Saturday, October 29, 2016

Soros Responsible For European Genocide

by Bill White

Jewish billionaire George Soros has announced in the Wall Street Journal that he will be paying out $500 million dollars to bribe Europe’s corrupt leaders into opening their nations’ borders to waves of non-White immigrants stirred up by Zionist wars, and, will then be keeping a piece of whatever the money is invested into to boot. In his wake are following a horde of Judæo-occult organizations pushing out lies trying to justify the destruction of Europe’s culture-organisms and the transformation of Europe into a third world hellhole akin to the United States, South Africa, or, Rhodesia.

In Hungary, out of a population of 10 million, a mere 350,000 have emigrated over the past twelve years to other nations in Europe.  Described as “skilled and educated,” the Judæo-occult media is portraying this minor departure as a horror, a deep threat to the Hungarian economy, which it is said lacks waiters, agricultural workers and unskilled factory labor. This non sequitur, i.e. the obvious lack of relationship between the departure of skilled workers and a supposed lack of people willing to work at unskilled jobs, is obscured by the screeching of the Judaic hysterics, all of whom are saying that only a horde of unskilled, low-IQ, Africans can “solve” this supposed problem.

This kind of lie, the lie that labor is too expensive or that immigration is “needed,” is the same argument that Jews used to justify slavery, not only in the Americas in the 16th to 19th centuries, but also in Europe from time immemorial. As early as the 9th century AD, at the court of Louis I, Jews were saying that there was a lack of agricultural labor in southern
France, mandating the need for a slave trade to “correct” the supposed problem.  Similarly, a supposed lack of labor was used to justify the importation of both Africans and enslaved Whites into American colonies from the Spanish Caribbean to the American South.

The goal of this modern One Worldist movement is no different now than it was then. The intent is to create a global state that will plunge all of humanity into global slavery, once all human communities and nations have become so fractured and fragmented that they cannot organize to resist. 
Europe is a particular target because Judæo-occultists view the White race as a particular object of hatred, an obstacle because it is more intelligent and less manipulable than the other peoples of the planet.

Thus, the intent of the current wave of immigration into
Europe is explicitly to foment crime, particular violent crime, against White people who, for too long in Judaic eyes, have been able to live peacefully amongst each other in harmony with a natural order. In both Sweden and Germany, two countries whose leaders have defied their own people by allowing this mass of unwanted humanity to wash over them, gang rapes and random murder of the native inhabitants of those countries at the hands of dark uncivilized peoples have become commonplace. In time, if this situation continues, there will soon be United States-style riots against the rightful inhabitants of those nations, followed by a South African-style usurpation and a culmination in Rhodesian-style genocide.

Hungary, the illiberal government of Viktor Orban is doing exactly what it is supposed to, and for that reason it, like the Law And Justice Party government of Poland, is coming under particular fire from Judæo-occult elements in the European Union. Orban has built a Donald Trump-style wall along Hungary’s southern border, and, is only allowing 30 non-White migrants to enter the country a day, and those only on the condition that they promptly transit to some other nation. Orban has called a referendum on defying the EU’s demand that he allow non-Whites to settle in his nation, and according to polls, it will pass with more than 61% popular support.

Hungary’s position is not stopping it from receiving migrants.  To the contrary, Hungary, unlike other nations, is seeing an inflow of White German migrants who are refugees from the migrant policy of Angela Merkel.  Unlike the unskilled Africans who want to come to rape and plunder, the Germans settling in Hungary are skilled laborers, hard workers, and, refuse to become drains on the nations’ social support systems.

While Judæo-occult powers point to the current popular resistance forming in certain European nations against their globalist agenda of hatred, one must also remember that segregation was once popular in the
United States, and yet it did nothing to solve the problem of a hostile, alien, and, unproductive minority in a White nation’s midst.  Populist resistance to the immigrant hordes is not sufficient;  only the expulsion of all of the non-White migrants being driven into Europe
by George Soros’ manipulations and money can restore the peace and tranquility which White Europeans once enjoyed. 


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