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America's Tragic Goat Play

by Bill White

The United States long ago abandoned any notion of justice in its law enforcement agencies to a kind of theater in which vulnerable people, usually the mentally ill, are transformed into “kings for a day” and then ritually sacrificed in the manner of the old goat plays which the people of the Mediterranean devoted to the Greek Dionysos, or the Hebrew Satan. This process of entrapment, which has even been denounced by some of America’s Judaic-Talmudic courts, has substituted for any real effort to stop crime, and of course is the reason why America is sinking in crime even as it fills its prisons to overflowing. The excuse for this behavior is that it is necessary to “protect” the
United States.

The theory is that there are people out there who are innately inclined to commit acts of terrorism in conjunction with
America’s enemies. The purpose of the goat-play is to locate all of these potential terrorists, domestic or otherwise, before they are located by the actual enemies themselves.

There are many flaws in that concept. The United States is not a legitimate nation. It has no “people.” And it certainly does not try to protect them as much as it tries to protect its élite’s monopoly on their exploitation. But even given a hypothetical legitimate nation with a people, that nation would have no business fabricating enemies internal and external in a misguided effort to protect its own people.

There are entities outside of the
United States, such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, that want to harm the United States in retaliation for the crimes that the United States has committed against their co-religionists or their organizations. The genesis of the conflict, like the question of American legitimacy, distracts from the question of the legitimacy of the tactic, but, there is no questions that the United States, in its efforts to impose chaos and uniformity in submission to a Judaic-Zionist One World order, engaged in aggression against various Muslim peoples and in so doing prompted the violence that has been directed against it by so-called radical Islam. Islamic extremism was created by the United States in the 1970s and 1980s in order to sow strife against Arab nationalists and communists, and Islamic extremism turned against the United States for the same reason that Arab nationalism turned against the United States and towards communism.

Let us posit, though, that the
United States has enemies outside of the United States with the irrational goals of “hating America’s freedom” and whatnot that the Judaic liars who control the United States say they do, and that America is a nation with a people that its law enforcement is legitimately trying to protect. And while we are creating a world of make-believe, let us pretend that the goat play wasn’t invented for the purpose of controlling human beings, that it isn’t a symbolic sacrifice to an infernal deity, and that if the tactic did in fact “protect” people it would be legitimate. Even with all of these givens in its favor, the goat-play would still not be a legitimate tactic for law enforcement.

In our fantasy world, American law enforcement has been tasked with protecting the American people from outside entities—entities outside of the organism, regardless of geographical location—that seek to do the
United States harm. Now, within the United States the most dangerous alien entities are the élite that control the American political system and direct the activities of law enforcement, but we are pretending that that isn’t true. Instead, America is unified, and law enforcement is trying to prevent actual crimes of violence from occurring. This isn’t true, but bear with me.

To do so, law enforcement posits that it should manufacture crimes and criminal organizations, rather than paying any attention to the criminal organizations that actually exist, as the best means to pursuing this end. And if there are no criminal organizations, law enforcement posits that it should create them out of whole cloth in order to have something to fight. This is of course completely irrational.

The first thing that American law enforcement fails to admit is that almost any human being can be tempted to commit a crime if the inducement is great enough. Thus, the thesis that there is some special class of anti-social people who are just waiting to be approached by criminal groups is a false one. If law enforcement truly wanted to, it could create al-Qaeda and ISIS terrrorists all day, by the thousands, simply by approaching people it knew to be vulnerable--drug addicts, the homeless, the mentally ill—and inducing them to join these law enforcement-created fantasies. Thus, the belief that law enforcement, through its false flag operations, is smoking out some fifth column within the American state is simply not true. Law enforcement instead is simply recreating the original Satanic act of tempting man and then punishing man for succumbing to his desire. And the people that they are targeting are not
ISIS terrorists but the most vulnerable elements of the people that they are supposedly “protecting.”

Now the counter to this is that
ISIS and al-Qaeda recruit “lone wolves” over the internet and so American law enforcement has to recreate this situation in order to get to potential “recruits” before they do. But what American law enforcement does is not what ISIS or al-Qaeda, does. ISIS, and al-Qaeda, for instance, have essentially no infrastructure within the United States. Thus ISIS and al-Qaeda cannot extraordinarily induce individuals to commit acts for them. ISIS and al-Qaeda, do not offer $100,000 rewards to people who go on shooting rampages or drive their cars into crowds. They do not offer such people jobs or rent money or drugs or anything except the promise of 72 virgins in the garden of Allah. And, because they have no infrastructure, no ISIS and al-Qaeda, recruiters meet potential “lone wolves”, groom them, build relationships with them, and entice them to commit crimes.

Yet you would be hard pressed to find an American law enforcement operation where the King For A Day, the Fool, was not an already vulnerable, lonely person who became consumed by a government-created fantasy, sometimes involving dozens of agents and informants, that became the person’s entire social world—and even then extraordinary material rewards are offered. Thus the pretense that American law enforcement is recreating some dangerous real world situation is nonsense.

