Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ghost Dance #2 - A Fearless And Searching Moral Inventory

My name is Harold Covington, and this is the second in a series of audio commentaries which I have entitled the Ghost Dance.

I think I loaded Part One up with enough ritual disclaimers about how I’m not advocating but observing, to keep my ass covered by what tattered and threadbare shreds remain of the Constitutional freedom of thought and conscience, but we’ll see how that plays out. Hopefully the recent spate of for-real Islamic terror attacks in this country will mean the secret police and U.S. Attorneys have better things to do than listen to my podcasts seeking to do me harm because my mind is not properly under control.

I chose that name after a superstition that the American Indians of the late 19th century had that they could perform a huge act of ritual magic, a mighty Ghost Dance around hundreds of fires, that would summon the spirits of their mighty warrior ancestors and magically bring them back to life, when they would return to earth full armed and fight the White man and destroy him in order to save their sickly and demoralized remnant.

In the same way, we White people today are facing an existential threat of genocidal extermination, largely through the abolition of national borders and uncontrolled immigration but also culturally, economically, and politically at the hands of Jews such as George Soros and depraved monsters such as Hillary Clinton. Like the Indians, we are responding to this imminent threat with our own version of the Ghost Dance, where we resist the physical invasion of our ancestral homelands in Europe and North America with words but not physical action of any kind, legal or otherwise. By posting pictures of guns and Vikings and historic emblems to the internet, as if millions of black and brown bodies can be repelled and returned whence they came with pictures.

In doing so, we too are summoning the spirits of our warrior ancestors, in the case of the Third Reich ancestors just barely out of living memory, to do our fighting for us, so that we ourselves will not have to undergo the terror and fury and the danger of actual combat against enemies who want us dead and who might hurt us and interfere with our pleasures in life.

We do this in our weakness and our fear, so that we can pass off this terrible historic task of defending our homes and our children and our very existence with all the risk, inconvenience, and physical effort that entails, onto somebody else. Anyone else.

We desperately, passionately long for a Man On A White Horse to ride to our rescue, possibly with an affinity of White heroes behind him, and do for us all the heavy lifting and the wet work that has now become the only way in which this horrible mess can be fixed.

Right now as I speak these words, the someone we have chosen to mount on that White Horse is Donald J. Trump, and the fact that Trump is the best we have been able to come up with speaks more volumes about the degree to which the White man has degraded and deteriorated than I ever could. I’ll not speak of Trump today because this is still late September, and events have yet to unfold; in less than 50 days we will know how that’s going to turn out.

I have made it clear that aside from deep reservations about his character and his intentions, I have only limited expectations of electoral success for Mr. Trump, and in any event it is a matter of urgency that we prepare ourselves spiritually for what will come, one way or another—for the time when we really, really have to stop screwing around and do something about all this. Either Trump will lose or be murdered and a ravening Hildebeest will descend on the White House screeching like a harpie for revenge against all who have displeased her, which now includes the alt.right, or else Trump will win and that in turn will bring on its own form of crisis. Either way it’s getting closer and closer us every day.

We who have been in the White Nationalist movement for a long time are acutely aware that our problem has never been the Jews or the niggers or the queers or immigration or the Federal Reserve or George Soros or the media or the yea-saying leeches in Congress, or even the government itself.

All these evils have occurred or been inflicted on us because we have allowed it. The problem is us, White people, both men and women, who have become weak, cowardly, lazy as sin, sluggish in thought and living, confused and infantile. White men and women have equally fallen prey to the Judaic rot of the past hundred years, although in different ways, and both White males and females are now pretty much broken and useless.

Although not all. There are enough exceptions or potential exceptions to this, so that it would still be possible to create a fighting Party of White Revolution like great-grand-dad used to make and reverse the destruction of our people. Indeed, one of the most tragic and grief-inspiring bits of knowledge that we who are racially conscious live with, is the awareness of the fact that up until the eleventh hour, the 59th minute, and the 59th second it will still be possible for White people to pull this horror out of the fire and save ourselves.

We are Aryans.  We can accomplish anything we as a people decide we want to do. It is not a matter of whether we can win; that has always been on the cards. It is a question of whether we will win. Whether we will make the effort to win.

