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HAC On Hildebeestian Victory

[From Radio Free Northwest #352, October 13th 2016]

Okay, we now have four Radio Free Northwest podcasts remaining before the election, and I suppose we need to start preparing for the likely results so that whatever happens we won’t just be staring and going “uh uh uh” or running around like chickens with our heads cut off. 

Some of you have asked me about the final Ghost Dance Part 3. I’m holding off on that one until we do know the result of the election, because I want to assess what I say in that last and most important segment very carefully and shape it to the reality White people will be facing after November 8th. 

Believe it or not, there are more than two scenarios i.e. either Trump wins or the Hildebeest wins. Okay, those are the baseline two, but stemming from each of those events there are several possible or at least feasible subsequent developments which might occur, that would take us all in some really weird and interesting directions. 

Now, first off: I suppose it’s possible that there is a best-case scenario. I suppose it’s possible that Donald Trump could be elected president on November 8th; that the Democrats and left-loons will either accept the verdict of history or just go running off screaming hysterically into the wasteland of the internet, their arms waving like windmills; that the Hildebeest herself will go insane at having her lifelong ambition thwarted, or otherwise self-destruct and remove herself from the world stage—hell that’s actually pretty likely if Trump wins. 

And it may turn out that Trump himself grows into the job, makes a good faith effort to live up to his campaign promises, manages to get us out of these endless Middle East wars and restore some form of free enterprise prosperity, with jobs, and manages significantly to reduce the sea of brown faces and the gabble of foreign languages in the Wal-Marts and lets the police go upside the heads of #BlackLivesMatter and make them shut their flapping bubble lips.  

Maybe that will happen. I hope so. As I live and breathe, I hope so. I’ve told you before, guys, I don’t care about what I said in my Northwest novels about President Hillary. I would rather they all become obsolete than turn that monster loose on what’s left of America. 

But we need to understand even as we continue to battle for these last three weeks that it’s not likely to happen. Bluntly put, there are just too many of them now. Obama let them in and the past 70 years of liberalism have created them in teeming numbers. They are voting illegally, many of them, no one will do anything about it, and they’re in all the wrong places for electoral college purposes. 

Why do you think the government has been busing massive numbers of illegal aliens inland from the border and relocating them en masse into key areas where their votes are needed, breaking up remaining large White enclaves like Minnesota and Maine and Iowa and Idaho? This isn’t just Obama, this has been going on for a long time. It began under the Clintons themselves during their first reign, with the mass swearing-in of hundreds of thousands of poorly-vetted illegals in 1996 under the Citizenship USA project. Now we know why. 

Let’s take the most likely November scenario first, although there are several variations on each one. I’ll try to look at all of them. What if the Hildebeest wins and is proclaimed queen? No kidding, guys, we need to be ready for that. I won’t re-hash all my reasons why I think this is the most likely prospect, and despite what I just said. I certainly am not trying to spread alarm and despondency or demoralization.

By all means, vote for Trump and work for him. Washington votes by mail and I’m returning my ballot as soon as I get it with only the one box ticked for Trump. I heckle left-loons and RINOs every day like a good social injustice warrior, plus my other internet stuff, and if I had the resources to do anything else I’d do it. Make sure you cast your vote for Donald Trump; it may well be the last one you ever cast.

But guys, come on. We need to work out a sort of moral and emotional contingency plan in case it goes sideways on November the 8th. So okay, let’s say for the sake of argument that it’s now the night of November the 8th, about nine o’clock night Eastern time, and Fox News, which is probably the channel most of us will be watching, has just called the election for Hillary Clinton. What are you going to do?

I will first tell you what not to do. Do not curl up into a little ball and whimper. Do not collapse into a chair moaning and sobbing and wringing your hands. The first order of business once Fox News calls it for Hillary on that night in November is not to collapse and give in to despondency and despair and total depression.