The best metaphor for what American law enforcement does, particularly in terrorism cases, may be this: Imagine a nice, suburban, neighborhood that is completely drug-free. Somewhere out there in the world are drug cartels and the like, but not here. But the local task force gets a budget to fight drugs, so what do they do? They take an informant and install him in this drug-free neighborhood, supply him with drugs, and tell him to get as many people hooked as possible. After all, if the
United States didn’t hook them on drugs someone else would have. So after turning the neighborhood from a nice suburban place to a shantytown of crack dens, turning the parks from places children could play to litter boxes for needles, turning the people from merely poor and vulnerable into degenerates, law enforcement then swoops in and, begins arresting these people for trafficking drugs in a “conspiracy.” Then they proclaim to the news how they are winning the war on drugs—a war on a problem that did not exist until the United States created it.

American “anti-terrorism” efforts are the same thing. Because there is no real al-Qaeda or
ISIS, U.S. law enforcement creates it for the purpose of fighting it, in the process justifying their budgets and their existence. There are advantages to this approach, not least of which being that it is easy. Whereas the real al-Qaeda or ISIS might fight back, law enforcement here just scoops up drug addicts and hobos and psych cases who are as easily arrested as they are manipulated.

The infliction of violence in the name of the state is much easier when it is directed against passive or captive populations than against a real enemy. And of course this unveils the cowardice and cruelty that is at the heart of the American law enforcement mentality. These are not brave guardians but cruel cravens, a type of devil, that get their pleasure from tormenting the weak. And of course this wanton infliction of pain is one of the four manias, known to the ancient magicians, that were excited in those rites designed to draw man down into oblivion.

Another problem with this kind of “protection” is that it does not actually protect anyone against anything.
U.S. law enforcement has never stopped an actual plot to attack American civilians that originated with either al-Qaeda or ISIS. In fact, American law enforcement has been as ineffective in stopping actual al-Qaeda and ISIS within the continental United States as the gay multi-cultural U.S. military has been in fighting their lightly-armed goat-herding brethren abroad. Yeah, you can declare everyone from 15 to 50 a “combatant” and rack up a body count, but you can’t win being frauds and cowards, which is what America’s armed forces domestic or foreign-oriented are.

What happens is that because fighting actual Muslims is hard and sparse, American law enforcement just doesn’t do it. The fact is that if there were no American law enforcement agents dedicated to fighting al-Qaeda and ISIS, there would be just as many al-Qaeda and ISIS- inspired attacks in the United States as there are now.

What American law enforcement cannot do is admit that most of what they need to do fighting terrorism is to just sit back, watch, and wait. This doesn’t mean not to pay attention to what is out there, look for actual crimes about to occur, look for actual criminals. Maybe even—now this would be novel—infiltrate the actual groups al-Qaeda and
ISIS, which are responsible for the crimes they are trying to prevent.

But if American law enforcement did this nation-wide, in any given year no more than three or four of any given agency’s many field offices would ever have any actual terrorism to fight. This means that the other hundred or so field offices for a given agency would do nothing all year but watch.

And of course, this would mean that the budget all of these agencies have demanded for fighting “terrorism” could be cut dramatically. All of their analysts could be let go. The Hollywood scriptwriters that they use to create fantasies could be let go. The fraudulent terror analysts with their pathetic, irrelevant and artificial models of radicalization could be let go, along with the psychologists brought in to manipulate victims, the cast of actors need for the goat-play, and the scores of socially worthless, unemployable, people whose only skills are parroting government propaganda and playing Fools in their own part. A whole federal welfare program for wanna-be law enforcement officers and military personnel discharged from the 504th Latrine Battalion with no marketable skills could be ended. And of course, stopping this from happening is why the goat play goes on.

Lastly, the fraud of American law enforcement and justice has to be understood in terms of how it is used to control people through the injection of false narratives into the public consciousness. Every time some Fool is arrested while shouting that he’s al-Qaeda the media circulates the story widely, emphasizing the false line that the American people are under threat. This is the same tactic that we find in the Jewish religion which makes its adherents live on constant guard against the fraudulent construct of “anti-Semitism.”

By making a group of people feel constantly threatened, a cult can force an otherwise eclectic and disunified group to cling to one another. In the United States, which is based upon forcing dissimilar people to live together, this kind of fraud is necessary to maintain the power of the state. It is no different than in George Orwell’s 1984, when the woman speculates that the government is shooting missiles at its own cities to perpetuate a war mentality.

This narrative, of course, is the real reason that American law enforcement is itself fooled into carrying on the goat-play. One of the amusing things, when one reads memoirs from federal informants, or, undercover agents, is that they are generally oblivious to the number of their fellow informants among whom they are associating, or to the fact that their own agencies may be misleading and manipulating them with the same tactics which they use upon others.

To persuade American law enforcement to commit acts that are essentially both criminal and evil and against the very notion of law enforcement, the agencies these people serve provide them with false information about threats and crimes and potential targets. Even as these agents lie to the informants that they recruit, they seem to think that they have somehow been placed above the line at which people are lied to. And the informants have the same arrogance, thinking that their affiliation with law enforcement makes them personally invulnerable and powerful and that no one around them shares that power.

A legitimate nation cannot be founded upon deceit. The price of making lies the basis of a system of supposed law is much greater than the marginal losses that come from dealing with everyone, starting with one’s own people, honestly. Of course, one must have a people before one can deal with them honestly, and that is one of the many things that the
United States lacks. A criminal government, founded by an alien cult for the purpose of enslaving mankind, cannot engage in honest law enforcement. Its laws can only ever be an instrument for increasing chaos and harming mankind. Such an entity must rely upon ancient tricks, like the goat-play, to control its people, and, sustain its illegitimate power.

