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Radio Free Northwest - March 2nd, 2017 

We hear from a young man on the Homeland; Trucker; HAC tells us playtime is over and talks about his garbage book.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Anxiously Awaiting Democracy's End

by Bill White 

America is in a deep stage of decadence, and its democracy is almost at an end. Within a generation or so a monarchical form of  government under some name, perhaps dictatorship, perhaps an "executive  presidency," will form. We know this from history and from the most ancient theories of political organization as well as modern experience. 

By facing the change that is coming rather than clinging to the failed systems of the past, White nationalists have an  opportunity to shape this coming monarchy into a stable, healthy form rather than a multi-cultural tyranny.

Plato first observed in his Republic that human political government has a life cycle. Starting with a republic or oligarchy, power becomes dispersed over time until the form changes to a democracy, or in the worst case into an ochlocracy, a rule by mob. Democracy, however, leads to factionalism, and between its factions a pendulum swings until one faction gains sufficient power to suppress the others. At this time a monarchy forms if the people are lucky, or a tyranny forms it they are not. Equally over time, power from this monarchy disperses until the government ends up in the hands of a republic or an oligarchy once again.

America's Founding Fathers tried to arrest this by placing all three elements into a single government -- monarchy into the presidency, oligarchy into the Senate, and democracy into the House. That power would end up as it is today, with democracy in both houses of Congress and an oligarchy in the judiciary, was not conceived of.  

Regardless, the original system failed about 72 years after it was conceived when its federalism collapsed into the Civil War.  After that, radical democratization and the collapse of the republican system followed, taking a century and a half to reach the extreme form of decadence that now disfigures America. First propertyless White men were allowed to vote, then women, then Jews were admitted en masse, then equality was demanded first by coloreds, then by women, then by immigrants, then by sexual perverts of various sorts. The result has been a deep divide between two roughly equally sized factions:  on the one hand the mud-colored rainbow coalition of the unwanted, and the other between a remnant that seeks normality.

The result of this factional division is that the pendulum is swinging wider and wider.  One day we have a mulatto-Muslim Communist as President. The next day, we have a White President who is banning Muslims and facing Communist protestors in the streets. One is reminded of 1930s France, where power swung from Judaic socialists to French nationalists on a near-yearly basis, or the radical swings between Bolshevism and National Socialism during the same era in Germany. 

The Judaeo-occult elite have power technologies of social control which they were using until the past two decades with greater and greater efficiency, and this technology was supposed to make the kinds of political gyrations now being seen impossible. The false dichotomy between the Republicans and the Democrats was never allowed to become a wide gap, and anyone who refused to fit inside the politically correct box was exiled, bankrupted, imprisoned or murdered, all in the name of fighting "extremism."  

But, with the advent of freely-flowing information paths of communication that allow for organization outside of the structures of the decadent state, Jewish control over social movements collapsed, and the factions are now swinging to those extremes. Ultimately this kind of internal oscillation is like a building, standing wave-form. At some point, the pressure is going to build to the point where the society containing it will burst. 

From the White perspective, nothing could be more welcome than the bursting of America and the failure of the latest Judaic experiment in decadent imperialism. Donald Trump, for all that one can admire in him, has adopted the bourgeois nationalist philosophy of the nation as a demos, a people, not an ethnos or ethnicity. This proto-internationalist nationalism, the belief that people no matter how unrelated can form a society by uniting as individuals against the natural laws of ethno-cultural organic unity, is the basis for at least the exoteric form of Trump's ideology, and it is wrong.  

Trump may not actually believe this, because if he did there would be no reason to exclude Muslims, Syrians, Yemeni, Somalis, or any other kind of freak or fruitcake from the country;  all of them could be "good Americans." But this tactical device, designed to put off the eventual confrontation between the diverse and hostile ethnic-nations that comprise America, is going to fail.

The White nationalist hope should be that the seams of America burst while Trump is still in office. Trump does not have to come out and say that the people taking to the streets against him are led and financed by One World Jews, and that they comprise a mob of non-White, homosexual and equality-obsessed human garbage. The people who are protesting Trump are all of that even if Trump says that they are not. Thus if Trump's only motive for suppressing these human cancers is that they oppose him, instead of their alien ethnic nature, that is largely irrelevant too. 

