Thursday, September 08, 2016

Twitter Sold User Data To CIA

by Bill White 

Twitter has cut ties to a company owned by the American Central Intelligence Agency, whose purpose was to monitor Twitter feeds for political dissent against American policies both domestically and abroad. However, it is continuing to serve the CIA indirectly through news organizations like the Wall Street Journal. 

CIA Deputy Director David Cohen had praised his agency’s arrangement with Data Minor, an analytics company 5 percent owned by Twitter Inc, which scans live Twitter feeds for breaking news. Cohen, who is Jewish, “Tweets and other social media messages publicizing dissident activities often produce information that, especially in the aggregate, provides real intelligence value.”

Through CIA-owned firms like In-Q-Tel, described as a “venture capital arm of the U.S. intelligence community,” the CIA has bought numerous data-mining companies like Palantir Technologies Inc, and Recorded Future Inc. In-Q-Tel held the partnership with Twitter in Data Minr, which Twitter terminated, citing concerns about abuses.

“The data is largely public,” Twitter said, “And the U.S. government may review public accounts on its own, like any user could.”

The break between the CIA and Twitter highlights the way that the CIA has infiltrated all layers of American society through “false faces,” front companies that mask the spy agency’s involvement. As revealed in the recent book Bought Journalism, the CIA has thorough control of the mass media in most Western countries. Overseas, it works with non-governmental organizations owned by Jewish billionaires like George Soros to achieve its goals of destabilizing independent nations. And within the United States the FBI largely performs the same function, infiltrating and monitoring political groups, and tampering with the legal and justice system.

Twitter’s action will only affect overt access to its data by the CIA. The financial industry, news media, and other clients, many of them controlled by the CIA, will continue to receive data.

“Independent security consulting firm,.” meaning CIA-FBI pawns, criticized Twitter’s move, holding up the bogey of the Islamic State while doing so.

“The volume of Islamic State’s activity on Twitter yields a vast amount of data that is a crucial tool for counter-terrorism practitioners working to manage threats.” Michael S. Smith II, COO of Kronos Advisory, one such firm, told the press. “Twitter’s decision could have  grave consequences.”

Other intelligence puppets joined Kronos in denouncing Twitter.

“If Twitter continues to sell data to the private sector, but denies the government, that’s hypocritical.” John Inglis, former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency, told the press. The NSA, like the CIA, has been implicated in rights abuses.


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