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Radio Free Northwest - December 29th, 2016

Our annual year-end all-music show on Radio Free Northwest.

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Some Seasonal Good Cheer

[From Christmas 1996. I repost this every year.]

There are times when it seems beyond doubt that we are living in the age of the triumph of evil. Believe it or not, there is still some good in the world. Not much, and on the rare occasions when it shows itself, goodness must peep up from its hiding place like a cautious groundhog and generally pop back underground very quickly to avoid the swooping predators---but every now and then, we get a glimpse.

On October 31st Herbert Perry, a retired businessman in Durham, North Carolina suffered a stroke. He recovered in hospital and early in November was sent to Hillcrest Convalescent Home. He had a roommate, an 88 year-oldman named Helmut Bartsch, who had been on a visit from Germany to his married daughter in Durham and who had also suffered a stroke on October 25th. 

At first the two elderly gentlemen didn't talk much, but then Perry's son-in-law brought him some of his effects from home, including a bedside clock with a B-17 bomber on top. It turned out the two roomies had something in common. "Ah, I remember that silhouette," spoke up Bartsch when he saw it. "I remember the sound, too. It was like a hammer of smiths, crack, crack, crack."
Over 50 years ago, Herbert Perry was a corporal in the Army Air Corps in England, an air traffic controller. Helmut Bartsch was across the Channel in Normandy, commanding an anti-aircraft battery in the Wehrmacht. "I put 'em up, he shot 'em down," commented Perry to a local news reporter. "We're very similar even though we're enemies," continued Perry. "He had a stroke on the right side, I had a stroke on the left side. Now we talk about our days in the army. Every time he gets a little blue we sing a German hymn."

"The newspapers were always reporting air attacks on small towns,"said Bartsch, explaining why he volunteered for anti-aircraft. "It was only my duty to serve in the army."

Herbert Perry lost a lot of friends among the air crews he sent up into the sky, heading for Germany, many of them never to return, but he never let himself become bitter and he has always maintained a deep respect for the German people and their culture and intellect. "I even said it back during the war. The German people were smart and if the Americans hadn't come to England Hitler would have conquered them." The two families are now friends and the old vets will be staying in touch after Bartsch returns to Stuttgart.

                                       Better Late Than Never
Crawford J. Ferguson of Charlotte, North Carolina is 72 years old. Half a century ago Crawford T. Ferguson was part of a B-17 crew that flew 35 missions over Germany in 1944, raids which slaughtered untold hundreds of thousands of people. For fifty years it has haunted his sleep. "I keep seeing the plumes of fire down below as the cities fall apart, and at the same time it's like I'm down in the city, burning, running through the flames looking for a child or a wife or a sister," Ferguson told a reporter."I have known for years that there was something I had to do before I die."

What Ferguson had to do was apologize, and this year he did so. He wrote out a total of 13 letters, about 100 words each, and addressed them to the city hall in every German town his plane had ever bombed: Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Kassel, Hamburg, Munich, and others not revealed in the news article. In each letter he put a simple, heartfelt apology forwhat he had done in 1944. "Our target was strategic, but innocent lives were lost, citizens maimed and civilian property destroyed. I beg forgiveness for the agony I helped inflict upon you..."

The first few letters got some publicity in Germany; the mayor of Kassel sent Ferguson a thank-you note and the local newspaper printed the apology. A weekly TV news program called Hessenschau picked up the storya nd ran a feature on it. Ferguson also received a letter from the Munich city council, requesting permission to make his letter public, which he granted. The mayor of Munich, Christian Ude, wrote a personal letter of thanks.

Then something odd happened. About half of Ferguson's letters got through, but six of them appear to have been intercepted and returned by the German Federal postal authorities without explanation, possibly because they were deemed to contain "Nazi propaganda." Ferguson says with wry humor, "I wrote to our beloved President Bill Clinton. I sent the letters to him and I told him they had been returned. I invited him to read them and if he thought they merited being forwarded I was going to rely on him to take care of the situation. I've still not heard back from him."

                                  "He Is One Of Us Now"

I read this in a British newspaper over ten years ago and I cannot remember all the details; I will quote from memory as best I can.
In a small village in the Norfolk fen country is a war memorial cemetery for the local dead in both wars. In one corner stands a small white obelisk bearing a Luftwaffe eagle and Swastika. In the early 1980s some of the "anti-fascist" scum came up from London to squawk and deface and attempt to destroy the headstone. The police and a number of local men came to the cemetery and "saw them off," apparently none too gently. The "antifas"scurried back to London screaming about police brutality and right-wing vigilantes. In the course of reporting this, the press also retold how the stone came to be there.

In 1944 and 1945 a lot of British and American air groups were operating out of fairly small airfields all across East Anglia. One such was this place in Norfolk. One day there was a massive daylight raid against what was left of Hamburg, using planes from all over these various fields. They dropped their load of death and were headed home when they ran into a number of German fighters.

"We broke up and flew our separate ways back to base, but there was this one German who stuck with us and wouldn't give up," recalled an American pilot. "He shot down at least two planes in our group and probably some more when the dogfight first began, but we just couldn't shake him. Our radio operator spoke some German and he could hear this guy's flight commander ordering him to come back, he would run out of fuel if he didn't, but the German pilot told him something like, 'You saw what they did today. They left nothing. I have nothing to go back to.' Evidently we'd bombed this guy's house, probably killed his family.

