Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Feminist Master Plan

[Left-loon columnist Amanda Marcotte, quoted in Salon magazine. To be fair, she claims this is humorous. But if we aren't allowed to make jokes, why should they be? Why, exactly, are left-loons allowed a sense of humor but when we respond in kind all of a sudden it's "harassment"?)
1. Chaperoning. No man is allowed to leave the house, even on simple errands, without a female relative to chaperone him. It can be his wife, sister, mother or even sister-in-law, so long as there is proper documentation to show that this woman has the authority to mind him while he’s out. It’s hard to rape and murder people with your mom watching you.

2. A driving ban. We know that male criminals frequently use cars to escape a crime scene, and in some cases like drunken-driving accidents (which men cause at twice the rate for  women), the vehicle is the instrument of the crime. Given men too much accelerating power makes it too easy for men to indulge their criminal urges. They can either get a ride from a woman or take the bus.

3. Guardianship. Men shouldn’t be able to get jobs, go to school or leave the country without the permission of their female guardian. This precaution will keep them from socializing with other men who are unknown by their female guardian, as this activity is a known precursor to criminal activity. Men will be banned from leadership positions as well because they can’t be trusted to deal fairly and strictly with their fellow males who commit crime.

4. A ban on nonmarital sex. Men commit nearly all rapes, but they often get away with it because they simply claim that the sex was consensual. Banning nonmarital sex solves most of the he-said, she-said problem. Men will definitely be motivated to make sure a woman doesn’t feel violated by a sexual encounter, if she can get him 40 lashes with an accusation of fornication.
This ban, like all bans on this list, will be for men only. Women have proved they are more responsible, by committing less crime, and can be trusted to make their own decisions.

5. Modest clothing. Under the new law, men will be required to wear heavy robes that cover everything but their hands and face. They will don head coverings so that no one can see hair or a bald spot. It is very hard to rape someone if you have to spend an hour removing your clothing. It’s also hard to flee from a crime scene if you’re tripping over your robes. Most important, making men look ridiculous will discourage their showing off for their bros, which leads to all sorts of criminal mischief, from vandalism to bar fights.

As a side benefit, this will rid the world of cargo shorts, aviator sunglasses and backward baseball caps.

6. A ban on congregating in public. During his speech, Trump railed about how “the gangs are all over the place.” Most gang members are not immigrants, but most of them are male. Under the new law, all-female police forces will roam the streets, making sure that any group of men larger than three individuals is dispersed immediately to prevent the formation of gangs.

7. A ban on bank accounts. Money is the reason men commit a lot of crimes. If they can’t have any of their own, that should dampen their enthusiasm for stealing.

8. A ban on drinking alcohol. Male consumption of alcohol is a factor in a whole mess of crimes, especially rape. From here on out, only women will be allowed to drink. Married men will be allowed one glass of wine at dinner, if their wives allow it.

9. A ban on overly masculine pop culture. There are entire swaths of pop culture that only men really seem to like and this probably means that these art forms contribute to crime. As a precaution, they will be banned.

Rap rock, dubstep and Rush records will be the first to go.

On the highbrow end, all independent dramas that feature a young man falling in love with a girl who is beautiful but too broken to marry will be banned, and their screenwriters sentenced to a life of hard labor. If “daddy issues” are a major theme in these dramas, a board of female censors will screen these movies to determine if they are too boring for them to allow them to go into wide release.

Anything made by Zack Snyder will be burned.

Computers full of pornographic anime will be seized and destroyed.

Owning those “V for Vendetta” masks will result in a minimum five-year sentence.

“My Little Pony” will be allowed for little girls, but grown men engaging with its fictional universe in any way will be put in a harness and made to pull a carriage around the park for a year.

With inspiration from this year’s “Ghostbusters” release, all Hollywood remakes of classic films will star majority-female casts.

[Many a true word said in jest. I suspect we are going to be barraged by all kinds of politically correct movie re-makes, each one as crappy or worse than "Ghostbusters." - HAC]

10. A ban on social media. For years, women have had to endure harassment from men on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and now from heaven only knows what other social-media app that’s popped up lately. And everyone throws their hands in the air and says there’s nothing we can really do about it.
False! If you ban men from social media, you can cut back on the vast majority of the harassment. Having a Twitter, Facebook or other social-media account will land a man a year in prison. Using any of these services to send a dick pic will get him 10 years. Going on Reddit will result in having a hand cut off.

If you’ve gotten this far in the piece, congratulations. My proposal may sound tough, but tough times call for tough measures. I am the law-and-order journalist. Trump should immediately drop his anti-immigration plan and adopt this plan that’s guaranteed to lower the crime rate.


Anonymous OlyWolfPack said...

Kind of a reverse muslim country? Wouldnt last if you ask me.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

You do realize that Supergirl in the new series is having a love affair with ace reported Jimmy Olson,Superman's best friend,and in the series is coal black. She came al the way from Krypton to have sex with a black males?

7:01 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

Don't be too hasty to judge her. Maybe she is talking about nigger males but like most Amurricans she just doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to just come out and say it.

10:37 PM  
Blogger John Saxtorph said...

No, the bitch isn't joking. Given the power women would keep lobotomized men in cages. Cats would be given better treatment such as being allowed to sleep on the bed.

I shall unreservedly exploit the achievements of males in furtherance of my goals. I shall enlist the vulnerable and those who cannot speak for themselves for my own purposes.
I shall control information, distort truth and manipulate thought. Freedom of speech will not exist.
I shall call for tolerance while allowing only those opinions and activities which are to my advantage. I shall promise one thing and do another.
I shall decree that males and females and people of different races are the same, when it is manifestly untrue. I shall oblige males to perform roles for which I am naturally better-suited.
I shall maintain males in a state of neurosis and confusion, and any male who disagrees with me, or induces any unpleasant feeling, shall be deprived of every amenity I have the power to withhold.
I shall indulge my instincts to manipulate, mindfuck, play tricks and be dishonest without fear of retribution.
I shall treat animals better than men.
I shall encourage massive immigration so that others shall be the underclass and not me. I shall favour immigrants and half-castes to spite and insult males of my own race.
I shall have the right to do everything and the obligation to do nothing. I shall have babies whenever and by whom I please.
Any male following his instincts to the same extent will be imprisoned.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

This is not, in any way, funny. She seems to be fantasising a female Saudia Arabia.

There is one thing to be said for muzzie men, they, unlike Kwans, know how to keep their females in line.

Which, I would suppose, is the real reason feminazis welcome these rapefugees into the first world; they want their feminism bashed out of them!

Heh heh, that's what they're going to get whether they like it or not and it will be all self-inflicted.

3:30 AM  

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