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Depressing Letter From Bill White

[Never let it be said that I won't publish critical articles on here. - HAC]


Hello Harold:

So, I read the Ghost Dance essay.  Good stuff.  Not too abusive to your readers and relatively self-aware, which I like.  You know, Marcus Aurelius said that if a man were to not know how to spell the name Antonius, would you shout it at him letter by letter, or would you just quietly correct his spelling? When you see another man in error, instruct him without blame, or if you cannot instruct him, blame yourself.  I cannot say that I follow these precepts -- or, any precepts -- perfectly.  But I try to at least keep the correct precepts in mind.

What we are up against, the reason that people are behaving so bizarrely, is more than just some sort of spiritual fault in White people. What we are up against is a technology of mind control, an advanced psychological science that is as powerful a mechanism for social control as the advanced economic science that brings us usury.  Its not just me saying this -- read any magical work from the old alchemists to Aldous Huxley, and you will see this advanced science of mind control being discussed -- esoterically, of course, in symbols that you need a key to understand -- but it's there.  All of these things that we are faced with -- thesis, and, antithesis; the method of "many faces";  the implant of control mechanisms;  the Goat Dance, and the ritual sacrifice of the King for a Day -- all of these things are the same today as they were thousands of years ago, only subtler in some respects and magnified in power by media technology.

We are facing a technology.  Because it is a technology, it is a science which we can also learn.  However, we have to be careful, since the nature of the science itself is to advance its own aims.  Thus by adopting the technology we can become the unwitting tools of it.  Therefore the purpose in learning the science of social control must be to negate that science as it is being used by the existential enemy.

Because what we are facing is a technology of deceit, the most effective means of countering it will be with a science of truth.  This science of truth involves a revelation of the method. Not the alchemical sense, long after the deed, when the revelation cannot do anything but reinforce the power of the magician, but an ongoing revelation of the methodology of the enemy which negates that methodology. This means the real-time distribution of useful information about what the enemy is up to.

In assembling my habeas, I have become convinced that the "White movement" in the United States does not really exist, and is entirely an FBI-JTTF fabrication.  There are individuals doing things that are good who are not involved in "Primitive Affliction", but the interstate network of groups that is out there drawing attention is really an interstate network of federal agents and informants pretending to be White activists, swarming onto real White activists and destroying them by deceiving them. Thus most of the things that you are railing against, these alleged internet activists and internet groups, are really nothing at all -- just shadows, imaginary personae, with no real person behind them.  The movement that you often attack in your writings is a nothing, just a fantasy, a figment of the imagination.  This is why the "movement" cannot be "moved" -- it does not exist.

What I have spent a long time looking for, Harold, is someone who is not an archetypal Fool, someone who is doing something useful, and productive, and who is not subject to being suckered by this "movement".  I am continually disappointed.  It seems to me like everyone wants to live in fairy land, without realizing that the fairies are wearing masks, carrying bloody knives, and, just waiting for the chance to tear apart the people that they now fete.  When you point out to them the nature of the fairies, they just shrug and go, "Why would the fairies harm me? I'm not doing anything to them."  They don't realize that the FBIries are there for the purpose of hurting you. That's why they're going to do it, and your actions don't matter.

In my view, Harold, people need to start using some common sense, and start acting like we are trapped in a world where literally nothing that we interact with is real. You know, when I ran the ANSWP we did some minimal vetting of our members, which is one reason that we had a few hundred people contributing money and articles, but only a few dozen members.  My view then was still "who cares if the feds occasionally send in some disruptive element;  eventually, they'll shake out." But even then I would screen out about a third of all applicants because they were obviously homosexuals, Satanists, antifa, or fakes. Today, I see no vetting of anyone being done. And when you put forward a well-documented, well-reasoned case that people out there are fakes -- informants, agents provacateur, or just undesirable because of their personal qualities -- people who should know better just seem to ignore it.