"We dodged into a cloud formation and for a while we thought we'd lost him, but over the coast of Holland we had to drop down and get our bearings, and there he was, still on our tail, still shooting at us, shredding us up pretty bad and wounding two of our crew. Our gunners shot back but could never hit him. Damn if the SOB didn't chase us all the way back to England! Our flak opened up on him as we came over the English coast, but they missed. By the time we got back to our field he had two British Spitfires on his tail, but they couldn't seem to tag him either. The guy seemed bulletproof. I got her down and we all jumped out of the aircraft and ran like hell, dragging our wounded with us, and he crashed his Messerschmitt right into our B-17. He finally got us, even though it was at the cost of his own life. His plane didn't catch fire because his fuel tanks were bone dry; he must have been flying on fumes. When they pulled him out of the wreckage dead, it was this blond kid, couldn't have been more than 19 or 20. He didn't have any papers on him, and we never learned his name."

The incident had been witnessed by the local villagers, who were so impressed by the boy's courage that the vicar offered him a burial plot in the church's war cemetery, where he lies to this day, unknown.

All of the above is quoted from memory, but one thing I do remember with absolute accuracy, because I wrote them down, and that is the words on that young hero's grave in an enemy land. They were composed by an RAF colonel who also witnessed his death:

"Call them misguided, call them even wicked if you must; but no nation or cause ever brought forth defenders of greater courage and worth.They fought like the Northland gods of their ancient and warlike race, and few indeed are those among us who can say that ever we saw their backs."

When the British media asked the local people why they defended the grave of a Nazi, one of them answered, "We don't care what he was. We just know that he was a brave lad who one morning flew all the way from Germany to our village to die here, because he thought it was right that he do so. He is one of us now, and when those yobs came up here from London and insulted his memory they insulted us and all our own dead as well. They weren't even alive during the war, they don't know what it was like back then. Why don't they just bloody well belt up?"

These are the true words of the men who were there, who fought the Jews' war for them and who are far more entitled to speak of that time and those other men than any Deborah Lipstadt or Ken McVay or howling, slobbering Rich Graves.

I have met many men down through the years who were veterans of that war, and I never pass up a chance to see if I can get them to speak of their experiences. While I have to concede that there is a great deal of hatred remaining among those who fought against the Japanese, I have never met a single genuine combat veteran of any Allied Army, American, Canadian, British or South African, who fought against the Germans and who did not speak with respect and admiration of their courage, their skill and devotion as soldiers, and their human qualities of fortitude, humor and compassion in victory and in defeat.

If there are those who can't handle this view of Nazis, then I recommend you start with some of the accounts left by Allied veterans of the first war. (Robert Graves' Goodbye To All That springs to mind, but there are many other good examples.) 

As for these hate-filled reptiles at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL and the AFA and Nizkor, I can only quote again the little old English lady: "Why don't they just bloody well belt up?"
Why indeed?

Uh, Like, Merry Christmas, Dewds

Sorry. Too busy doing real stuff to go dig up something Christmasy on the internet. Maybe later today.

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Okay, So They Do Have A Certain Point ...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Misogyny In The White Nationalist Movement

Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. It’s December 22nd, 2016, I’m Harold Covington, and this is Radio Free Northwest.

* * * 

This is going to sound at first like an obscure ideological point, and normally I tell people to reserve those for the Constitutional convention I describe in Freedom’s Sons—you know, the one that will be held after we break brave and fight the revolution and drive the dictatorship out of our land.

Most of this "how many Stormtroopers can dance on the head of a pin" stuff can be relegated until after we have state power in our hands and we have the leisure to really study and think about and debate all kinds of stuff. But this falls into the category of one of those rare ideological points we really do need to settle now, because it’s going to affect how we fight the revolution.

As you can see, I’m having a bit of difficulty getting to the point, and that’s because I need to approach this subject very carefully, because it tends to generate heat rather than light. I’ve spoken in the past on here about the growing gulf of separation between White men and women, and I’ve stated that in my opinion, the creation and inculcation of feminism into our culture and society is arguably the very worst thing that the Jews have done to us.

Recently it’s gotten way worse. For almost the past two years now, and intensively so for the past year, American society has been subjected to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, the first such campaign in history which was run on an open and declared hatred for White males, not just because they were White, but because they were male. For the first time in history we have had a major party candidate who openly hated men of her own race and held them in contempt, although she does seem to have at least some affection for her own husband since she has spent most of her adult life enabling his career of serial adultery and rape.

Oh, the hints and the nudge-nudge-wink-wink and the feminist dog whistles have always been there for all kinds of Democratic candidates ever since the late 60s, but this was the first time it’s ever been open and outright: vote for Hillary because she’s got tits on her, and because us girls need to teach these horrible patriarchal White men a lesson. You are woman, hear you roar. Your fathers and brothers and husbands and lovers and sons must be humbled and struck down into the dust, and all you bad bad boys must learn to do as you’re told from now on by Nurse Ratchett in the pants suit.

From November 8th on it’s official: women are in charge and women must be the dominant partners in all male-female relationships, be they personal or political or work-related or economic or anything. The function of White males in society is to bring home their paychecks and wait on their women hand and foot in humble adoration, and to labor around the house fixing stuff and doing the laundry, and to provide sperm for children until such time as the entire male/female sexual relationship is replaced by in-vitro fertilization of lesbians wearing pantsuits when they decide to take a break in their wonderful careers. Yeah, I know, that sounds stupid, and it is stupid, but we remember the Hillary campaign and that’s pretty much what these stupid people were saying. Yeah, it was.

