Monday, October 24, 2016

Elites Use James Patterson To Whitewash Pedophile Island

by Bill White

For decades, America’s Judæo-occult élite from Alan Dershowitz to Bill Clinton would hop on the private jet of billionaire child molester Jeffrey Epstean for a ride to “Pedophile Island,”,  a Carribean island where Epstein kept as sex slaves young teenage girls whom he kidnapped off the streets of Palm Beach, Florida.  

News of the affair broke two years ago and was broadcast throughout the European media, particularly in Russia and in Britain, where the royal family’s Prince Andrew was implicated in Epstein’s crimes.  Little was said in the United States, where the crimes of the self-appointed “golden people” are often hushed and covered up.  But the scandal having been broadcast back into this country by internet and by alternate media sources like RT, the Judæo-occult élite have decided to throw up smoke in the form of a new book entitled Filthy Rich, by noted fiction writer James Patterson.

The book is and was always intended to be a whitewash of Epstein’s crimes.  “Mr Patterson and, his two co-authors say they turned up nothing to suggest that any of the bold faced names in Mr Epstein’s social network engaged in sexual misconduct,” a recent Wall Street Journal interview, buried on the inner pages of a weekday Money And Investing section, stated.  But the truth is that America’s pedophile élite has dominated both political parties for decades, kidnapping and raping children, while using their control of the federal justice system and their billions in hush money to cover up their crimes.

The recent conviction of U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, a leader of the Democratic Party, for the gay rape of children during his work as a high school teacher in the 1970s brought the issue of the gay and pedophilic nature of America’s ruling class to the surface, briefly. Hastert passed through the news just long enough for Americans to be reminded that when the élite commit crimes they get a slap on the wrist, before the media sent him back into obscurity.  And open secrets like the role of Republican Congressman Lindsey Graham in operating the “gay Mafia” within his party have been quietly whispered secrets for decades.  But the treatment of eruptions like Hastert’s and Epstein’s as isolated incidents shows the deliberately shortened memory of the Judaic press when a pattern of abuse they want to ignore comes momentarily to the surface.

The widespread involvement of both Republican and Democratic party élites in the rape of and sexual commerce in children first became public knowledge during the Franklin Coverup scandals of the late 1970s and 1980s. There Larry King, a [black] Republican fundraiser, was found to have been involved in kidnapping [White] children from a boys’ and girls’ home in Nebraska and pimping them to senior politicians in his party.  

One of the children involved alleged that he was forced to perform homosexual acts on men like Dick Cheney and George Bush. A a subsequent lawsuit, filed after King went away to prison for fraud, resulted in a multi-million judgment for the child victims of the ring. The Franklin Coverup was investigated briefly by the Nebraska state legislature, but legislators who asked too many questions were driven out of their jobs, and the incident faded from public view.

The revelations about homosexual, pedophilic doings among the Bushs’ closest advisors, though, led to an investigation which in 1989 revealed that  Bush White House staffer Mark Tapscott had been involved in using official government credit cards to hire underage gay prostitutes from a local escort service, call-boys who were given to senior White House staffers, men whom Tapscott never identified.  Calling the hiring of underage boy prostitutes a “mistake,” Tapscott retired from the White House but was immediately hired by the supposedly conservative Journal Newspapers, which made him editor of the [Montgomery County, Maryland] Montgomery Journal, now the D.C. Examiner.  Asked about this over a decade ago, Tapscott has never spoken to me since.

The next scandal that reached public consciousness showed the involvement of Jews from the Zionist entity in Palestine in facilitating this traffic in children. In 1999 the Zionist Ambassador to Brazil was recalled by the Zionist entity after it was revealed that the Zionist embassy in that country was being used to host child sex parties for prominent Americans Jews, and politicians. 

The resulting scandal led to a much more terrible revelation, that the same Judaic organized crime networks that had providing children to the embassy were also running a child snuff-porn ring out of Russia where little children, two, and, three, years old, were being raped to death on videos that were subsequently being sold to prominent people in the United States, and, Europe.  Two Italian journalists investigated the incident, and, prepared a news program on it, but, when the Italian government learned of their plans, it ordered the program suppressed.  The journalists went ahead with their expose, and, were fired.  Judæo-occult governments in the former Western nations tried to ignore this revelation, but, the tapes led to two arrests, one in Russia, and, one in the United States.  The Russian received a twelve year sentence;  the American, a brother of one of Mitt Romney’s Jewish partners at Bain Capital, received an eighteen-month sentence for distributing the tapes.

Since then, the international pedophile ring that controls the Judæo-occult world’s governing élite has continued to ply its trade unabated.  There have been revelations in Alaska of senior political lobbyists selling children to both Democratic and Republican politicians, and it seems that in every state of the United States there is a child sex network pandering to the gay pedophilic taste of America's politicians. 

The Zionists control this network as part of their doctrine of exciting what the ancients called “the manias” to control the strings of power in countries that they dominate. In the Epstein case A-list Hollywood celebrities, senior Zionists, and the likes of Bill Clinton all traveled with Epstein to join in his rape of enslaved underage girls. When Epstein was caught, federal prosecutors refused to seek charges, allowing state officials to sentence Epstein to only 18 months in prison, while every common street pimp is currently receiving 30 or more years in prison for similar crimes.

The revelations of the global child sex network fueling the golden people’s quest for a One World global slave state have the élite increasingly nervous, as the people of country after country vote down their globalist institutions, and, express their loathing of the élite’s forced non-White immigration and obscene #BlackLivesMatter movements.  Thus, a big name like James Patterson was called in to leave the world of fiction] and write a whitewash absolving his paymasters of responsibility.  The élite hope that the foolish masses will take Patterson’s word, and not inquire too deeply about the abject servitude forced upon them by the system of deceit and exploitation under which they live.

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