Friday, September 02, 2016

Trumpledor Comment

I normally don't listen to politicians' speeches, and I don't have cable--why would I pay money for the drivel on there?--but I watched Trump's Phoenix immigration speech on YouTube, and I have to admit, he's not half bad. Not quite up to Huey Long standards, but getting there---you can detect a little of the Kingfish in there if you know what to listen for.


Anonymous OlyWolfPack said...

Harold, remember, small sips comrade, small sips. The less you drink the better. The Trump Kool Aid contains many carconigens and bio toxins. After reading through the ingredients I chose not to drink any of it.

First, the trump flavor contains aspartame and sachrin both! Also, many artificial flavors and MSG. These artificial flavors are also constantly changing so we never know for sure which chemicals they are using. The water used also contains floride Harold. Do you know what floride is? Some real crazy comrades think solyent green may also be used.

Everyone is off focus because of this shit. Trump is a distraction, a way to keep white men sitting down for a while longer till they figure out their next evil step.

1:35 PM  

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