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More Bill White On Trump

[For the record here: I do not necessarily believe in, agree with, or endorse every word Bill White says as gospel. I reprint his material because I have been told not to and threatened by the dictatorship with violence if I do so. The dictatorship has decided that we are to be deprived of this man's presence among us, and he is to be silenced and forgotten, buried alive on the basis of perjury and fabricated evidence because (in my opinion) in 2008 he dared to be disrespectful to a chimpanzee. It is ironic that eight years later, the voters seem to have endorsed Bill White's stance on that.

They don't get to do that.

Hello all:

Some thoughts on strategy for White Nationalists in the wake of Trump's election:

The White Nationalist movement may be facing a very good time. This is not certain. The election of George W Bush, for instance, one might have thought was a good time for the government to ease up on White Nationalism. However, in actuality the Bush régime attempted to wipe out not only White Nationalism but his paleo-conservative enemies to the right within his own party. Obama, if anything, scaled back the phony "White supremacist" events and groups that the DOJ's Civil Rights Division and the FBI-JTTF set up during that period, at least until after the Roof shooting last year.

With Trump, the danger is that rag doll from the movie Saw, I mean Mitch McConnell and his gay mafia that controls the mainstream of the Republican Party, might seduce Trump into their clutches. Trump's choice of the New York politicians Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie as his ambassadors to neo-con media like Fox News somewhat raises these fears. However, I don't think that this will be the case.  Trump won based on a 70 percent margin among White working class voters, and about 62-63 percent of the White vote overall -- the 2-3 point margin shift that Romney was unable to achieve. He will retain his office by continuing policies that appeal to his White working class base. 

This means that Trump is unlikely to continue the government's attacks on White organizations and is likely to dismantle "counter-intelligence" programs like the FBI-JTTF's "Primitive Affliction." As these programs also targeted his campaign, at least in the early stages, Trump may even expose them and blow up the "White supremacist movement" as a government fiction of the past two decades.

Regardless, what Trump may give White Nationalism is something that we desperately need, if we can be sensible enough to use it: peace. In return, White Nationalism should give Trump the same thing. This would not be the time for White Nationalists to continue to attack the policies of the federal government, even though Trump will almost certainly not be radical enough and confrontational enough -- no matter how radical and confrontational he is -- for our tastes.  

The role of white nationalism under a Trump administration, if Trump keeps to his promises and attempts to pursue a White, working-class agenda and Trump also does not continue to misuse the internal security agencies to attack us, should be to act as a language for Trump's policies.  Our position should be to support and demand further extension of these policies, to educate the people, and to give the people an ideological basis to support further extension of what the government (we hope) is going to do.  

In support of this, we should identify enemies of Trump -- the mobs rioting in the street are doing a good job of helping us with that -- and we should frame the need to implement certain harsh measures as a support for the Trump government.  Our role should be comparable to that of Mao's Red Guard during the cultural revolution, helping the Great Leader identify and confront his enemies.

Within ourselves, this is the time to build institutions -- all of the things that no White nationalist group under disruption from the FBI and DOJ has ever taken the time to do. Charities, schools, community centers -- infrastructure, in other words -- needs to be built.  And they should be built in conjunction with an electoral strategy that supports allies of the Trump government.  This is also a time to enter existing societal institutions.  Assuming that Trump has the good sense to purge the government of the remnants of the Judæo--negro-homo-latino
gime that is on its way out, he will need people to fill those jobs.  Our people should consider volunteering for those;  one of our job qualifications will be a willingness to carry out whatever policies are needed to cleanse the corrupt social institutions of the old gime

What White Nationalists should avoid at all costs is any sort of terrorism or antisocial act that could derail Trump and prevent him from carrying out his promises. For instance, Trump will, presumably begin arresting and deporting the estimated 30 million non-White illegals in the country.  Many of these illegals will be taking their "legal" children and other family members with them. Thus, Trump should be starting the largest demographic shift away from "multi-culturalism" in the past century.  

Now, there are probably 120 million people in this country of all races that have to go, and only expelling 30 million of them plus another 5 or 6 million hangers-on barely gets things started.  But we do not confront the government over this inadequacy.  Instead we assist with it, recognizing that you eat the elephant one bite at a time.  

Once the illegals are gone, we should push for a revision to the Fourteenth Amendment, as Trump and others in the Republicans have proposed in order to strip away citizenship from all of those who have benefited from it over the past 150 years, and then to expel or resettle all of them as illegals as well.  

We should also begin pushing for an alteration to the First Amendment so as to specifically ban Judaism in any form. Yet all of these demands should be for government action -- not for any sort of unlawful or personal action. Now that someone who might use the power of the state to our advantage has the power of the state, we have no interest in undermining that state.

The best case scenario, one in which a George Soros-funded colored revolution refuses to accept the results of the election and takes to the streets in rioting seems to already be unfolding.  We can only hope that this not only continues but is escalated by these corrupt Judaic billionaires.  In response, we should push for the expropriation of the wealth of the Judæo-occult elite:  Soros, Adelman, and Zuckerberg immediately come to mind, though the wealth of every one of America's hundreds of Judæo-occult oligarchs should be subject to immediate nationalization and redistribution, if it is being used for antisocial ends.  

That Soros and company are willing to also use this for violent ends, and potentially a revolution against the United States, simply helps make the case for us. National Socialism was built in Germany on the cancellation of debts, the return of foreclosed real property, the redistribution of landed estates, and the confiscation of the wealth of both Judaic and foreign élites. National Socialism will be built in the United States on the same economic program, as well as a partial nationalization of major companies by the state, in conjunction with the mercantile caste.

The best case scenario is one in which elements of federal law enforcement and the military join the Soros mobs in rebellion against the legitimate authority represented by Trump. If Trump has to call out a civilian militia to defend his election, the old "democracy" of the Judæo-occult United States is over.  And if this happens, who will answer that call to defend the rightfully elected President? White nationalists, leading white workers -- the 210 million White Americans, less maybe 20 million who are ideologically committed to One World -- against the 110 million Jews and non-Whites who want to usurp the now legitimately elected government.

Be well all.  Just some thoughts.


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


Anonymous Barney said...

If White People were able to take over an entire government, the first thing to do, alongside debt cancellation, would be to declare all money the absolute property of The People for all time.

No more private bankers charging "rent" on OUR money. No more Federal Reserve. No more Bank (not) of England. No more stolen Rothschild/Rockefeller power.

No more TREASON against The People.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dream on sweet William, dream on.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:04 AM  

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