I lose sleep at night worrying that we might decide it’s not worth the effort and we would prefer a few more video games and twelve-packs. I very much fear that one day we will perish from the face of the earth, and if extinct species have such things as cosmic headstones, then ours will read, “Here lies the White Race. They just couldn’t be bothered.” Or perhaps, “Here lies the White Race. They preferred the beer.”

Right now we have on the table one plan for survival, the Northwest Imperative. It’s a good plan, it’s do-able, and with a little care and deftness of application it can be done without reducing us all to Mad Max chaos. I’ve spent the past 16 years laying out that program, and if just the people who are listening to my voice now would give me what I need, i.e. a small amount of money each and your own physical presence here in the Homeland, assuming we grow up and tackle this problem like serious adults we could probably have our own free and independent country in five to ten years, although there are a lot of variables there. That’s about how long it took most African and Asian colonies to separate from European colonial powers once a bona fide liberation movement started.

We could most of us live to see the true Brave New World. But I can’t get any of you interested. Why the hell not? Everything we need by way of preparation is done already, just waiting on the bucks and the bodies. The time has come to take this idea out of the realm of words and into the world of deeds, and that’s where we always, always fall down, when the time comes to stop talking and stop tapping and start moving down the road at a speed of knots.

To paraphrase an old movie I saw once, “The White Race is going to disappear from the earth. It is going to fall into a chasm; the chasm between what is said and what is done.”

Why? For the umpteen thousandth time I ask myself, what in the name of God is wrong with us? How is it possible for us to live like this, every day witnessing deeds and events that sicken our very souls and whose meaning and implications at least some of us fully comprehend, and yet we do nothing?

Please believe that I would overcome that obstacle for you, if I could. But I can’t. There is no Man On A White Horse. There will be no Mother Ship descending to load us all on board and take us all away to a new home in the sun. It doesn’t work like that. You, yes, you have to play the game, you have to play to win, and you have to put something on the table. I must somehow find the words to smash down the walls that have been built in your mind and in your soul, and persuade you to do it yourselves.

Right, where do I begin? Well, let’s begin with saying that by the very fact that you are listening to this podcast at all, you are salvageable. If you were a hopeless case you really would be living in the stereotype Wayne’s World of Obama’s Amurrica where Whiteboys are supposed to be living, and you’d be sitting in your Mom’s basement or working your shitjob for 60 hours a week and living on Domino’s Pizza and internet porn and maybe one or two silly hobbies like Pokemon hunting or whatever it is, and you wouldn’t even know the Party exists.

There are millions of our people out there who do not know that the Party or the Northwest Imperative exist, and somehow we have got to change that, but you have taken the first step. You got here and you’re listening. We can build on that.

Have you ever heard the expression from an old television show, “There are seven million stories in the Naked City?” Well, there are two hundred million stories in White America. Each one is different and many of them are tragic and horrifying. I know because I’ve gone through some of them myself. Whether you’re young or middle-aged or old, I have a pretty good idea of what you’re going through because I guarantee I have myself either experienced or watched others go through some form of it.

Most of you are still at least trying to make it in this cesspool called Amurrica. You’re trying to play by the rules, but more and more you’re getting sick of it, because you have now reached a sufficient level of knowledge so that you know Amurrica has nothing for you and it ain’t gonna get any better. Not ever.

Unless, of course, we forcibly compel the people who control the world to stop doing what they’re doing. When I speak of direct action, that’s what I’m talking about. Not necessarily violence and things going boom in the night. I’m saying that in some way or other, we have to make them stop and make sure they can’t ever do it to us again. The only way to do that is to create our own sovereign and independent nation here in North America as a Homeland for all White people the world over, so that the White man will have someplace to go. Right now there’s nowhere.

20 years ago when the internet first appeared, we in the White Nationalist movement were over the moon because we thought at long last here is a weapon we can use against them, something that will level the playing field media and propaganda-wise, something that will make them stop doing these horrible things they’re doing like forcing Hillary Clinton on us. 20 years later we still entertain that notion, that somehow we can tap tap tap our woes away on a keyboard or use our thumbs on the screen of a smart phone. But we’re wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, web sites and blogs and Twitter and Facebook have proven invaluable, but they’re just not enough.  This cannot be done on the internet alone. In order to make them stop, actual people have to really do things, out in the real world. Things that involve risk and inconvenience. I’m sorry, guys, there just isn’t any way around it. Not the internet or any other way, and you can’t just sit there like you’ve been doing and wait for somebody else to do it.