When the seams burst, 90 percent of the White population will get behind Trump, and the 120 million Jews, coloreds, homosexuals, and White decadents that feed off this country will comprise the forces opposing him.  When this explosion comes, if Trump is in power and secures the loyalty of most of America's security forces, Trump and his White followers will win, while the 120 million colored freaks will be massacred, driven out, or driven underground.

What emerges may not be perfect. Trump still has his segment of court Jews, and many of these parasites are installed on the jugulars of the U.S. economy. There will still be radical Zionists pushing the false Israel towards its own destruction by demanding an attempt at genocide in the West Bank. And Trump may still pretend, even after ridding the entire country of its rabble, that he believes anyone within America's arbitrary borders are part of the same nation.  

But as long as Trump does not turn against White nationalists per se, and resume the kinds of persecutions that occurred under Clinton, Bush, and Obama -- a move which, if taken, will leave Trump like Pat Buchanan in the 2000 elections, with no support whatsoever -- then these differences will be small, and compared to the current situation tolerable.

Given the likely outcome of the current situation, White nationalists should be pushing Trump to push society into a greater and greater cycle of crises. Frankly, given his first week in office, he may not need our push. Simply by taking the radical step of opposing the organized lying that is the Jewish media, Trump set off hysteria on the television and in the newspapers. This kind of hysteria "divides people," as the Jews like to say, and pushes them further and further towards the extremes. 

The Jewish media's constant false insistence that Trump is "lying," and, Trump's counter-charge that the media is lying, means that the people are having to choose between two radically different versions of the facts, further preventing any common ground between them. Trump's travel ban, which led to massive, hysterical and ill-founded protests and his oral attacks on the corrupt regime in Mexico, is only a taste of what is coming.  

Given what has happened so far, Trump is like to intervene in American cities and attempt the mass deportation of illegal immigrants, as well as the mass suppression of black crime. Radio stations in Chicago were already urging immigrants to take up arms against Trump and his ICE agents before Trump's election.  It may well be that Jewish media, like Bloomberg news, will issue such calls when people are actually taking up arms.  It may also be that men like Jew Rahm Emmanuel will order his armed forces, the Chicago police department, to join or to protect from federal forces whatever kind of rioter emerges from this action. Without any pushing from us whatsoever, Trump seems ready to push the country, on his own, into armed conflict.

The armed conflict that would follow, a conflict between tens of thousands of lightly armed negro or colored rioters supported by a few thousand police against tanks, artillery, drones and aircraft, will end much quicker but also much the same as the Syrian-Russian-Iranian offensive against East Aleppo. Soon, it may be waves of non-White refugees flooding across the borders into Canada and Mexico, instead of Middle Eastern coloreds flooding into here.  

In any such effort by the forces of globalism, Zionism and hate to topple the Trump government, the imperative is for White nationalists to actively participate in and support Trump. For once, we will be acting in concert with the U.S .federal government instead of in opposition to it.

In the process of supporting Trump in his destruction of the colored mobs, White nationalists must work to push a real program of National Socialism within the Trump government -- something which his government already seems open to in large degree. The goal must be to re-build America as a White nation and to re-build the kind of social structures necessary for White communities to form,and White people to live in organic harmony.

The current American constitutional structure, with its excessive misinterpreted protections for the anti-social doctrines of One World, paired with an absolute intolerance for any kind of advocacy of radical normality, has to be abolished in order to be cured. We should urge Trump to suspend Congress, dismiss the courts, and abolish some of the errors of the Bill of Rights. The rights of free speech, religion, and assembly, should be restricted; the Jewish religion in all of its forms must be suppressed. 

By this one cannot just discuss Judaism per se. Instead, all religions, and ideologies that have Judaism's defining features -- its globalism, its supremacism, its hatred for and desire to exploit and enslave society, its technologies of deceit -- must go.

