Monday, November 14, 2016

Bill White On The Trump Victory

Hello all:

Some more thoughts on Trump (insofar as my emails reach anyone;  they get approved to come back to me so infrequently.)

I have been listening to the Judaic liars on both the "right" (FOX) and the "left" (CNN) blathering about Trump's cabinet.  I remember how this went in 2000 when Bush picked a cabinet -- the Jews had already nominated Richard Perle for Secretary of Defense and Douglas Feith for Secretary of State, and so on and so on, before any actual picks got aired.  Of course, while these all got national security positions, none of them got cabinet posts.  I hear the same thing going on here -- the Jews pushing hard for Reince Preibus in the White House (is he a Roman? Where did he get than name from?) John Bolton as Secretary of State, etc.  All of this is distraction and noise.

Of all of the names proposed, the only two that concern me are Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani, both of whom I hold very low opinions of. Chris Christie is out. What I like is that I have heard almost no Judaic names suggested for any post -- we may have a non-Jewish Treasury Secretary for the first time in thirty or forty years, or so -- though two Judaic names, Mnuchin, and, Prinz, have been suggested here.  I also see that Ben Carson is to be the token, which is fine.  Park him in Education or something.  And with that, park Rudy Giuliani on the State Department's Kazakhstan desk, right next to Gingrich on Uzbekistan, and I think that things will be fine.   

However, a real problem is being exposed by this -- there is no pro-White bench for Donald Trump to draw from to fill positions in his government.  Now, I think, would be a good time for the suit-and-tie White activists to start building government experience. Maybe Kevin MacDonald as the liaison to the Judaic community, and David Duke as Director of Immigation and Customs Enforcement.  (MacDonald, BTW, won't publish me in Occidental Quarterly because he is afraid of the SPLC, and I haven't spoken to Duke in a decade, so, don't accuse me of holding personal grudges.  LOL.)

The other good side is that the anti-Trump riots are getting out of control. George Soros is paying his people to burn businesses, shoot people, attack Trump supporters at gas stations, etc -- and of course there is no effort by law enforcement to stop this. In fact, it would be impossible for these riots to be occurring if the FBI-JTTF and the DOJ officials who control them were not encouraging them. You will notice that absolutely no one is coming out in opposition to these rioting communists -- that is because there isn't $500 million in Soros money funding White nationalist street organizations. Instead, those groups are getting maybe $20 million a year from the FBI-JTTF for the privilege of being run by informants and perpetrating Judaic stereotypes.

So the government and its allies are putting mobs in the street and keeping anyone who might oppose them home. Yet the Judaic liars, who know what is going on, are taking to the TV to demand that Obama do something to quell the riots. Obama is causing the riots, idiots, and he is going to let the riots not only continue but build to the point where Trump inherits an unmanageable situaton. Why will Obama do this? Because being a smug, not very bright negro stooge, he does not understand that Trump, after taking office, can arm the people and suppress all of this in a moment.

Now, as to Trump. Trump himself would be a fool to do anything confrontational prior to actually taking office. When someone who has been pointing a gun at you is about to hand you their gun, you do not tell them that you are going to shoot them with it.  Instead, you say things like "it'll be okay," "you'll get a fair trial," "no one is going to hurt you."  Then when you get the gun you shoot them. So I would hope that Trump makes no public inflammatory comments prior to taking office and does nothing to give Obama an excuse not to hand the Presidency over to him.  

And BTW, a massive civil uprising could in the perverse minds of Jewish lawyers be reason to suspend the Constitution and not hand over the Presidency. And, if Obama did this -- what would anyone do about? Nothing. No one has done anything about the other criminal outrage of the Jewish cabal for the past century, and no one would do anything about it on their own.  Only a call from a recognized legitimate authority -- like Trump -- could possibly rise the people from their stupor.

Lastly, I hear these morons talking about political attacks as "hate crimes."  They never want to reduce Jewish authority.  They always want to engage in symbolic nothings to distract the people. Instead of doing the right thing and attacking the whole notion of hate crimes, the Jewish liars want to rile the people up to demand more laws.  

The problem with the people being attacked by the Soros colored revolutionaries is not that there are not laws effective to stop them. The problem is that the Obama regime is deliberately not enforcing the laws because it supports this violence, and in fact is organizing it.  However, if the Jews got on the TV and told the people the truth -- that Obama is an anti-white genocidalist who is trying overtime to leave office with the country in a state of rebellion -- the people might think they had to stop that.  So instead, they tell people that there aren't laws against, say, attacking Trump voters at random.

What has happened in the United States for the past three generations has been the destruction of the United States as a nation and its transformation into the latest incarnation of the Judaeo-occult One World Empire. This has to stop, and the people elected Trump to stop it. He may not know this. He may not be able to articulate this. But, this is what has happened.  And the evil forces of One World are not going to disappear quietly. This crisis is something that Trump will have to confront. Either he will become another Ronald Reagan -- a piece of human garbage who betrays his people while pretending to work for them -- or he will fight and defeat One World. 

We will have to see what happens.



Blogger Luek said...

Bill: Petition President Trump for a full pardon. It may work!

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

@Luek: We ALL should do that!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Kim Taylor said...

All this sounds like a chapter out of Nesta Webster's book "The French Revolution". Wherein she explains the role of Louis Philippe Duke of Orleans, a member of the masonic Jacobin Club and cousin and rival of Louis XVI along with his wealthy allies, who no doubt felt they would have much to gain if the king were removed and the Duke elevated to the throne. Posing as advocates of the common people these conspirators, according to Mrs. Webster's account, purchased all of the grain stores, withheld them, and created an artificial famine, which of course was blamed on the slow witted Louis XVI. At the same time "brigands" (Mrs. Webster's term, surely appropriate) primarily from the criminal underworld of Marseille were hired to create "mobs". Nothing new under the sun, it all sounds quite familiar doesn't it? The upside of that story ultimately was that the Duke and most of his collaborators, as well as the perpetrators of the reign of terror were themselves consumed in the terror they themselves had helped to unleash. Revolutions do indeed devour their own children. Lets hope that the same principle hold true for Soros and his accomplices.

6:54 PM  

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