That can kill you, literally. If and when Hillary wins I am expecting a wave of White suicides all across the country. Don’t be one of them. Don’t take the coward’s way out. No, really, guys. I have heard from a lot of you who have drunk the Trump kool-aid and drunk it deep, to the point where I’m worried about some of you. If and when Fox News calls it for Hillary do not, do not do anything bloody stupid.

I need to warn you right now that the howling screams and bellows of bestial triumph from the liberal news media and the left-loon web sites like Salon and Hufflepuff with be nothing short of Satanic. I advise you strongly not to look at them; it will simply drive you into the kind of homicidal rage wherein you are likely to lose control and do something really stupid and suicidal. We are not Muslims and we don’t use suicide bombers, or shooters.

My advice once that happens is that you completely swear off internet news and cable news if you have TV. For at least a month. I mean really. I won’t tell you not to turn on your computers or TVs at all, because realistically very few of us have the discipline to do that. But I recommend that you stay away from certain web sites and channels. You will simply be reading and watching things that will send you into a rage and there will be nothing you can do about it that does not involve self-destruction one way or another. Stick with Radio Free Northwest and other racial sites; that will be bad enough, but we’ll tell you what you need to know without driving you batshit crazy. At least I hope we will.

I suspect the first result of Hillary Clinton’s election will be a serious assault on the internet access of the so-called alt.right, possibly through mass cancellation of hundreds of Twitter and Facebook accounts, possibly through this ICANN deal that just went into effect. Whatever you may think of it the alt.right gave these bastards a bad scare, and we know how left-loons and Jews react when they’ve been given a bad scare. The word Nuremberg springs to mind.

I also suspect that Donald Trump himself will be in physical danger of indictment and prison, something financial to do with his foundation, no doubt. They won’t let him get away with frightening them like that.

There are a couple of things you need to know about Hillary. First off, this health problem of hers seems to be genuine, even though nobody seems to know exactly what it is. This vice president guy of hers Kaine is in the pocket of the banks even more so than Obama and the Lady of the Flies herself, if that’s possible. By 2020 it will be impossible to turf the Democrats out because we will be totally outnumbered and gerrymandered due to open borders, the browns coming in now will all have the vote, and the Democrats won’t even have to cheat any more. This election in three weeks is the last chance we have to de-rail the coming one party state lawfully, using the present system.

What will almost certainly be the case is that Hillary’s so-called victory will be the result of one or more acts of open and blatant election fraud, most likely in one of the so-called battleground states key to the electoral college like Ohio or Pennsylvania or maybe Michigan, which will be exposed by various media right and left on the internet if nowhere else to the extent that it will be clear to everyone that she won by cheating, that the system is indeed rigged as Donald Trump has said.

Most likely what Trump will do is go running to the courts, where he will lose—no amount of money will be able to buy the presidency from the present judicial system, it’s simply too corrupt. It is possible that Trump might attempt actual resistance, as I’ve said, but I still think it unlikely.

What we need to prepare for as a whole is a long struggle completely to de-legitimize the Hillary Clinton presidency and the Democratic party. We tried this with Obama, with some limited success, but this time we will have a blatantly fraudulent election that put into power a monster who is clearly presiding over the total dissolution of the country, to the point where it is possible—just barely possible—that some bona fide resistance might begin.

The Northwest Front will of course spearhead that resistance and make sure that the cornerstone is the creation of a White ethnostate here in the Pacific Northwest when the present régime finally collapses. If Hillary assumes the crown then seriously, guys, I can’t see the country surviving in any recognizable form for another eight years.

Guys, I know Halloween isn’t for another two weeks or so, but I’m going to jump the gun here and play for you the famous, or infamous Danse Macabre by Camillie St. Saens. The Dance of Death. I can think of no more appropriate theme music for the presidency of Hillary Clinton.


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I find that picture above disturbing every time I see it because I know that it accurately depicts those two psychopaths. And the kikes want to give that monstrous bitch control over the nuclear codes!

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