The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments must be reconceived so as to only equally protect Whites within America's borders. Once done, all officials who cannot adhere to the new standards -- all coloreds, Jews of every stripe, sodomites and the rest must be purged from public office and replaced, perhaps in a Reconstruction-style vote in which only those that stayed loyal may participate.

And there has to be, eventually, a massive overhaul of both the American economy and America's cultural institutions. The news media and the universities should be seized and nationalized.  With them should be seized a portion of most major corporations, until a state-capitalism-type system in which all major economic activity is conducted with the national state's input -- though not necessarily at its direction -- is obtained. The Chinese, the Russians, and the Iranians among other nations have shown that this model of economic control works when one has a country with sufficient population and resources to sustain it. This kind of control prevents alternative centers of power from forming that can topple a new national order once it is established.

These kinds of goals can be advocated under Trump, who has shown himself likely to pursue the goals that he believes his people want, though moderated by the means to that end that he sees best. And while Trump may not adopt all of these goals, White nationalist support for Trump merely lays a foundation for the greater revolution, and reform of American life that is to follow. While democracy, while stable, only allows for small changes in direction, when the pressures of a multi-cultural democracy cause the system to burst at the seams, from the carnage of the revolutionary situation that follows great things can be achieved.

The only thing that White nationalists have to be careful of is to not lose this opportunity. America is going to burst. If we hold America together under Trump only to have his opposite -- perhaps a fully black Communist like Keith Ellison -- take power, then we are assuring ourselves that when the explosion does come, we will be in a disadvantaged position in the ensuing fight. As America radicalizes, our future lies with Trump -- and, we had best realize that.

William A. White #13888-084
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL. 62959

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Prologue To Freedom's Sons - Audio


This is the Prologue to Freedom's Sons, read by me, with sound effects added by---Jason from Tulsa? I think that's right. It's been a few years. Anyway, you can download this file from, and it's just short enough to put on a CD, so you can play it in your car or whatever.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Old Man's Speech

For those of you who like audio-book style listening to the Northwest novels.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - February 23rd, 2017 

HAC on the importance of a scouting trip, Gretchen, final part of Mike Harris show. Also HAC lays some Weird Aryan History on us, to remind us in the age of Milo what a normal sex scandal looks like.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Six More Arrests In Wiesenthal Center Case

by Bill White

The scandal surrounding Simon Wiesenthal Center Board Member Murray Huberfeld claimed six more arrests in December as the Jewish member of the Holocaust fabrication group turned on his co-conspirators, ratting them out to federal investigators. 

Huberfeld was indicted in July 2016, charged by federal prosecutors in New York with bribery and defrauding Wiesenthal Center donors by persuading them to entrust their life savings to Platinum Partners, a Ponzi scheme posing as a hedge fund run in part by Huberfeld's nephew, David Levy. In December, Platinum Partners President Mark Nordlicht, former President Uri Landesman, Levy, and three others were arrested and charged with embezzlement, fraud and money laundering involving over $1 billion of Platinum Partners assets belonging to more than 600 fellow members of the Judah-cult. 

The various indictments in the case, which is being compared to the Bernie Madoff scandal, states that Huberfeld was a front man for the group, using his devotion to the god of lies Thoth-Judah to insinuate himself into the world of the Wiesenthal Center and into the group of wealthy Jewish scam artists that keep the Holocaust fraud afloat.  Once embedded in the Orthodox Jewish community, Huberfeld then told his fellow Jews about a hedge fund that only reported up years and hardly ever reported down months -- just like the Madoff funds. 

Anxious to make money without working, and to show the world that for all their lies Jews are fools too, hundreds then decided to entrust Huberfeld and his partners with their money. Identified as Co-Conspirator One in the Nordlicht indictment, it appears that after he was arrested for attempting to bribe the head of the New York correctional officers' union's pension fund to turn money over to Platinum, Huberfeld rolled on his six confederates, as well as those who helped them "invest" the money they collected into worthless products.  

One man also indicted in the case is Jeffrey Shulse, an executive of Black Elk Energy who sold worthless oil derivatives to Platinum in 2014 as part of a Hail Mary play by Nordlicht after he realized the fund was broke.  