Let’s get back to you guys who are listening to me now. I say again, you’re salvageable because you now know what the solution is. The Northwest Imperative and a free White Homeland in our own land. It’s just a matter of me somehow persuading you actually to do it.

You know what I want from you. Nothing illegal or physically dangerous as yet, just two legal forms of activism, the payment of a small amount of money on a regular basis which you can easily afford, and you personal Homecoming to make your life here in the land where God and destiny decree you need to be, which involves some initial inconvenience, to be sure, but which is personally beneficial in the long run because it gets you away from the teeming hordes of baboons who want to sink their teeth into your flesh.

So, Whiteboy, how’s life treating you in this year of our Lord 2016? Is Obama’s Amurrica living up to its promise? How much money do you still owe on your student loan? What kind of shambles, what kind of train wreck has your life turned into due to some aspect of the putrid cadaver whose intestines we inhabit?

Let’s assume you’re not among the 95 million and you actually have a job. Congratulatons. How do you like the 60-hour Obama work week? That’s pretty much normal for White working people these days, either mandatory overtime, or overtime you have to have if you’re going to put any weight at all on that paycheck enough to pay your rent or your mortgage or keep your car on the road.

Or else you effectively work 60 hours a week because of the daily travel time necessary to get to work and home again, because there’s no safe or affordable housing near your job. The areas around your workplace are either full of six-figure yuppies and élitists, because you’ve been gentrified out of the place where you were born, like San Francisco and my own home town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, or else the locale around your place of employment is full of violent, drug-sodden niggers or sullen gabbling foreigners. Public transportation is either absent or too unsafe to use, and you have get up at five in the morning to drive ninety minutes each way through murderous traffic, possible on a jam-packed freeway filled with the cars of other White people who don’t dare take the train into town because they will be assaulted or otherwise victimized by people with dark skins.

Assuming you are able to hang on to this job of yours for any length of time, and that’s a big assumption, I’m sure you’re looking forward to living like this for years and never seeing your family by daylight during the winter months.

Ah, but what family? Do you have one? How old are you? 23? 28? 32? Have you been able to start one yet? Have you been able to start your life yet? Or are you still delivering pizzas and working temporary construction jobs or doing white collar office temping?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who is allowed any contact at all with women of our own race, you have a feminist girl friend who grew up on Oprah and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whom you allow to boss you around and dominate the relationship because that’s what liberal society has conditioned you to do, in exchange for occasional, mostly unsatisfactory sex. Bet that does wonders for your self-esteem, but oh, wait for divorce time!

If you were unlucky you will at some point  have married said bimbo and she has either taken your children and stripped you clean like a piranha through her attorney, or else she’s about to do so, and you’re not legally allowed to visit your own home any more, so you’re living in a furnished one-bedroom with peeling wallpaper and trying to survive on the $60 a week left over from your paycheck after you finish paying for the home and family you’ll never see again. In other words, you are living the American White male experience in all its grungey glory.

Or some other variation thereon. Maybe you’re the wicked racist brother who got stuck in the home town, delegated by the rest of the family to care for the old folks because your liberal yuppie siblings and cousins conformed to the liberal progressive ideal and made contacts with the ruling Democratic party for government jobs.

While you resisted in some way, and therefore they have real lives with all the nice things and good stuff and can’t be bothered, but you lost your job and can’t get another one because you had some stupid childish brush with the goddamned law, probably doing something that wasn’t even a crime 50 years ago, or because you said nigger once and got blacklisted from employment so you have no chance of ever making it, and really deserve to be punished for your entire life but the others pay you to take care of Mom and/or Dad so they don’t have to put themselves out.

Yeah, I’ve heard that one. More than once. As you folks may gather, these examples I’m giving you are taken from life and many, many years of experiencing what it’s like trying to make it in a politically correct society with a pale skin and convex genitalia, where you have to always hide and suppress who and what you are, where you have watch every word and facial expression. In Orwell’s 1984 there was even a word for it: facecrime.

