Friday, September 09, 2016

We Hear From Generation X-d Out

Hello HAC,

I am 15 and a year-long listener to your podcasts. I also got all of them from the previous years. I hold you in great respect, but you are ahead of your time, and that is why White sons are not coming home. and they will not be coming home for a while. Not until they are awaken to the eventuality of their status as an ethnic minority.  

Then they will get angry, then they will organize, then they will timidly resist with Molotov cocktails and grafitti, then hopefully with guns, then they will lose on their respective turfs and retreat to the parts of the country where Whites still hold their ground and have some hope of gaining it back. 

Then they will realize they can't. Only then will they remember your urgent calls for an independent nation of Whites by Whites, and reluctantly start making their way Northwest. 

I feel your pain, but we both know that these kinds of things cannot be rushed.  Here's something for you just to lift your spirit. more soon!

-Diana B.


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