Also mentioned in the complaint is investment advisory firm Beechwood Re, which was used to steer investors towards Platinum as well. 

What makes the Huberfeld scandal so amusing is that, like the Madoff scandal, it is a case of Jew-on-Jew crime, an, unlike Madoff, this time it targeted Jews who were contributing to the promotion of the greatest scandal at all, the phony alleged World War II era "Holocaust".  

Should these scandals continue to accumulate, one would think that America's corrupt Jewish community will start running out of money with which to spread their hate. This Jew-on-Jew aspect also seems to have played a role in why Huberfeld and Nordlicht were unable to escape the wrath of the federal government, which usually gives Jewish exploiters a pass on their schemes and crimes. 

Just before the December indictment, both Huberfeld and Nordlicht attempted to escape to Israel and persuade its officials to take them in. Instead, they were quickly refused residence, and compelled to return to the United States to face their charges. 

However, the federal system is not exactly being hard on the two Jewish thieves.  While most Whites arrested by federal officials, even on relatively petty offenses, are denied bond, these two schemers have been set free, despite facing life sentences, after posting $500,000 bonds to the court.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Harold's Quoting That Jew Again

[My apologies for the lack of updates this week, but you know Harold is as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof when he forgets to update this blog. 

I'm tossing in a quote from my own Court Jew, James Howard Kunstler. Do you see what I mean now about some of these hebe's stuff being just so damned good, so spot on, that I have to quote it in spite of myself? - HAC]

I have said this before to the scorn and derision of my auditors: it should be the primary mission of schooling to teach kids how to speak English grammatically and intelligibly. Without that capability, they may not be able to learn much of anything else. That this is not regarded as important anymore is a spectacular disgrace. It also brings us to the horrifying issue of race in American schooling. (Yes, this is part of that “conversation about race” that the professional race relations establishment calls for incessantly but doesn’t really want to have.)

The failures of education are especially vivid among the children of the so-called inner city — polite code for black. The school troubles of this group may be attributed to an array of other problems, starting with a social services system that pays teenage girls to have babies without a father present in the house, and the inept parenting that follows in chaotic homes. You could argue that children produced in those conditions are so damaged by the time they get to first grade that they can’t recover.

Under Barack Obama’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, a policy called “racial equity” was devised to mitigate the embarrassing problem of black students being suspended or disciplined disproportionately for atrocious behavior in the classroom. The solution to that was to just stop enforcing behavioral standards. The policy placed the blame for students’ disruptive behavior on the cultural insensitivity of the teachers and staff, and more generally on “white privilege.” The result, naturally, is greater chaos and dysfunction in the classroom. It is worth reading the piece by Katherine Kersten in City Journal on how this worked out in the St. Paul, Minnesota, district.

Arne Duncan was also responsible for misapplying federal Title Nine law on college campuses (originally drawn up to balance funding of men’s and women’s sports), where it was used to promote the extra-legal prosecution of rape allegations in what amounted to campus kangaroo courts run by ideologues unconstrained by due process. This has produced a star chamber climate of persecution across the country, nicely in step with the officially-sanctioned coercions of the cultural Maoists who are destroying the intellectual life of American higher ed.

American schooling from kindergarten to post-doc has entered a phase of epic failure under the watch of several generations of federal policy experts. It suffers from several other illnesses than the ones I’ve already mentioned, namely the tragic over-centralization of school districts into giant schools; and the odious racketeering in loans that drives college education. Betsy DeVos has a lot of damage to undo engineered by her exquisitely qualified predecessors.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - February 16th, 2017

HAC on housekeeping matters and back with Mike Harris, Gretchen and the Trucker and Paddy Tarleton, “the Woody Guthrie of the alt.right.”

Monday, February 13, 2017

Who We Are

We're the guys who actually want to do something in the real world with real human bodies.

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Letter To President Donald Trump

The Hon. Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Trump:

I see in the media you’ve been rather busy lately, but I hope you or someone in your office can take the time to read and act on this letter. I apologize for its length, but this is a very complex situation and requires some explanation.