And for the record let me say that yes, I know-- it’s just as bad for young women these days. There was a brief time from the 70s to the 90s when younger White women had a little bit of an affirmative action edge, although in most of the places I temped they went for affirmative action twofers, black or brown women, but by now ageing White girls are being pushed out of what privileged position they once had by LGBTs and women of color, as they are termed. The bitches in the pants suits who run most corporate offices and federal bureaucracies and have a lock on the White collar job market, you’ll notice, are more of the Hildebeest’s generation, and the younger they get the darker they get.

And I need to mention that my own experience is highly limited and actually rather genteel, all things considered. Once or twice down through the years I was down to hefting and toting and donating plasma, but not too often. I admit that the times when I was thrown onto my uppers and was literally all alone on my own were very few and far between; I almost always had the Movement in some form for at least a partial support system. There were a few times when I was all alone, like you are, and they were terrifying. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be thrown into the world of 2016 at any age and compelled to survive all alone. I’m not sure it could be done without turning to drug dealing or prostitution or crime of some sort.

Okay, I’m kind of rambling, and I could go on like this for many hours, but what I want to convey to you guys listening to me is that I know what you’re going through, either because I have been through some form of it myself, or because I know someone who has. You people out there who are middle-aged and elderly, you know what I’m talking about.

Now, guys, what you need to understand is that it’s not going to get any better. It is going to get worse as the economy deteriorates, as the effects of open borders get worse and we are literally swamped and overrun with millions of illiterate dark-skinned foreigners who don’t speak English but who devour our remaining wealth and substance like locusts, stripping this country and Europe bare down to the bones in great migrations such as haven’t been seen since the Bronze Age. America’s promise is a lie that is still being fed to you in order to keep you working and keep you quiet.

Why in the name of God do you continue to do nothing, not the two simple and legal things I ask of you, not anything else? Why in the name of all that is holy do you continue to respond to the living hell in which you exist by posting pictures of guns and Vikings and Confederate flags to the internet and doing not one single physical act in the real world to save yourselves.

This is the key to White survival and to the crucial issue of White character, first to understand why you are doing nothing, and then to correct whatever it is that is wrong in your mind, uninstall whatever crap is there and return you to your great-grandfather’s earlier version of mental and spiritual software, White Man V. 2.0 or whatever.

I know that it’s not a good idea to generalize too much and like I said, there’s 200 million stories in White America. Every one of you is an individual and you have your own reasons for continuing to sit there and do nothing at all to save yourselves and your loved ones, but I think there are three primary causal psychological and metaphysical factors for this general paralysis of the will, plus about a dozen more minor ones, and every individual case of paralysis is going to be a combination of one of more of these reasons.

First off, there is what Comrade Don refers to as “learned helplessness,” which is a term I like because it de-emphasizes plain and simple cowardice. Let’s talk about that for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, we can’t get away from using the C word. Cowardice is definitely a major part of the problem among White males, but I’ve never liked applying it in some form like, “Ah Whiteboys won’t do nothing because they’re all chickenshit cowards.” Certainly some of it really is cowardice, a very well-grounded fear of physical punishment and outright physical assault, especially where niggers are concerned. But tt’s not that simple.

Really, it isn’t. I get called a coward all the time by internet trolls because I allegedly incite to violence in my Northwest novels and then I don’t strap on an explosive suicide vest or pick up a gun and go out and pull some kind of idiotic Dylann Roof-style stunt to show that I practice what I preach.

In the first place, anyone who thinks that has clearly missed the message I was trying to convey in my novels. They weren’t about revolution, they were about character, which of course is the key to the whole solution. In those books I am not attempting to tell White people what they should do; I am showing them who they should be.

In the second place, this isn’t about me. My goal is not to show the world what a macho bird-brain I am; my objective is to change the world. If I could secure the existence of our people and a future for White children in some single act that would also involve my own destruction I would do so without hesitation, which you may believe or not as you choose, but the world doesn’t work like that. There are a lot of people down through history like Robert the Bruce and Simon Bolivar and Joan of Arc who are referred to as liberators, but one person doesn’t liberate a nation; only the people acting in concert can do that.

 I am normally not a fan of shades of gray or nuance, but in this case some nuance is called for.

The Spaniards have a saying: “He was a brave man that day.” Implying that on other days he wasn’t. History is replete with military examples of regiments or whole armies who stood like rocks and defeated vastly superior opposing armies on some occasions, and threw down their weapons and ran on others.

