Friday, November 18, 2016

From The Orglet

[Excerpted from the Northwest Front internal organizational letter for November 2016] 

,,, Regarding the advent of the Trumpledor: I think the election of Donald Trump will result in the entire alt.right and White Nationalist movement getting something of a breather, from the governmnent itself at any rate. There is going to be so much hoopla and sound and fury as the result of November 8th that our illustrious secret police agencies will have far more on their plates than wasting time and resources engaging in their usual practice of fabricating bogus evidence and organizing prosecutions based on those fabrications, along with a generous dollop of perjury. The devil makes work for idle hands, but the hands of our lords and masters’ security services aren’t going to be as idle as they have been.

Not only is there going to be a lot more screaming in the streets from various left-loons jumping up and down and waving their wee little fisties in the air, along with all kinds of vandalism and property destruction and arson courtesy of that nice Mr. Soros, but for other reasons I think we will probably see an increase in actual, for-real crime as de niggaz and others among our dusky fellow citizens express their frustration with the changes a new Trump administration will inaugurate, pardon the pun.

True, our secret police traditionally don’t like dealing with actual crime. It’s messy and dangerous and tends to develop a life of its own. They prefer their own made-up versions, which they can control a lot better from their cubicles and which are much safer. No naughty boys shooting at them, as tends to happen when they go after Muslims, Mexican cartels, and other real criminals. But with the current zoo going on as the Democrats and liberals and media spazz out over Trump, the ramifications of Trump’s victory are going to be making real work for the secret police for some time.

Plus you can add to that the fact that there will soon be some new brooms in the absurdly-named Department of Justice to replace Barry’s mulattos, White Republican brooms, and they may have different priorities than shooting down elderly White men in the snow or fabricating audio clips wherein we allegedly hire hit men. Well, one hopes. Knock wood.

Who knows? The new DOJ may even want the FBI’s help in tracking down honest-to-God terrorists of the turban-wearing variety. Hey, it could happen.

This “breathing space” of ours, if it happens at all, may not last long and in any case it doesn’t apply to NGOs such as the SPLC and ADL, as well as assorted private internet stalkers, cognitive dissonance ops, lone Jewish cyber-vigilantes, simple lunatics, etc. They will always be with us. The SPLC just got several hundred alt.right Twitter accounts canceled, including about 25 of my own followers. As of the time of writing, I am still on Twitter, but maybe not tomorrow ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right I think we will be mostly be ignored at this point.We needed this breathing room and the DOJ has real work to do.

6:07 AM  

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