fleeing the power center in an hysteria of lost identity.

They regrouped briefly after the election debacle to fight an imaginary adversary, Russia, the phantom ghost-bear, who supposedly stepped on their termite mound and killed the queen, but, strangely, no actual evidence was ever found of the ghost-bear’s paw-print.

-James Howard Kunstler

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - March 23rd, 2017 

HAC on Obamacare repeal, precautions against entrapment, plus a long Getting Back To Basics spiel.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Do Not Allow Yourself To Be Entrapped

Guys, you need to click over onto the other blog and check this out. Look, I know this one is really long and White people today have trouble reading a large block of text for content. It hurts their heads, and they've been dumbed down to 140 character tweets. But this one is important. It may even be a matter of life and death. Please, give it a try.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

HAC On Ireland


Okay, it being Saint Patrick’s Day, or at least the day before Saint Patrick’s Day, I suppose now might be a good time for me to respond to the frequent requests I get to talk about Ireland from my own perspective. 

Like Rhodesia, I very seldom talk about Ireland because like Rhodesia, the country I knew no longer exists. I lived there for about five years in the 1980s, when it was for all intents and purposes the last all-White society in Europe. In a way Ireland is yet another White society I was privileged to see and live in the last of before it disappeared, just like Rhodesia under the British raj, and South Africa under apartheid, and my own native-born South under segregation. Bear that in mind. If at times I seem a bit cranky and irasible and impatient to you guys, remember, I saw and lived the old world, a lot of it, before it died, and it was a good world, and there is no excuse for what we did and what we have become. It pisses me off.  

Oh, it was already starting in Ireland, even then. It just started late there because during the 1980s the economy and unemployment were so terrible, and there was nothing there for the foreigners to steal. Almost an entire generation of young people left the country and a lot of them never went back. There were Chinese running hot food takeaways everywhere, with some Chinese gang activity in Limerick of all places, for some reason, and just in the years I was there I noticed a slow increase in the number of black faces in Dublin, but I went back to North Carolina in 1987 before the deluge really started.

I last visited Ireland in 1998 and already Dublin was barely recognizable; Moore Street had become a colony of Nigeria and the TV and other official culture was indistinguishable from any American city as far as political correctness and interracial crap goes; there were posters all over Temple Bar and elsewhere of Kenny the Kid from South Park, who for some reason had become a kind of pop hero. But okay, I’ll cut to the nub here, because what I observed in Ireland during that period definitely had a major effect on my political outlook as well as my writing, specifically the Northwest novels. 

Now, bear in mind I am speaking of the 1980s here, when the country was still all White and when the political and social dynamic was different from what it is today. Also, I spent most of my time in the Republic, the 26 Counties; I made a through trips through the North but never spent much time there, and those were and probably still are two very different places. What it’s like over there today I don’t really know, but the first-hand reports I get from the Green Land are not encouraging, put it that way.  

(Uh, you guys understand, don’t you, that all this stuff I’ve been talking about all this time, it can be done? You know that, right? We could accomplish and bring into being  everything I write about in the Northwest novels. Trouble is you guys would actually have to do some things, not just sit there absorbing it all as entertainment.) 

Where was I? Oh, yes, Ireland. Officially the I.R.A. was outlawed in the Republic as well as in the North, but in fact the Provisional I.R.A. more or less used the 26 Counties as a safe house and a staging area for attacks into Ulster, and so long as they behaved themselves while they were in the Republic, the Dublin government pretended they didn’t notice. For a long time in the 60s and 70s there was a kind of equipoise between the Leinster House régime and the Provos.; the way it was explained to  me was that “Neither side wants what the other can dish out." 

By the 1980s this unspoken arrangement was breaking down. The Provos were getting less Nationalist and more Marxist socialist; it was obvious Gerry Adams and the other leadership did think they were Padraig Pearse or Robert Emmet any more, they thought they were Che Guevara and Mao Tse-tung, and some of the lads starting pulling armed robberies and kidnappings and punishment beatings down in the Republic, trying to take over areas and divide up criminal rackets like they did up north in Belfast and Derry.  

That didn’t go over too well with the Dublin government, especially when all the kidnappings and kneecappings started scaring off the tourists. Inevitably there was all kind of spillover as the situation in the North deteriorated. This situation was of course a lot more complicated than I can possibly convey to anybody who wasn’t there.  

Every now and then a few of them would be tried for I.R.A. membership and gun charges, but that was when these guys had already shown their butts in other ways and the gun charges were tacked on to the violence and the robberies and general terrorism.  

The main thing I recall about life in the Republic at the time was that two of the conditions of the revolutionary Tripod had been fulfilled, notably that  there was in fact a fighting revolutionary part, left-wing though it was, I mean a literal fighting party like grandma and grandpa used to make. 

Secondly the Dublin government did not have a credible monopoly of armed force. Things got done off stage, things went boom and bang and thwack in the night and no one was caught or arrested or charged. What this meant was that in practice, what some Dublin bureaucrat or cop or judge or politician said, didn’t necessarily go. For those who were properly connected, there was a court of appeal.  

This is important to attain in our own society. We have to bring about a state of affairs where the word of some lying thief in an expensive suit, or some political gangster in a black robe, ain’t necessarily the last word, and in some cases the last word is spoken by men in ski masks who explain to the bad people exactly where their lines are and what they can and cannot do, in terms the bad people cannot fail to understand.  

Every one of these scum who rule us need to get up in the morning knowing that there are certain lines they cannot cross and certain things they cannot do. 