Physical courage has always been the most common of all virtues in the men of our race, and most of the women, but it has never been an either-or proposition. It’s not like being pregnant or being dead, either you is or you ain’t. Courage is always contextual, and there is the well-known but sometimes less appreciated difference between being brave and being stupid or nuts, plus the historically sound saying that “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.”

There are many different kinds of courage. Charging a machine gun nest or running into a burning building to rescue trapped people or facing down a mob is one kind, but there is also moral courage, the courage of one’s convictions, the determination to do what is right in the face of imminent torture and death, of which our race produces countless examples. That is frankly the kind of courage which Whiteboys need right now rather than the more physical kind.

There is the courage of love, the courage to undergo all kinds of ordeals and hardships and to remain silent in the face of threats and torture from the tyrant’s law in order to shield others. Ditto.

One of the most poignant examples of this in our history was a man named Giles Corey, whom no one has ever heard of. He was 81 years of age. In 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts he was charged with witchcraft by a bunch of hysterical girls, and dragged up in front of the infamous tribunal and ordered to plead to the charge. Corey knew full well that in the poisoned atmosphere of the Salem trials he had no chance at all of acquittal, and that on conviction all of his property would be seized by the government.

But by a peculiarity of the law, if he never entered a plea he couldn’t stand trial and be convicted, and so his land and wealth would then go to his children. There was a catch; in order to force him to enter a plea or guilty or not guilty, the court had the power to order him laid out on a stone floor with a door on top of him and huge stones were then laid on the door to crush him until he gave up and gasped out a plea.

But Corey was a stubborn old man, and as the court’s hoodlums with badges piled the stones on top of the planks all he would say was, “More weight.” Until he died.  Giles Corey voluntarily gave up his own life rather than allow the FBI and Obama of the time to rob him and his family of all they had. He died, and his children inherited his land and his property rather than some corrupt colonial bureaucrat in Boston. So as you can see, courage comes in many forms among our people.

Yes, it’s true that a lot of us do nothing to make these genocidal monsters in power stop killing us, because we’re just plain chickenshit scared, because never in our coddled White middle class lives have we been called upon to display physical courage against other men or against nature. Most Whiteboys today grew up with a Nintendo Gameboy in their hands and if they did play any contact sports as children it was the mild liberal kind where everything was super padded and there was no competition, because at the end of the game there were no winners or losers and everybody got a prize.

The type of schoolyard scuffles I had when I was growing up are largely unknown today because punching some kid out on the playground  now leads to police and courts and years of mandatory child psychology and drug treatment for aggression and all kinds of cack like that. The majority of modern Whiteboys were certainly never spanked or belted during their childhood, no matter how much they may have needed it; in most states it’s now illegal for parents to do so.

Yes, we now live in a society where to some degree parents are afraid of their own children, knowing they can go to prison and be stripped of everything they have if they take a belt to some little boy’s bottom for setting the cat on fire or something of the kind. Daddy is supposed to take out his checkbook and not his belt and pay ten thousand dollars for child psychologists and counseling when that happens.

The result is most White males under about the age of 40 or so have most likely never received a physical blow in their lives, and so when some gigantic muscle-bound nigger starts mau-mauing and raising his fist, they cower.

Yes, I know, there are a lot of exceptions to all this, and even when the liberal poison is part of childhood it happens in varying levels and with varying degrees of effect on the individual child. Again I say, I know there’s 200 million stories out there and each one is different. But all too often this kind of poop is a factor.

I have repeatedly cited down through the years the clear and obvious fact that some White males can be physically courageous, personally hardy and physically violent and indeed make their livings doing so. Military, police, firefighters, athletes, boxers and wrestlers and football players, skydivers and extreme sports players, the overall majority of them White despite it all. But again I have to emphasize: only with a permission slip from our lords and masters—an officially issued weapon in the case of a soldier, a badge in the case of a cop, or else an unspoken permission slip for some of the others in the form of social approval and herd acceptance.

This is the second aspect of learned helplessness which prevents White males from revolting against the genocidal régimes that are killing us—the loss of what I suppose might be called the alpha gene. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of Whiteboys in this day and age are beta males.

How much of this fact is due to several generations of social engineering and Judaic brainwashing and how much of it is physiological and genetic in nature I won’t speculate.