Well, on November the 8th it didn’t quite turn out like that, and I repeat that whatever his future problematic behavior, Donald Trump saved us from that and earned immortality by doing so. But—this 2016 election campaign has left a bad, bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths and a lot of really bad blood, especially in our own tiny wee Movement subculture.

Over the past couple of months I have received a number of indications that within that wee little subculture, call it White Nationalism or alt.right or whatever you will, some of us are finally reacting to all these years of misandry and man-hating and man-baiting and the man-cession as the latest depression has been called, and the Clinton campaign, and all of the 1001 other for-real micro-aggressions that White men suffer, by basically throwing in the towel and giving the left-wing liberal social engineers what they want.

Some of us are in essence conceding the entire objective of the feminist project, by making the divide between White men and women permanent. Some of us have descended into genuine and outright misogyny. All of this crap has succeeded in making some White men turn the focus of their entirely justifiable anger and hatred against the women of our own race, all women of our own race, simply because they are women

That’s it, guys, When that happens, the Jews have won. Blind misogyny and rage against White women as women is our Appomattox, our April 1945. If collectively we ever succumb to true misogyny, our race is done. We’re gone from the world.

We cannot build a new world without our daughters and sisters and wives, and we cannot do so by keeping them in some kind of weird political or religious subjection. They have to stand at our sides once again, willingly and joyfully, not be dragged behind us on some kind of leash. I am amazed that I even have to say this, but apparently I do.

Specifically, during the Hillary campaign I received a number of e-mails and letters and even a couple of MP3 audio files from guys who were so completely pissed off at what they were seeing in the media about the Hillary campaign or by the shafting they themselves had received from White women, that they either suggested or outright demanded that the October 2006 draft Northwest Constitution should be amended to deny women the right to vote. You may have heard a couple of weeks ago that kid Jason who was doing his review of my novels call me a feminist, which I’m not, because of my fictional depiction of what for-real supportive White women might be like.

I will not read those communications on here or play those audio files, because if I do it’s going to sound like I’m arguing or dissing or running down those individuals in particular, and I’m not. Contrary to what you may have heard about me, I almost never attack individual people; I discuss ideas, good and bad, but this tendency to slide into outright misogyny and hatred of women disturbs the hell out of me. It’s something we need to get our minds squared away on.

Guys, look, as with so much else—I get it. My own experiences with women of my own race has been pretty rotten. Not anywhere near the horror stories I have heard from some of you, though, and I’ve heard some really ghastly ones. 

Over 20 years ago I wrote one of the most popular short essays I ever produced, called Politically Correct Sexuality, wherein I chronicled the story of a guy named Phil from Idaho who went to jail for some pretty extended stretches rather than submit to the court-ordered supervision of his entire existence at the instigation of a woman who was waging one of these completely insane and obsessive legal vendettas against him to punish him for a whole series of imaginary wrongs during their brief marriage. Also weaponizing Phil’s son against him in a way too many of us are familiar with.

I never met the woman, but even by the standards of the pro-female court documents he showed me, she was an obvious nut case, Yet time and time again the same judge kept ordering Phil to jail for refusal to bend the knee and grovel at her feet. On one occasion Phil was jailed because of his inability to get a job within 24 hours when he was ordered to do so by the court, so he would have a paycheck to garnishee, and on another occasion this vicious thug in a black robe more or less ordered the local sheriff to torture Phil in his cell by turning off the heat in midwinter and denying him medical treatment, which order I have to say in all justice the sheriff refused.

I don’t know what ever happened to Phil; haven’t heard from him in years, but I’ve heard from entirely too many like him who have related to me the absolutely horrific things done by women and their lawyers and the society that women have made over the past 50 years. Nowhere is there a more clear proof that there is no justice left in the American court system than in so-called family court.

And of course the injustice extends much wider, into the workplace and the media and the voting booth and the entire culture. It is becoming increasingly impossible for White boys other than the sons of the extremely wealthy to get into many colleges; we are being shunted down to community colleges and trade schools, which frankly may not be such a bad thing. I mean, who needs more English lit and poli-sci and liberal arts graduates? We need plumbers and carpenters and electricians and engineers.

But the problem is that this society’s ruling élites are trained in the universities, especially certain Eastern universities, and non-One-Percent White males are being squeezed out by what Dilbert creator Scott Adams has referred to as the "diversity ceiling." Did you know that there are several beginning law school faculties this year who have no White male freshmen at all? And if you don’t let them get away with classifying Jews as White, the picture is even worse. 

This is one thing that Trump voters don’t seem to grasp: the entire power structure in this country was infiltrated and co-opted long ago by the Weltfeind, and in all the institutions and crucial places that count, the Democrats and left-loons are still in power.

Back during the Ferguson mess a couple of years ago, one proposal I saw in Salon Magazine was that the government impose a moratorium in all law enforcement training academies against any heterosexual White male entering training to become a police officer, to get rid of all those horrible racist cops who are running around shooting down po’ little dindus, etc. I know that sounds utterly insane, but I keep telling your folks, what you see on Salon today will be state policy ten years from now.

Universities are trying to alter thought by altering the language, banning male and female nomenclature like he and she and his and her. But my favorite bit of feminist lunacy is the demand that science find some way for men to get pregnant and have babies.