I am writing to appeal to you for an act of executive clemency and commutation of sentence for federal prisoner William A. White #13888-084, now being held in the United States penitentiary in Marion, Illinois in a special unit for alleged “terrorists.”

The first thing that needs to be said is that Bill White is no more a terrorist than Big Bird, and everyone involved in his case is fully aware of the fact. Bill is a former political activist, true, but even in his wild and woolly youth he was always a mile wide and an inch deep. Bill has never hurt anyone in his life, and I am convinced after some years of association with him that he simply doesn’t have it in him to do so. He has undergone torture, false imprisonment, and the loss of everything he had in the world including his wife and daughter, because he was viciously and cynically persecuted out of the most contemptible of motives, for things his accusers knew perfectly well he did not do.

The second thing you need to understand about Bill White’s case is that it’s nothing but Net. He is one of the few people in this country who is in prison on foot of internet postings and e-mails alone, without the government ever having demonstrated any overt act of any kind in furtherance or intention involving the actual carrying out of any crime.

Bill White’s only offense involving an overt act occurred in 2012. Bill was released from prison on constitutional grounds by a federal judge (i.e. his alleged internet posts were ruled protected speech under the First Amendment.) Motivated so far as I can see only by vindictive malice, the government appealed. They found a sympathetic left-wing judicial activist to reverse the acquittal. When Bill understood that he had been betrayed and the FBI were coming to take him back to prison, he fled the country to Cancun, Mexico of all places. There he made repeated internet posts protesting his innocence until he was arrested outside an internet café. This of course led to a charge of parole violation. My understanding is that he has already cleared that charge with time served.

Shorn of all the quasi-legal ishkabibble, Bill White’s alleged crimes consist of A) being Bill White, and B) supposedly sending e-mails and making internet posts which “made people uncomfortable.” Not even the most wild-eyed and foam-lipped United States Attorney has ever claimed that Bill actually harmed anyone at all, or that he ever committed any kind of physical act beyond running off to Mexico in a panic five years ago.

Over the years Bill has repeatedly been offered deals by multifarious United States Attorneys and other Justice Department officials if he will only plead guilty to something, in other words admit that something happened, even if nobody knows quite what it was. Bill has repeatedly refused to let his persecutors off the hook and plead guilty to crimes that he and they are both aware he did not commit, which has fueled an animosity and vindictiveness on the part of the government that I have witnessed nowhere else in over 40 years of observing the inner workings of American society.

It gets worse. In the past nine years Bill has in fact painstakingly assembled a massive compendium of technical and forensic evidence which indicates that he did not in fact send the e-mails or make the internet posts which he is accused of originating. He has identified the actual sender in at least one case and believes he can demonstrate the identity of others if he is ever allowed meaningful access to the courts and full discovery is compelled from the prosecution. He has repeatedly presented this evidence of his actual innocence to the courts, both pro se and through counsel, and he is essentially being ignored and told to be quiet.

Okay, he’s not exactly the Count of Monte Cristo. He has his faults. Bill White is one of these people who sit down in front of a computer keyboard and get a visit from Mr. Hyde. Yeah, back about 15 years ago he could be silly and intemperate when he started tapping on that keyboard. I think somebody picked up on that, and that’s what they used to destroy Bill.

 No, that’s not paranoia. Anyone examining this case is always stunned at the sheer disproportionate level of institutional violence with which the government responded to a non-existent threat on the part of an obscure radical poseur. As nearly as I can determine, this entire sorry mess grew out of the fact that in October 2008 Bill ran a proposed magazine cover on his web site which the then-campaigning Obama people didn’t like, and somebody in the Justice Department decided to curry favor with the incoming régime by making an example of an Obama-skeptic gadfly.

For that act of disrespect to The One, someone has decided Bill White must die in prison, especially now that it’s grown into such a grotesque abomination of torture, malfeasance and corruption that the Justice Department is anxious to bury it before somebody looks at it too closely. The hell of it is, the magazine cover to which they objected appeared only on the internet; White was arrested before the actual magazine itself could be printed and mailed. This whole thing seems to have grown out of somebody in the Democratic party throwing some kind of hysterical hissy fit over nothing. If the magazine had been published it would have been long forgotten by now.