It certainly didn’t help that twice in the past hundred years the White race immolated millions of the very fittest and best of our young men in two pointless world wars which were in fact largely civil wars between genetic brothers.

Nor has 50 years of the present toxic and chemical-laced American diet helped; basically most Americans these days eat processed crap, and our bodies are weakened and poisoned thereby, which is compounded by lack of exercise, obesity, and massive doses of all kinds of prescription drugs all our lives. They say that a healthy body makes a healthy mind; well, an unhealthy body makes Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.  

I am sure it hasn’t escaped you guys’ notice that by now most Americans of both genders are at least a little bit tetched in the head. Not necessarily raving mad or delusional, but just a little flakey. How much of that is from the chemical contaminations in their diet and their environment and how much of that is from the spiritual, mental and emotional perversions of thought and breaches of human decency which constitute our education and culture and media environment? Hard to say.

Suffice it to say that what I and a lot of others refer to as the alpha gene, the five percenter gene, is largely lost among White males, or at least it’s gone dormant and been suppressed so deeply to the point where it almost never makes an appearance in individuals without a permission slip, the permission slip that from someone in the world of authority, establishment, or celebrity that American Whiteboys must now be given before they can or will do anything even remotely rambunctious.

And at the risk of once more being dragged into discussing what I swore I wasn’t going to discuss here this time, I must yet again point out that the most significant thing about Donald Trump is that his emergence from the world of reality TV and celebrity, will in the confused and compressed minds of many White people give him the moral authority to write a permission slip for Whiteboys to show brave again, if he should choose to exercise that authority.

Be that as it may, White males have now become herd animals who do not function well at all when we are cut off and isolated from the herd. The great African explorer Sir Richard Burton—not the actor—was once asked how many men would be capable of leading an expedition if he himself were killed or incapacitated and he replied “Five per cent, precisely.”

That’s become the generally accepted figure among psychologists for the number of people, almost all of them men, who have what it takes to lead, to go first. This has a direct bearing on why we are doing nothing except posting pictures to the internet as our species is slowly destroyed and removed from existence, because in essence, that’s what we’re doing.

We all know what has to be done, we’ve known for years what has to be done, and we’re all shuffling our feet and looking around and waiting for someone else to go first. Someone else to call down the wrath of the power structure and its armed men, its FBI thugs and prison cells onto himself, and see that person or persons get away with it. Or something that can be spun as getting away with it. I call this White pathology “Waiting for Godot,” after the weird Samuel Beckett play.

It was noticed that during the Korean War not one single American soldier escaped from prisoner of war camps. This is because the North Koreans in those camps very carefully observed incoming drafts of prisoners, identified those men among them who were holding things together and who were clearly respected and listened to by the others—not always officers—and isolated those prisoners from the bulk of the camp population. 

The result was not any reduction in the desire of the soldiers to escape from those camps, which were really wretched like all such Communist facilities, but they just could never seem to get their act together. They kept waiting for someone else to come up with a plan for escape, and when someone did they would sit around and talk and talk about it but never do much if anything involving actual physical, bodily motion to implement that plan. Starting to sound familiar?

That’s what’s been done to our entire race, in a manner of speaking. We have had anyone who might go first, who might lead, cut off an isolated from us, sometimes by prison and death as in the case of Edgar Steele and Bill White and David Lane, but also like what has been done to myself and others, cut off from the audience we need to be reaching through the simple vastness and overpowering content of the interest, with a little manipulation from deliberate trolls and other intervention, or just plain short attention span and apathy.  

I have worked for almost five months now to obtain a Twitter following of 744 people as of tonight. Donald Trump has 11.7 million. Every time he takes out his phone and types a message, 11.7 million people read it. Hillary Clinton has 8.99 million. I’m not here to talk about the internet, but I have to point out that it can be done if I can just get some help from you people.

For years, hell, generations, the White Nationalist movement and I am convinced to some degree the White population generally has been waiting for someone else to go first, preferably having obtained a permission slip of some sort, from someone or somewhere. One from Trump will do; we’ll see what happens when he’s cheated out of the White House on November 8th.

But if White people are to revolt, they must see a finished product, they must see something material that at least hints at or implies the presence of money, and they must see a herd, a crowd that they can hide in so that the bad men won’t see their faces and they can disclaim responsibility. There probably must be a leader figure whose face they can see and who will ride up front on the white horse waving his saber around in the air.

