Sunday, October 23, 2016

Waiting For The Shoe To Drop

I am going to do something now I never do, which is publish something from one of the Party's internal documents, specifically the NF Organizational Letter of Orglet #59 dated October 15th, 2016. Since like everybody else NF people seem to have brought everything in their lives to a halt while we wait to see who or what is going to win the horse race, I figured I'd spend almost the whole October issue in crystal ball gazing, which we all like so much. 

I would normally put out the Fall Building Campaign this month, but with what’s going on in the country and everybody staring at the election like a train wreck they can’t look away from, I think we need to wait and see what’s going to happen. For once that makes sense: we have an election going on that offers some actual significant possibility for genuine change in this country, although most likely not constructive change. The alternatives seem to be same-old same-old on one hand, and free fall on the other. But the fact is that the Trump vs. Hildebeest drama has captured the imagination of White people, and there’s no point in trying to move on to anything serious until we know what’s going to happen. 

If The Hildebeest Wins 

I still think that at this point in time, the most likely outcome is that the Lady of the Flies will “win,” if that is the word. My main rationale for that conviction is that I simply cannot see a genuine outsider like Donald Trump being allowed into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, at all, under any circumstances. He is a precent "they" cannot allow to be ser. "They" must do something to stop him.

The existing power élite is comprised of a worldwide billionaire’s club which is mostly White and male and devoid of soul, but which also now contains immensely powerful Jews like George Soros and non-Whites like Carlos Slim. They cannot allow Trump to happen. They have reached a consensus that the world will be globalized and mongrelized (except for their own tiny élite, of course) and they will do something to stop Trump—-unless their own grasp on power and the mechanisms of the Deep State has slipped to such a degree that they can no longer rig an election or arrange for an assassination, which will be an interesting development, if true.

I think the Hildebeest will “win” through the infamous Five F’s of the Democratic party—-Foreigners, Feminists, Faggots, Felons and Fraud. She will “win” by relying on the Democrats’ massive teeming numbers of blacks and illegals in the six or seven “battleground states” of the electoral college. It is an open secret that illegal aliens are unlawfully voting already in certain key states such as California, New York, Illinois, etc.

I might add that this is the last election where Texas is expected to show as a red state, due to the influx across the now-open southern border. With the other top four electoral college states in the hands of Democrats as the White retirees of Florida die out, this effectively means a one-party régime, at least on the federal level, and no White heterosexual male will ever sit in the Oval Office ever again. In coming elections the system will be so rigged and the White vote so outnumbered and attenuated everywhere it counts that any hope of any recovery of government by any kind of outsider, Trump-ish or not, will be over. You all need to wrap your minds around something: Hillary on November 8th is forever.

If the Hildebeest “wins” then several things will almost certainly happen, and happen quickly.

The left-loons, I believe, will immediately take action to silence the alt.right as well as all opposition on the internet and in electronic media. I know that even as powerful as they are, it will be impossible for even them ever to drive all dissent completely off the internet. The objective will be to re-establish their level of control of more or less all public electronic media as it existed in 2008, when Barry was first immaculated, and before it got so badly out of control due to DJT charging all over the political landscape like a bull in a china shop. In other words, the Hillarian régime will seek to confine us once again to a few small and obscure spaces with audiences that can be counted on the fingers, where no one will hear us as they have during the Trump episode.

This campaign against dissent will include:

*The cancellation of hundreds if not thousands of pro-Trump and anti-Hillary Twitter accounts and the banning from social media of a number of people, possibly including myself, if they think I’m important enough;

*A full-court press offensive against dissident websites such as Infowars and Breitbart and Daily Stormer, combining both legal and regulatory assaults by the FCC, IRS, etc. with a view toward shutting those sites down;

*A major attack by the FCC to silence the Matt Drudge Report by forcing Drudge to pay “royalties” to the sites he links to (this avenue of attack on Drudge has been attempted in the past);

*A reinstatement of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.” Prior to 1987 this policy prevented talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, the neo-con Jews Michael Medved and Michael Savage, and the lunatic Glenn Beck from syndicating and breaking out of local markets at WHIX in Hawg Waller, Tennessee, etc. Whatever you may think of Drudge and Limbaugh and Alex Jones and Breitbart—-and I am aware of their problematic qualities; there is no perfection to be found anywhere in the modern Movement—-they have their uses, and the loss of this genuine mass media will be a serious setback.