An unsettling vibe of near-insanity on the part of government and federal law enforcement has always hovered over every aspect of this case. Bill White, the very idea of Bill White, seems to give them conniption fits. Like Alice, we are expected to believe six impossible things before breakfast. Over the past nine years, several United States Attorneys have created a bizarre structure of fantasy and fabrication regarding Bill White, which appears to be based on a Fox Television crime drama series entitled “The Following,” starring Kevin Bacon and the British actor James Purefoy. (I think it ran for three seasons.)

In this TV show, Purefoy is an evil and charismatic cult leader who has this huge “following” of weirdos who run around and murder people while wearing Edgar Allan Poe masks. This is how Bill White has been portrayed to the public and to successive juries. For example, the jury in one of his trials was anonymized for fear of Bill’s non-existent “followers.” The  jurors were told that they had to be protected from crazed blood-lusting right-wing psychos acting on telepathic commands from Bill White sitting in his jail cell, beaming orders from his brain to his zombie-like “followers” to kill kill kill! Yes, Mr. President, it really did get that ridiculous.

I’m not making this up, you know. When you look over what has been done to this man for the past nine years, it is horrifying and heart-breaking. This is the kind of case that destroys people’s faith in America, with the law being abused to serve a political agenda and an almost incomprehensible personal hatred of one man on the part of people with power. A land where something like this can happen is not a place the Founding Fathers would recognize.

Mr. President, I am appealing to you for an act of common human decency. This man has done nothing, and the government of which you are now the head has brutalized and tortured him for nine years. Let him go. For nine years Bill has been the Department of Justice’s favorite chew toy. That’s long enough. Let him go.

Your predecessor in the office you now hold committed a terrible wrong in the case of Bill White, one of many. I am asking you to right that wrong. I know you probably will not read this letter personally, and I get that. You have a swamp to drain. But I am sending a copy to your new Attorney General, Mr. Sessions, and I hope that somehow this appeal will get through to someone with authority, or even with just a little curiosity.

What the United States government has done to Bill White is vile and unconscionable. It is sordid. It is squalid. What the United States government has done to Bill White brings every man and woman involved in it into shame, disrepute, and contempt.

Please, Mr. Trump. As you battle to repair much greater wrongs these people have done to us all, take some time to look at this case and fix this one small wrong to one single man. Those little victories can mount up.

Yours sincerely,
Harold A. Covington 
P. O. Box 2188
Bremerton, Washington 98310

Cc: The Hon. Jeff Sessions
      Attorney General of the United States

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - Special Bonus Podcast 

An excerpt from Radio Wehrwulf with Stephen Landser and Jason Goyhammer, wherein they interview recent Northwest migrant Marcus from Portland.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

What Order Should The Northwest Novels Be Read In?

Hi guys, 

I purchased all five of the Northwest novels from the Google Play store, but I don't know what order they are meant to be read in, or even if there is a proper order. Could you enlighten me?


* * *

Okay, I could have sworn I had a "canned answer" to this FAQ lying around on my hard drive somewhere, but I can't find the damned thing, so I guess I get to re-type it. Mutter, mutter, mutter like Popeye, a reference almost none of you will get ...

There are two ways to read the Northwest novels: in the order in which they were written, or in what might be called mythos order.

The novels were written in the following order:

The Hill of the Ravens - (2003)
A Distant Thunder - (2004)
A Mighty Fortress - (2005)
The Brigade - (2008)
Freedom's Sons - (2012)

I personally think the best order to read them in for coherency and flow is mythos order:

The Brigade
A Distant Thunder
A Mighty Fortress
Freedom's Sons
The Hill of the Ravens

However, each novel can stand alone, and none of this is chiseled in stone. Most people end up reading the books in different orders than this depending on how they acquire the books. However you choose to read them, Erik, enjoy!