That makes me twitchy, because the Fearless Leaders we’ve been coming up with since Commander Rockwell died basically ain’t so hot, including me. My hopes for a collective leadership of the kind we had during the first American Revolution, an assembly of men of unparalleled talent, ability, and devotion to an ideal, is probably not going to be realized. American White males can still be brave and they can be good soldiers and hard workers for the 14 Words, but it will be the courage of beta males.

There is no doubt in my mind, none at all, that if somehow I were able to wave a magic wand and create the world of The Brigade or A Mighty Fortress, and conjure the Northwest Volunteer Army Zack Hatfield, Nightshade and all up from the earth as so many of you seem to feel I can do, and that NVA were to start actually dropping black and brown bodies and making things go boom in the night---then we would have more volunteers for the NVA than we could shake a stick at. But if and when any such thing ever happens, someone is going to have to go first. Oh, and survive the first year. Survive the first year and you’ll eventually win, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion.

The third reason we Whiteboys sit and do nothing is yet another character flaw which has been carefully socially engineered into us over the past few generations by the Jews and the mentally ill monsters who rule us: a deep and consuming narcissism, wholly materialistic and completely lacking in altruism or idealism, which has developed among many of us into an almost psychopathic inability to empathize with others of our own race, to place the common good above our own pleasures.

Again, virtues that used to be among the most common components of the White racial character have been deliberately degraded and almost eliminated by a hundred years of Jewish brainwashing and bullying.

We are not only selfish but greedy as little pigs. We want it all, we want it either free or very cheap, and we want it now now now! We’re raised that way from birth. In our youth and middle age, Amurrican life promises much to Whiteboys if we will play by the rules, keep quiet, not rock the boat, and above all work work work to keep the system afloat and more or less functioning for another year.

It’s true that due to the inherent incompetence of attempting to combine socialism with capitalism, entirely too many of us are ending up as underemployed basement dwellers who live online, but remember that many more of us do get jobs out in the real world, jobs as engineers and mechanics and repairmen and techno-geeks who keep the rich man’s toys running and fix them when they break, cops and soldiers and security guys who make sure that the rich people can enjoy their own vast wealth in safety, genuine administrators who keep the paper flowing through Amurrica’s hardened arteries, for which we are promised a few cuts off the end in exchange.

American Whiteboys are promised Aladdin’s Cave in the way of material goods and personal, sensual, and sexual gratification with women who don’t exist outside of an electronic screen, a massive cornucopia of wealth and glittering toys. There is a saying I used to see hung on those cute little motivational placards that decorate many workplaces: “Life is a game, and he who dies with the most toys wins.” There you have the credo of liberal democracy in America and Europe. A huge number of White people in this country, probably the majority of them, believe exactly that.

You have to have lived elsewhere in the world, as I have, fully to appreciate just how incredibly wealthy America is and how high the standard of living is here, compared to almost any other place on earth, including most parts of Europe.

Of course, that promise of endless wealth and sensual gratification is never fulfilled, and in the Age of Obama hardly at all, which generates years of frustration and baffled rage on the part of Whiteboys, who find themselves lumbered with $50,000 in student loan debt and delivering pizzas out of Mom’s basement in their early 30s, or who like I just said do get jobs but never get any more ahead.

Like rats turning a wheel in a cage they find themselves working 60 hours per week at $12 or $14 an hour doing something that props up the system and keeps the super-wealthy liberals and government workers safe and functioning. In their 30s, when they should be living in a house and the next generation of White grandchildren should be coming along to be raised by a stay-at-home wife, these guys are driving through rush hour traffic for an hour to get to their shitjob and trying to make the rent on some damned crackerbox apartment.

You would think that the healthy reaction to this kind of oppression and denial of our human potential would be some form of opposition and resistance, but no. Generally, our response is to cling to what material goods we have been able to accumulate like grim death. We become insecure pack rats who are afraid that the Bad Men in the black body armor are going to come and take away our stuff, because that’s all we have in the world.

We look around Obama’s Amurrica and we see that the only way out is to buy our way out with money, and so we hoard it like the dragon Smaug hoards his gold. (Uh, you guys do still get Lord of the Rings references, don’t you? Or is that obsolete now as well?) Anyway, that is the lesson we all absorb from childhood. Money money money stuff stuff stuff.  There are a few people in the world who are important, family members, maybe a friend or two, and screw the rest of you. And when we take that attitude, the Jew smiles. His work is well done.