*One of the e-mails the Beest sent to her aide John Podesta, and which was leaked by Wikileaks this week, indicates that the she is considering an “executive order on guns” in order to do an end run around the Second Amendment. It is not clear from the leaked e-mail exactly what this “end run” would consist of; my guess is she would at least attempt to set up a nationwide database of who owns what guns, by serial number, which would include some kind of mandatory address on the physical location of each weapon. No kind of effective gun seizure program could be instituted unless the dictatorship first knows who has what guns, and where.

*The enforced establishment of a single-payer health care system to replace the hideous shambles of Obamacare. This may simply consist of putting everybody on Medicare, or they may erect a British NHS-style edifice from the ground up. Either way, all of you guys will come to know the joy I have been experiencing for the past several years of getting my health care from a massive federal bureaucracy.

Eventually this will also entail the seizure of roughly one-sixth of the American national economy by the federal government, the largest transfer of wealth in human history. It will lead to the creation of an intrusive bureaucratic, administrative and economic juggernaut which will devour the land and force its way into all our lives in one way or the other. Just as the National Health Service in the U.K. has always been the staunchest and most powerful support of Labour governments, the more left-wing the better, here in the U.S. the new socialized medical establishment will become the thin edge of the wedge which will allow the dictatorship to enter every home and workplace, make policy and give orders as to how we must all live our lives. All in the name of public health, of course.

First on the Hillary/Soros agenda, all those nasty fossil fuels and right-wing oil companies who support Republicans will have to go, of course—can’t have all those nasty fumes poisoning the air and causing global warming. (The new Democratic national healthcare colossus will work hand in glove with the monstrous, fraudulent behemoth of climate change in order to create the Great Nanny State which controls everything for everybody from cradle to grave, an abomination which will make socialist Britain and Sweden look benign by comparison. But we must be saved from ourselves, n’est-ce pas?)

And that in turn means all these private automobiles will have to go—-their emissions cause climate change, and besides, private cars are racist. White people use them to escape from diversity to the suburbs and exurbs, and to avoid riding public transportation where they will be forced into personal, physical contact with all the wonderful minorities in enclosed spaces with no escape if the animal becomes aggressive. (This is in fact true, of course.)

*Guns will have to go, of course, although this project will take a while and probably outlast Hillary’s time. But thanks to Ammon and Ryan Bundy, the dictator’s servants know that we’ll wave guns in the air and talk shit, but none of us will actually point a weapon and pull the trigger and fire a single shot in our defense—-and so they know for certain they’re safe and the process can begin. I don’t think they were quite sure before the Oregon clown show. Probably this process will be kicked off with that national gun database I mentioned above, instituted with the stroke of a dictator’s pen.

*The last vestige of the southern border of the United States will be dismantled, and the Border Patrol will either be disbanded or assigned to other duties, like running shelters and welcome centers for the invaders along the old border and giving them lifts into the interior. What Obama did unofficially, the Hildebeest will formalize. America will follow Germany, Sweden, and Great Britain as a nation without borders existing as anything other than a geographic description of longitude and latitude.

*Finally, I believe the first Hillary Clinton administration will see a full-court press begin on something else that Barry Soetoro started, but which for some years has gotten surprisingly little coverage in “our” media, and none at all in the MSM: “open housing” so that “no child’s future will be limited by his zip code.” (Their own slogan.) Basically, the end of White suburbs and neighborhoods, not only to bring the joys of “diversity” to us all but to break up Republican voting districts.

Back during the summer it leaked to the media that the central government was threatening to withhold federal money, to which state and local governments are addicted like crack cocaine, from about 1200 metropolitan suburb and larger towns around the country. This threat was directed against zoning ordinances prohibiting the construction of multi-unit housing in neighborhoods zoned for single-family dwellings, i.e. what used to be White people’s houses.

In other words, the régime intends to begin erecting “affordable housing units”, i.e. projects, for niggaz and beanerz and other Third World New Democrats, smack dab in the Whitest suburbs and towns they can find. The final stage of integration will begin under Hillary Clinton, the forced insertion of niggaz into every neighborhood so us honkies can’t get into any mischief without some brothuhs around to keep us frightened and cowed. They’ve already begun this process in certain major city suburbs, rolling in and “block-busting” with low-income apartment blocks assigned to blacks and immigrants, but this process still accomplishes not integration and “di-voice-i-tay” but only more White flight. White people still will not voluntarily live around blacks and browns. The program will need major expansion to destroy safe spaces where White people can flee to. 

What If Trump Wins? 