Anyways, I'm ranting.  My point is that what you're fighting against is largely an illusion.  You're throwing punches at shadows, trying to wake up a movement that isn't there.  I wouldn't bother.  I would focus on building institutions.  The real reason that White communities have been destroyed in the United States is because there are no more White communities.  In Germany before World War II, almost every person participated in various social clubs, and this network of social clubs made the German nation into a communal nation. The United States doesn't have that. Thus, the thing that you always want -- the real world, face-to-face,interaction that is necessary to build communal bonds -- isn't there.  My thought has always been that to make a real change, the first thing that has to be done is to build up exclusively White nationalist social environments -- communal living, meeting places, social activities, and perhaps most importantly political and cultural education.  And this of course is why the FBI-JTTF and their Antifa auxiliaries target exactly that -- attacking White communal activities and making sure that general communal-social spaces never become White.

So, that's my thought, Harold.  I hope that it is helpful to you.  The way that things are going right now, I may very well be released from here within the time it takes me to complete two habeas proceedings -- which may be two more years.  If so, you continue to persuade me that it's worthwhile to try to help you.

Be well,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah and if he's released no strings attached in two years, then Hillary Clinton will vanish in a puff of smoke next week screaming "what a world!"

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Doesnt matter who I am. said...

Bill is right you know. There is no movement of anykind. I also looked and came up empty handed. According to the splc there are various "white supremacist" groups already in the homeland. Really? Where? Tacoma Hammer Skins? They dont exist. Aryan Nations? Lol, all white trash garbage. We as a race will be unprepared when the curtain does go up. Sure, some individuals and small groups will be "ready" and these people will end up forming any resistance. Will it be in time? I sure hope so.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous The Jerk said...

The irony of this letter is that you really can't even be 100% sure, that you're actually corresponding with inmate Bill White. For all you know, you're corresponding with a ZOG agent.

However, if this letter is real; it looks to me like Bill White is hinting, that if ZOG will just let him go, he will quit White activism. The man has been broken.

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Bob said...

There is talk (or more than just talk) of the Internet being turned over to an international regulatory body on October 1st. That might just be the worst move in the world, in terms of promulgating the ongoing white genocide. It will force people back into face-to-face interaction. It will destroy The Matrix™.

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Satanists. I remember a few years back a young skinhead received Satanic literature. This surprised him and he saw that the return PO Box was the same as the racialist group's PO box. It turned out that the leaders of his group also ran a devil worship cult but were too cheap to get a separate PO box, so the inevitable slip up occurred. There was quite a mess and I think the Satanists were ousted. I am surprised Hollywood hasn't made a movie about it - Satan's Nazi Legions! Anyway, not should the group vet a prospective member a prospective member should also vet the group.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An interesting letter/rant. Comments thought-provoking, too.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill is in prison. HAC is not. That should mean something. I don't know what.
Some day we may find out. Nationalism(s) in all their diverse forms may very well be a trap, a deception,another form of collectivism that because of it's internal contradictions leads to the very destruction of the genetic core of the it's members. Man is a word controlled animal. Worlds are abstractions. This these word abstractions man then created a myriad of other man made thing that don't exist in natural. In other words, abstractions. All governments, all nations, all forms of human collectivism are abstractions. Even the well tempered tuning of the music we listen to (all abstractions) does not exist in the natural world of sound. It's a man made edifice that our ears to the brain is trained to hear because we almost very hear musical sounds based on the natural particles of vibration.
So just like any other man made fictitious thing, we have as a species, been conditioned to "hear" certain things like some forms of government are good and some are not so good, when in fact all government is bad and has been for all of written history.
There is only one thing that is real. That is our genetic makeup. Our genetic makeup is a product of our fathers and mothers, a long chain, going back into the mists of unknown history. The purpose and goal of all living things is to protect and reproduce that genetic pool inheritance into the future. Otherwise there is no future. All people, in spite of the abstract social organizations they may live under have managed to pass on their genetic makeup into the next generation. That may be coming to an end.

10:44 PM  

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