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Radio Free Northwest - February 9th, 2017

HAC talks about high-toned kiddie sex rings among our beloved lords and masters, then raps with Mike Harris. Gretchen & the Trucker drop in as well.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd

Okay, I know that sending out funny YouTubes is a sign of incipient brain decay, but I'm sorry, this one's just too cute. It's political, so I have an excuse.


Saturday, February 04, 2017

All The President's Men

One of the points I have begun making of late is that our new President, love him or hate him, will soon find his back to the wall. Whatever his motives, it would seem that he is indeed attempting to bring about bona fide change which involves disempowering and removing the existing empowered élite, and that is always a deadly dangerous thing to do.

He will need some muscle to use against his enemies. Those enemies are legion, and many of them are standing behind him wearing nice conservative Republican suits, no doubt with daggers concealed beneath the folds like the Senators who murdered Julius Caesar. At some point someone is going to try to take him out, and that may come soon. That attempt may come in the form of a funny little man who steps out of the crowd with a pistol in his hand a la Arthur Bremer and John Hinckley, or it may come from some attempt on the part of the Democrats and RINOs to impeach him or invoke the 25th Amendment and declare him “incapable of performing his duties,” which is the way the left-loon blogosphere is tending now. 

Donald Trump needs to form a legitimate, bona fide citizens’ militia to defend the Constitution and his own presidency against pretty much the whole damned world. I don’t mean clearly unstable, unfit, bizarre weirdos in camouflage pretending to be soldiers. I mean an actual paramilitary force, properly trained and organized and supplied, that will point the weapons and pull the triggers and put some manners on all these scum. An outfit that will do things Baghdad-style rather than go back to the business as usual of being ruled by the coastal élites.

This new militia needs to be legal and openly affiliated with the President of the United States and the executive branch. Without Trump’s personal and visible seal of approval and a certain amount of hands-on, it will lack the moral authority to do what will eventually have to be done, i.e. drain the swamp for real and protect the true citizens and rightful inhabitants of North America from criminals in Washington and invaders all over the land. The new militia will need open access to government funding, supplies, armories and weapons. Something like Edward Carson’s original Ulster Volunteer Force of 1912 springs to mind.

The new militia will require a degree of professionalism that will rule “us” out, at least in any official capacity. The majority of these troops need to be veterans, of which we have all too many wandering our streets unemployed these days, and they need to be commanded by retired, reserve or detached-duty officers. I’m talking about an honest-to-God paramilitary force, not a Bundy brothers clown show. (No cowboy hats, please.) “We” do not fall into this category, at least not the majority of us. Our males with military experience such as myself are mostly too old, and however skillful some of our younger males may be at creating Twitter memes or YouTube videos, the time is coming when these are not the skill sets that will be required. The time for Amateur Hour is over; the anti-Trump “protests” financed by George Soros are rapidly approaching the point of low-level insurgency. They have to be countered, and the new President can’t be sure of the loyalty of those around him. He will need to call out the Trump Train once again.

Americans have no idea at all how to organize for revolution, how to motivate for revolution, or how to behave as revolutionaries in a genuine underground pre-revolutionary environment. It’s not in our history. Revolution has been attempted only twice in this country’s history, only once successfully, and on both of those prior occasions the attempts were led from the top down, by politicians and lawyers and professionals and businessmen, by educated men of property and status.

America has never experienced any attempt at revolution by any race or class of people who are genuinely on the bottom, as White Americans are, and we don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about it. This isn’t to say that a genuine bottom-up revolution can’t be accomplished. Of course it can. It’s been accomplished repeatedly over the past century. But we haven’t got a clue how to do it. I’ve been telling you for some time, but no one is listening. We think we’re organizing a Rotary club. Revolutions are not made by Rotary clubs, nor are they made by guys who blaze away for 90 minutes and then ride off into the sunset on a Harley with a hot chick behind them. Revolutions are not made by middle-aged adolescents.

When the time comes when such a militia is formed—as I believe will occur, possibly soon when Trump understands what he is up against—as much as I still advocate the Northwest migration, do not hesitate to help the process along in your area however you can. The experience for when you Come Home will be invaluable, and I wouldn’t ask any of you to miss a chance to be a part of history.