Friday, September 30, 2016

Jewish Bankers Robbed Gaddafi Before Killing Him

by Bill White
For decades, Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi worked to bring honest financial governance to black Africa. Because black Africans can barely manage their own affairs, Gadafi built an African imitation of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, that allowed African nations to conduct cross-border transactions and to fund development, when no international institution would touch African currencies. For that, the Jews murdered the Libyan colonel. But they waited until they had robbed him first.

Gaddafi built a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons prior to 2006 as a deterrent against Western invasion. In 2006, the Judæo-occultists of the George W. Bush administration fooled Gaddafi into destroying that arsenal in exchange for Western investment. That year, U.S. sanctions were lifted and a swarm of Jews descended on Gaddafi like a brain-eating fungus from outer space.

“They are very unsophisticated, and anyone could rape them ,” one Jewish executive at the now failed investment firm Goldman Sachs wrote. 

“You just delivered a pitch on structured leveraged loans to someone who lives in the middle of the desert with his camels,” wrote another. 

As the Jews chuckled, Gaddafi handed $1.2 billion over to Goldman Sachs alone, using it to buy equity derivatives that, by the time of Gadafi’s murder in 2011, were worthless. The Jews made $222 million of profit -over principle- on that deal alone.

The so-called government of Libya, one of three rival governments in the country, controlling about ten square blocks of downtown Tripoli, has sued Goldman Sachs Group Inc in High Court in London to recover the money, hoping to use the funds to equip an army to fight the rival Islamic State government in Surt, the eastern Libyan government in Benghazi, and a host of minor militias which control the now-failed state. As that lawsuit has progressed, details of how the Jews stole the money have come out.

Ultimately, it may come down to two hookers, bought as a pair for $600 from a fellow Jew in Abu Dhabi. According to court documents, Goldman Sachs Jew Youssef Kabbaj was planted by Goldman within Libya’s sovereign wealth fund. Kabbaj arranged bribes to investment fund officials, including prostitutes. Kabbaj has said that senior Jews at Goldman signed off on the “expenses.” Bribing foreign officials is against U.S. law.

Once Gaddafi was driven bankrupt, his country was overrun by U.S. and EU backed militias, and Gaddafi himself was murdered. U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who was involved in the decision to murder Gaddafi, is close to Goldman Sachs and its Jews.

So in addition to stopping Africa from developing an independent banking network, Gaddafi may have been killed in an effort to stop him from collecting the $1.2 billion the Goldman Sachs Jews owed him.

Ironically, Jewish bankers in the West have benefited little from Gaddafi’s fall, Gaddafi was not stealing African business from the them so much as making new African business. Thus the markets he created are largely gone. Much of North Africa, including Libya, Mali, Nigeria, and Egypt are faced with Islamic State insurgencies, and the continent’s two largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa, are shrinking or collapsing. Meanwhile, a general war wages across the Arab world, into Persia and Afghanistan.

Sometimes, though, the Jews destroy things without any intent of benefiting. As one Jewish leader put it, “Judaism is built on the ruins of other people.”


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Bill White... How are you not a white Supremacist FIRST AND FOREMOST?

Your white Supremacy is what makes you an avowed enemy of the Jew.and the Jew even says so...

Your afffinity for "national socialism" notwithstanding.

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