I have seen that situation in Ireland, and so I know it can be. You guys don’t, and that’s always been so much of the problem with me and you folks; I know all this stuff can be done because I’ve seen it and lived it; you’ve known nothing but American liberal democracy and American television and Rush Limbaugh, and so you think it’s all eternal and chiseled in stone forever. It isn’t.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - March 16th, 2017 

HAC on butt-showing in public, Doom Guard, Gretchen, and HAC returns to talk about Ireland for our St. Patrick’s Day episode.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

HAC On The Future

People ask me often how I stand the kind of treatment I get, how I can keep on going in the face of the madness and the hatred and the revolting cowardly behavior of men with White skins, White faces, and the souls of rodents.

I can keep on going because those torches from that January night so long ago in my grandfather's world burn in my mind's eye and in my heart. I keep on going because I know that what we see from so-called "White men" today is an aberration, a corruption, the ultimate expression of Judaic cancer gnawing away at the Aryan soul before death.

I keep on going because I know that those who shout and screech and revile on the internet like deranged monkeys are not the true representatives of my Folk---and those men who marched beneath the torches underneath the January stars of Germany on that night so long ago are. It is they who fill my thoughts and my spirit, not these other critters.

Sometimes we are so depressed and demoralized and angered and revolted by what we see today from so-called "White people" that we forget---all of this left-wing liberal lunacy is a very modern phenomenon, less than a hundred years old, really. For thousands of years before that our males were men and our females were women, not consumer organisms or politically correct duckspeakers, and that for all their assault on everything good and decent, you can't sweep away millennia of culture and history and folkways in one or two generations.

Despite it all, I sense a great awakening coming. This is where I have a lot of trouble---conveying to all  of you my overwhelming sense of optimism about all this, however poorly justified that optimism may seem.

If I were not convinced, utterly and completely, that history is on our side and that our Folk will survive and conquer, I certainly wouldn't waste my life sitting here being heckled and insulted by crybabies and federal agents while beating a dead horse. Long ago I would have done like good Americans do, I would have quit when the job became to hard and tried to grab something for me with the rest of my life. 

I'm still here. This should tell you something. 

It's going to happen for us, people. It may not happen like we want it to happen---it may not happen like it happened in Germany. In fact, it almost certainly won’t. It will happen in some typical sloppy, dysfunctional, half-insane, and utterly American way, that unique brand of shrill and hysterical brilliance encased in a turd which is the hallmark this country and its White people.

It took me a long time to understand and accept that myself---my longing to see the long brown columns marching beneath the torchlight is every bit as urgent and deep and anguished as most of yours is. But it will happen as the inscrutable forces of history dictate, in ways which are appropriate and natural to our time and place. 

We, too, will have our flag-raising at Longview, our January 30th someday. Right here in the Northwest, and when that day is over these filthy evil people and their black and brown pets will all be gone, and we will finally be able to live again. I know this. Don’t ask me how, I could never explain it. I just know.
Stay strong, try to stay sane, don't fall by the wayside. Be there with me, when that glorious day comes!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Quick Plug For HAC Classics Website

This is a secondary blog I use as a reprint or re-post site for "HAC Classics', my good stuff from the Days of Yore.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - March 9th, 2017 

A celebration of Commander Rockwell's 99th birthday; Andy on learning to listen, Trucker and Gretchen and Who Guards The Guardians?

Monday, March 06, 2017

Second Time Lucky, Maybe

Okay, he's signed another executive order banning travel from six Muslim countries, this time exempting Iraq for some reason. This leaves a massive hole open for ISIS jihadis, since their territory is largely in what's left of Iraq. Be interesting to see how long it takes for the Sorosians to run to the courts on this one and get some political gangster in a black robe to shut him down.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Looks Like There's Something To It

Apparently someone in the previous regime was wiretapping Roger Stone and Paul Manafort for almost a year, and they intercepted a number of campaign-related calls with Trump during this period.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Harold Is Yelling At His Own People Again

For those of you unaware, the above is the link for my Class HAC Reprints site. You will see how long this has been going on.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Weak, Timid, Confused And Frightened

Those of you who listen to RFN will be aware that we recently got regional media publicity in South Carolina because of one single business card that was mailed to an individual.

I won’t go over the traditional Movement ”littering” strategy again. But I feel constrained to point out that unless one or two people can muster the physical courage actually to do it ... well, doesn’t get done. 

Guys, let’s lay our cards on the table, business cards and otherwise. You won’t do this because you’re afraid of getting caught, afraid of the ultimate nightmare: somebody might find out that you’re different, that your mind is not under control, that you are not “of the Body” to use an old Star Trek analogy.

All of a sudden it’s no longer a secret little game you play on the internet every night where you think no one can see. (They can, and the FBI knows about you, but we won’t get into that.) All of a sudden your secret inner world will be revealed and dragged into the light of day. 

The little woman, if you’re one of the few of us who are lucky enough still to have one, might find out that you are different; she might even leave you and take the kids if she’s frightened enough of living with a genuine heretic who could bring down for-real trouble on whatever home you have managed to salvage out of the Obama Depression. Probably she’s warned you about “getting in trouble” before and if you get caught passing out leaflets that might be the last straw.  

You might get your name in the papers. Weird people might make crank telephone calls to your home or say bad things about you on the internet. Above all, you might be subjected to what the lefty-libs call “economic discipline,” and the mere threat of this is enough to make most Amurrican Whiteboys fold like a lawn chair. 

Nor can I tell you that these things won’t happen. They might, if you “litter” and are careless. So I guess you’ll just keep on doing what Whiteboys always do—sit around, play with your computer, and wait for somebody else to do it. 

And so our race will perish from the face of the earth, because we could never find anybody willing to have others find out about them. Imagine.

An entire civilization gone for fear of embarrassment an internet trolls. 

Oh, well. 


NF Builletin Out

The March issue of Northwest Bulletin went into the mail yesterday.