Yeah, guys, I get it. After almost a lifetime of this happy horse shit, this constant insult and degradation and in most cases really bad personal wrong and injury, I understand why you are filled with rage not just at the muds and the Jews and the dictatorship, but at White girls as well. From where we sit they really seem to be part of the problem. After all, is there not an old Norse proverb that says: “All evil is rooted in the corruption of women?”

[topic continued later in show]

Right. Back onto the subject of women and misogyny in our Movement and why we need to get a grip on that crap and not do it.

First off, what is the strategic purpose of the Weltfeind’s entire sexual offensive, which includes feminism, homosexuality, pornography, birth control, every form of interracial sex, the entire multiple-front social and cultural assault against the traditional nuclear family? That objective is to reduce the number of White infants who are born every year until that number reaches zero.

The main thrust of the whole 50-year campaign is to reduce fertile sexual contact between White men and women in order to cut down that birth rate, through rendering sex sterile and non-reproductive with birth control and the re-shaping of the culture to allow acceptable promiscuity, but also I think eventually to drive both White men and women out of sheer frustration with one another into buggery, or lesbianism, or miscegenation, any of which is a win for the Feind because either no White babies are born at all, or else Obama-like brown babies are born.

I think it’s no coincidence that the first generation of sex robots now being introduced into the market are aimed solely at White men. These damned things are too expensive to be very common now, but like personal computers that used to cost four grand 20 years ago but are now everywhere, within ten years they’ll be within the ordinary Whiteboy’s financial reach and they may actually finish the job that the bugger boys and dykes and mudsharks and Sunshine Girls started.

Why should some millennial Whiteboy approaching his mid-30s even bother to try and date real women, never mind get married and have children, when for 60 easy monthly payments on his Visa card he can go to bed with Scarlett Johansson or Taylor Swift every night? Since he has been socially engineered to believe that the entire man-woman thing is only about a roll in the hay? Especially if he grew up in a subculture that has given up on the whole male-female dichotomy and taught him to hate women and write them all off? The most dangerous thing about misogyny among White males is that they will give up trying, the White birth rate will shrivel below sustainable levels, and that we will finally oblige the Jews by committing suicide.

The second thing you guys need to understand is that this is not a one-way street. White women have a lot of very legitimate gripes with us as well, which I have discussed here before, the primary complaint being a lack of maturity and seriousness.

I’ve spoken on this show before about some of my own observations of the new generation of Whiteboys, and not just the ones living in their parents’ basements at age 29 because they dicked off in school and wouldn’t apply themselves and put in the serious study and work necessary to get a trade or a profession.

I’m talking about some of the Whiteboys who outright refuse to grow up and become men. I’m talking about the ones I have seen on my own temp jobs and had described to me by others who are still working, the ones in their 30s who are highly technically skilled but who bring their childhood toys like Transformers to work in their cubicles, who clump together in the smoke hole talking about their after-hours careers as warrior dwarfs and dragon riders in World of Warcraft, while the White women nearby glare at them with contempt, knowing full well that if ever they are to find partners in life and responsible fathers for their children, it won’t be with their own male contemporaries.

Finally, White males need to fight the urge to go full-bore misogynist, how ever tempting at times that might appear, because it’s wrong. By and large, women don’t deserve it. Our natural instinct as men is to protect and cherish and love them, and that’s the one we need to be listening to, not all this noise that Obama’s Amuurica howls into our ears. 

I am not understating or devaluing the suffering that so many men have undergone at the hands of women. I repeat: I know where you are coming from. I have a 50-year history with the critters myself, and it’s not a nice one. I am not excusing the vile behavior of so many White women, especially the ones you know of who have done all these horrible things. It can’t be excused and God alone knows what kind of hideous, huge, inconceivable karmic debt has been run up on both sides here,

But to be as fair as possible, we need to bear in mind that many women really are victims rather than villains. It really isn’t their fault in a lot of cases; just like us, perhaps even more so, White women have been socially engineered by the Jews from birth to behave badly, and especial efforts have been invested to make sure that, like they used to say back home, they don’t know how to act. 

White women even more so than us are raised in a completely unnatural society that denies every instinct they have; surely we White men of all people can empathize with that. This world of political correctness demands things which run counter to every natural and biological instinct women have, and forces women to do things their inner being cries out to them never to do, it’s just they’ve been conditioned not to hear the voice of their own souls. And it has driven them mad.

If the most common and justifiable complaint that women have against men is lack of maturity and seriousness, then the most common complaint we have against women is so often ... mmmm, how can I put this? ... they’re just crazy as a shit-house rat. They do weird, crazy things for no apparent reason having to do with anything in the real world. 

Sometimes it’s hard for us to tell at first. The last time I even tried, which was some years ago, the first three months or so I wouldn’t trade for anything. But then the cray-cray started popping up, which seems to be about how long it usually takes for the cracks in the female façade to start appearing, and after that things went downhill fast. 

But this girl was especially damaged by her life in Obama’s Amurrica, and I knew that from the get-go. Yeah, things got unpleasant, but I understand what made her that way and I don’t blame every other woman on earth for her problems. No kidding, it really isn’t her fault, nor did she lie or hide her past from me, which I’ve always taken as a point in her favor. I walked into it with my eyes open, I knew full well there was a chance it would go bad and I have no right to complain, nor do I.