Obama’s Amurrica kicks Whiteboys to the ground and pisses on them, but still we keep on chasing that dream of luxury, of high-tech toys, mindless sex without consequences. The television gives us assorted visions of a future that simply isn’t realistic for anyone outside the one percent, often tailored to our particular desires.

For White boys America promises an endless adolescence free of worry or responsibility, of never-ending frat party keggers and driving around in a van with a hot chick solving mysteries, or whatever your particular tailored fantasy is.

For girls—and I cannot overemphasize that White women have been just as viciously and evilly betrayed by political correctness as men—it promises kind of the same thing, only they will always be slim and hot, even if they never were, and they’ll have major kung fu and martial arts skills so they can beat up all the men in their lives who piss them off, like Buffy, and they will be quote-unquote “empowered” which means they’ll tell all those boys who were so mean to them in high school what to do, and they’ll all grow up to be Hillary Clinton and adopt lovely little African orphan babies and prove to the world that liberalism works.

The problem is, of course, that it doesn’t.

Growing up White in liberal democratic Amurrica is a recipe for personal and psychological, mental and emotional catastrophe. After several generations, I think all of us know this, but all that promised money and adventure and fame and self-esteem is as addictive as any drug and we keep chasing it.

I really don’t have the time to psychoanalyze everything that is wrong in Whiteboys’ heads here; there are whole books that have been written about that and no doubt more will be written in the future, but of all our many weaknesses of character this one probably stands out the most. It’s all about me me me me me.

Look, I am sorry to reduce a very complex and serious moral problem to mere money, but isn’t that what we’re all doing here? When I say that most of us, rather than donate ten dollars a month to the Northwest Front, would rather have the beer, I mean that literally. Given the choice of helping to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children on one hand, and hearing that lovely little crack and hiss as one pops the top and feeling that frothy hops taste on your tongue and pouring down your throat—yes, I used to be a drinker many years ago—given that choice, thousands of us and probably millions of us really do prefer the beer, and will not give it up even to build something that might give us a chance to survive and escape this unbearable tyranny.

Instead we choose to spend that ten bucks on alcohol so we can kill the pain for a couple of hours and then wake up to the same evil world, with a hangover. What the hell can you do with people like that?

Okay, do you see what I’m doing here? I’m falling back on decades of old rite-wing habit and I am expending all my time in endless analysis and re-hashing and re-capping of the problem, without a word about the solution. That is one of the two pablums of the traditional White right, the two things we do instead of actually resisting. The first is that old hardy perennial, news commentary, and the second is endless repeating and re-hashing of the problem with only the vaguest hints at the solution, which is generally known and accepted but which cannot be spoken out loud. The political leadership and general run of bad actors in this society need to be dis-incentivized. They need to be compelled to stop doing what they’re doing. They need to be forced to hear and accept the word no.

This is the crux of this whole Ghost Dance thingummy: we all know what the solution is. I can tell you, because I remember: for 50 years we have all known what the solution is, and we have lived with the shame of understanding that we ourselves will never have the strength of will or the sheer physical courage to do it.

No one likes to come to grips with the fact that in the final analysis he’s just a useless, cowardly piece of shit too afraid of the roaring bullies with the badges to stand up and be a man and fight for freedom and justice and all that is right. We see that on TV and on the movies all the time; in real life it’s almost unknown in White males and has been for three generations.

I think that’s one reason for all the GUBU and the Space Madness that has afflicted our wee little Movement for all these years; knowing that we simply don’t have what it takes and that essentially we’re almost all of us a bunch of frauds plays hell with our self-esteem and our mental and emotional balance.

Well, that’s what this Goat Dance series is about. At long last I’m going to address that issue, but out of necessity and I suspect largely out of sheer force of lifelong habit, I have expended the first two parts of this series largely analyzing and re-analyzing and going over the problem for the umpteen thousandth time in my life. I won’t apologize because when you’re trying to sum up a solution to anything you kind of really do need to address the problem first, but next time I will finally get down to it and describe as nearly as I can what’s going to have to happen if there’s still going to be any people who look like us on earth a hundred years from now.


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Great article, lots of thought-provoking ideas.

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