I still think it’s going to be the Beest in November—-but I could be wrong. It could well be that the empowered élite really has slipped to the point where they can no longer rig an election, at least not on a national scale, or arrange for some strange little man at the right time and place to do the old Arthur Bremer trick and step out of the crowd with a pistol in his hand. Or something could come out about the Sea Hag in the next batch of Wiki-leaked e-mails that is so horrific that it makes even the present power structure realize that a Hillary Clinton presidency simply won’t wash. Or aliens land on the White House lawn and proclaim Trump president. Or whatever. Anyway, let’s assume for the sake of argument that on the morning of November 9th we wake up to a miracle.

If that epochal event, the overthrow of this system by an outsider—-any outsider—-really does take place, then I will have a lot to say. I promise you I will unlimber my rhetorical A game for that, and sure a right pleasure it will be. But what are the practical implications of a November Miracle? What will actually happen if DJT wins? I mean, really? I have always said “The trouble with Donald Trump for president is that we don’t know what we’re getting. The trouble with Hillary Clinton is that we do.” Once the Hildebeest is gone, we’re stuck with The Donald.

The first thing I think I can assert without too much fear of contradiction is that the Democrats and civil rights industry and the Salonistas and all the putrid panopoly of political correctness will not take it lying down. I will give liberal left-loons one thing: they are as persistent as leeches. Unlike us, liberals never give up. When we win one, we congratulate ourselves on a job well done, kick off our shoes and flop down on the sofa, crack the top on a cold one, and pick up the remote to see what’s on the Toob. When left-loons lose one, they immediately begin circling around like sharks, looking to attack, re-visit and revive the issue again from another angle, and then another until they get what they want. In this case what they will want is no Donald Trump in the White House, and they won’t give up until they get it.

The power structure may attempt some kind of immediate impeachment proceeding, and with all the Republicans in Congress who hate Trump’s guts, it is likely they could get bipartisan support for such a move, possibly even under the present Congress before Trump takes office in January. What charges they would bring, or how that would work, I won’t speculate. You’d think they’d at least wait a couple of years to try and catch Trump doing something really illegal or unconstitutional, and given his 13-year-old personality in a 70-year-old body they might could do that, but I don’t think the inside élite wants to risk letting Trump have so much as a day behind that desk in the White House.

And maybe they’re right. There is a distinct risk of out of the frying pan and into the fire here. Maybe if the power structure can in fact find some way to see off Trump after (let me repeat dat!) only after he has seen off Hillary and removed the threat she poses to all humanity, then maybe we shouldn’t be too exercised over it. This guy may see himself as a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt, but when he gets in that Oval Office he’s going to be more like a kid on a sugar rush. Remember, if and when Trump can dispose of the threat of a Hillary Clinton presidency and break the two-party system for good, he will have served his turn in history. All praise be to him for that, for eternity. But that will still leave him at least four years in office to play with all his new toys.

Those will include a lot of lovely GI Joes and action figures with real guns and a lot of nifty stuff that goes bang and boom and KA-BLOOEY! And I’m worried the Donald will want to play with his new toys the minute he gets into office, like leaping into a war with Russia, or at least some ill-considered third (or fourth, or fifth) return to Iraq, this time to clean up the ISIS mess Hillary and Barry and Jug-Ears before them created.

Look, this we don’t need right now. What we need frankly is at least a few more years of stability so we, the Movement, the alt.right, whatever you want to call “us,” can finally get our act together. Because right now, no way in hell is the NF or anybody else in any shape to take advantage of a for-real window of opportunity.

Yes, I am familiar with history and I know about how revolution springs from war, but I confess that I have just enough residual patriotism, and unlike most I have experienced just enough of the real thing, so that what I want to see is change, not Mad Max-style catastrophe. When your home has rats and termites and bedbugs and ants and rattlesnakes nesting in the basement, you bring in an exterminator. You don’t burn the whole house to the ground.

Harold A. Covington 


Blogger Billy Roper said...

Nice article, as always, but I respectfully disagree with your final thought. Burn it down.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Cynthia said...

While I agree that "revolution" is not to be desired, The Powers That Be will not cede that power willingly. Burn it down NOW before there are too few of us left to mount a resistance.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Until Bill White is released from prison, the white race has no chance.

I am firmly convinced he is our last hope.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Hammerheart said...

Sir, I hope this isn't misunderstood. It's not that I enthusiastically embrace the Mad Max scenario. Whether it's from a political science POV, a spiritual one, or an evolutionary psychology one, I seriously wonder if any alternative to "burn it down" exists. For various reasons (along the lines of 'this is the way Nature works') I have a dark foreboding that may be the case.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Steved D said...

The problem Harold is the structural damage to the said home is too great and must be demolished, then rebuilt entirely.

I vote burn it down too.

9:58 AM  

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