I’ll tell you this: I know, very clearly and acutely, how much this artificial and pointless conflict between White men and White women has cost you, because I know how much it has cost me. When I think of the things I could have accomplished if America had ever allowed me a wife and a traditional family, a true life’s partner, then I understand why the Jews are determined not to allow it. Suppose all of us had been allowed what America theoretically promised us: the secure job and the home and the wife and the family and the esteem of our community? Think of where you’d be if that had been allowed, and you will understand why it wasn’t allowed. 

Now, in my case, to be sure, I could have had the American Dream, but the price was always clearly spelled out. I had to place my mind under the control of others, and pretend to believe things which I knew to be untrue. The price was conformity and burning the pinch of incense on the altar of the false gods whenever demanded, and I wouldn’t do that. But back around 1972, I at least had the chance to sell my soul. I know most of you never did. In your case just woke up one morning next to [Crypt Keeper sound clip]
So I understand the rage and the hatred and the desire for vengeance, but you need to deep-six it, guys, because it’s counter-productive. We’re not here to rage against the darkness, we’re here to get the lights back on and everything back up and running, after the world has been flooded from a cosmic sewer.

If it were possible I’d have two mammoth assemblies, one of White men and the other of women, and we’d basically negotiate a peace treaty between one another. We’d start from the premise of “Hey dudes, hey chicks, we have just come through a long war together, one where we thought we were on opposite sides but it turned out we were on the same side, being attacked and hurt and destroyed by the same enemy. A lot of damage was done in that war, but we have to make peace now, so we can move on together, because if we don’t there will be nothing left for anybody." 

Insofar as possible, we have to agree to move on now. What men have done to women over the past 50 years is something for men to remember and women to forget. What women have done to men over the past 50 years is something for them to remember and for us to forget. Because it has to be that way.

Merry Christmas, comrades.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Radio Free Northwest - December 22nd, 2016 

HAC on misogyny in White Nationalism, Andy waxes poetic, and we hear from Jay in Tacoma.

Great New Talent On The Alt.Right

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tomorrow We Will Know 

Grittings, dewds:

I say again,  "we" (however loosely you may define who "we" are) are beginning to catch up to the enemy in technical and graphic and PR skill. I would really love to see some of this kind and quality of effort devoted toward Settlers '17.

Yeah, I know, it's freezing cold all over, and Christmas is coming, but assuming there's no coup d'etat in the Electoral College on Monday, can we see if we can kind of hit the ground on New Year's Day of 2017 running? If there is a coup it's back to screaming election, election, election. (Sigh.) I will be holding off RFN this week for a day or two in order to see what happens on Monday. 


Friday, December 16, 2016

The Monday Coup

Before we get into my main topic of discourse for the week, I have to talk about some more election stuff, because it seems the extended horror of 2016 is still with us. No, folks, it’s not over yet. 

The Democrats and the RINOs, the Republicans In Name Only, are making at least spasmodic efforts to stage a coup d’etat on Monday, December 19th, wherein so-called “faithless electors” in the Electoral College will cast their ballots either for the Hildebeest herself or for some agreed-upon RINO Republican candidate like John Kasich, or Ted Cruz, or even Jeb Bush, who was actuually supposed to be the Republican palooka who took a dive for Hillary this time around. 

If you ever want to see the kind of dweeb that Democrats view as a "good Republican," check out the Alan Alda character on the TV series The West Wing. A nice White guy in a suit who is pro-abortion and pro-buggery and loves all brown immigrants, who just wants to balance the budget and who knows how to lose like a gentleman. In other words, the exact opposite of Donald Trump. 

As far as a coup in the Electoral College goes, right now the attitude in most of the media and among the general population is to downplay the possibility. Naaah … that’ll never happen! Okay, probably not, mostly because I question whether anybody involved with this System, right or left, has the balls to make some great leap of new-departure and ground-breaking innovation in anything, but I could be wrong. 

It’s true that those electors meeting in state capitals all across the country on the 19th are not required by law to follow the popular vote in their states. It could be that there will be an attempted coup next Monday, either to elect the Hildebeest by stealth and bring her shuffling out of her hidey-hole in her daughter’s Manhattan apartment, or else to throw the election into the House of Representatives where the #NeverTrump Rockefeller Republicans from the country club can slide in Jeb or even the weasel-like Ted Cruz instead of the candidate we all voted for.

And if that doesn’t happen, in my opinion President Trump will then be in the most serious danger of assassination he’s been in since he first announced his candidacy. It’s obvious from the deranged reaction of the Democrats on election night that they had fallen into one of the worst mistakes anyone can make in politics: they had come to believe their own propaganda. They really were convinced they were going to win on November 8th and were genuinely shocked and horrified when they didn’t. They may not have gone for the John Hinckley option before then because they didn’t think they’d need it; they believed their own rigged polls. 

But things didn’t go their way on election day and now they’ve only got a month left before the unthinkable happens and there is a genuine, honest to God outsider sitting in the White House. If that funny little weird loner with the pistol in his hand is going to step out of the crowd they’d better get it done before January 20th. If I were Donald Trump I’d make sure to wear a Second Chance vest beneath my expensive suit and once I got into the White House I wouldn’t poke my nose out for the next four years. 

Of course, knowing The Donald, that kind of advice is the last he’s going to take. I really do believe we need to take into account the probability that Trump won’t finish out his presidency. Remember, they didn’t take a shot at Reagan until he was three months into his first term. 

If the deep state doesn’t have Trump murdered, or they can’t because they just don’t have the organizational competence to do the old Grassy Knoll trick any more, then what we are going to witness for the next four years is one long, titanic political and propaganda struggle to de-legitimize, emasculate and terminate his presidency through the abuse of the system, including the courts. 

Trump has more enemies within the System than you can shake a stick at, not just Democrats but most of the Establishment Republicans as well, virtually all of the mainstream media, the entire Hollywood and academic world, the U.N., the multi-billionaire George Soros who makes even Trump look like a welfare bum by comparison, you name it. The man is going to have almost literally the whole world against him, and it’s going to be almost as much fun to watch as the election, as the corrupt liberal democratic System that has kept us enslaved for a century finally tears itself apart. 

The coming reality will be one long battle to delegitimize and destroy the Trump presidency from the very same people and forces who have been trying to destroy the White race as a whole for three generations, and I’m hoping that their turning on Trump will provide a distraction and a breather for us, for our wee little Movement in general and for the Northwest Front in particular. That’s what I want to talk to you about this week, the NF and what we have to do now.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bill White On Donald Trump, Part Quatre

Some Thoughts On Trump 

I have been watching as Donald Trump assembles his cabinet, and like many people I have noticed the swamp-dwelling Republican stars who have been taking posts as rewards for their absolutely disloyalty to Trump throughout the election.  There is Reince Preibus, now White House Chief of Staff, who at least, did not denounce Trump while he was seeking office, and, there is Elaine Chao, wife of the doll from the movie Saw, Mitch McConnell, who has been given the Transportation Department. There is also the Jewish banker Steve Mnuchin in Treasury, and, of course the big distraction, the possibility that Mormon-Mason Mitt Romney will be handed the State Department. These kinds of picks leave many wondering what is going on.

But, I have noticed something else, which is the maneuvering Trump has been making with strategic promotion of members of opposing caucuses -- women like Nikki Haley, the White-hating Governor of South Carolina, and the Democratic Senator from North Dakota whom Trump has been wooing. Both of these people are being "promoted" out of positions into which harder core Trump loyalists, if not outright populists, will likely step -- the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina will take Haley's seat, and it is highly unlikely that another Democratic will win the U. S. Senate race in North Dakota.

What Trump seems to be doing is handing out bribes to the Republican Party by placing their officials into positions that require Senate confirmation, while allowing the hard-core Trump supporters who cannot get Senate confirmation to take executive-appointed posts like White House strategist or National Security Advisor.  He's then picking compromise candidates -- Republicans on the paleo-conservative fringe -- to take the most senior posts where he needs people who will defend him, like Attorney General, and it seems Department of Defense. (Though I question the wisdom of appointing one of the architects  the U.S. defeats in Iraq, and, Afghanistan, to that position in the deceit, and, conceit, that he was involved in "winning" those wars).

Trump has control of the presidency, but he does not have control of the government. The Congress is still in the hands of Republicans. And while a unified Republican Party needs only a majority to approve Trump's nominees, it only takes a handful of defectors in the Senate -- maybe 4 -- to block them, and, to block Trump's legislative program. 

Thus Trump cannot govern without making a deal with the Republicans, and this essentially means a coalition government in which lucrative cabinet posts like the Transportation secretariat that will be dishing out the infrastructure funds when Trump decides to build more roads, have to be handed out as bribes. Meanwhile, the people who represent what Trump thinks -- Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, and, the like -- are kept in places where they are not subject to legislative scrutiny.

It is thus interesting to watch as Trump perfects the art of the deal in forming a government.  One has to wonder how long this nationalist-Republican coalition government will last.  One is reminded of Joseph Stalin's rise to power in Russia on the backs of the Jewish Bolshevik revolution. At first, Stalin was forced to govern with the triumvirate of Trotsky, Kamenev, and Zinvoviev.  Within a few years, he had driven out first one, then the other, until a time came when all of the other factions had been liquidated and only Stalin remained.  Had the Judaic forces within his own government not assassinated them Stalin, who had risen at their allies, was ready to turn on them as a power bloc as well.

We can only hope that Trump has such a master plan in line. At the outset, nomination of Republicans might be necessary.  But they are necessary in the sense that Hitler had to govern with the Reichstag for a few months until some Jewish Communist set it on fire. Trump's goal for the 2018 elections needs to be to replace moderate and merely "conservative" Republicans in the Congress with populists, nationalists, and White activists. His promotion of enemies out of positions which he needs -- like flipping the Democratic Senate seat in North Dakota -- is a good start on this, as Trump needs to build such a bloc in the Congress, while keeping other factions divided, that he can ditch his Republican alliance, and, all of those that he has promoted beyond their abilities. For once someone like Nikki Haley is sitting as UN Ambassador she is in Trump's power, and is subject to being purged the moment that Trump can dispense with her;  he cannot do that while she sits as South Carolina's governor in some ugly Hindu parody of Reconstruction.

So despite some less than perfect picks for the moment, Trump may be working with a bigger strategy that will ultimately deliver to the American people what he was elected to do.  Trump's decision to immediately bring some jobs back to the United States, and his decision to go to the people and to speak to the people, and, to hold onto the people as a weapon to be used should the Judæo-occult establishment turn on him, is encouraging. And, the American people -- the White working people who elected Trump -- cannot expect the leader to move more quickly than circumstances permit. After all, it will be a long, hard, journey towards making America White again.