Thursday, September 15, 2016

America Kills

The United States federal government has a message for the patriot movement - keep playing like you're at war, as for every man that you have willing to die, we have a man willing to kill.
This message sunk home in February as David Frye, the last holdout against federal tyranny in the Oregon siege, and Cliven Bundy, the patriarch of the western resistance to the Obama nation, were taken into custody by agents who as soon as the cameras were gone, stripped them naked and hung on them the chains of slavery.
What the so-called patriot movement is learning is that to be free, one must be willing to die, while to hold power one must be willing to kill. This grown-up lesson is sitting poorly with spoiled patriot children who think that they can rise up under arms but not spill blood and somehow be protected by the law. The law in the United States is a nullity, as all law is a balance of force and the American federal government realizes that force from their multi-cultural FBI thugs to their #BlackLivesMatter mobs, is solely on their side.
In Cliven Bundy's case, he led a small uprising of several hundred men against a Bureau of Land Management seizure of his property in Nevada. His son, Ammon Bundy, then led an armed uprising in Bend, Oregon against the federal kidnapping and wrongful imprisonment of two ranchers. Despite waving guns around neither Bundy intended to use them, and as a result they have fallen victim to the more ruthless power, the homo-negro-Judaeo-Latino coalition that rules America.
When America came for the Bundy protesters, it didn't hesitate to murder LaVoy Finicum in cold blood or to use an informant to slander his death. It used the cowardly attachment to life and comfort that characterizes all American people to seduce the surrender of the other rebels, who could no longer cut it when things got real. They didn't want to hurt anyone and couldn't imagine the harm that the United States would inflict on them. Now, like souls in hell they know better though too late for any good.
The problem with the patriot movement is that it believes that its own phony legalisms somehow allow it to reverse the balance of power and that "the law" is something other than a function of that balance. For much of the 20th century, Jews dis-empowered White Americans and imposed an unnatural tyranny on this country under the cloak of law. The law gave the negroes the right to rampage in White neighborhoods, the law gave Jews the right to steal White money, the law gave Mexicans the right to flood across U.S. borders. White Americans naively bowed to the law, believing wrongfully that once they had lost it, others would bow to it as well.
But there are three distinct concepts at play: order, law, and justice, of which law is the most inferior. Nature has an order, a balance of force, from which rights emerge. Justice is the use of force in service of order, or it can be aligned against it with chaos. When the law is used to further chaos, it loses its legitimacy and demands justice to be overthrown.
Patriots love to parade around talking about their willingness to die. But the enforcers of Obama's dictatorship were willing to die too. They're willing to die for their paycheck, for the liquor they use to drown the memories of their crimes, for their whore-wives and their filthy, corrupt, children. Willingness to die is nothing, as every federal agent is willing to die for their dollars. What differentiates federal agents is that they're willing to kill as well, and when men willing to kill meet men willing to die, the natural happens.
All creatures die. But America teaches men to live as long as possible in pain and slavery as part of America's mission of expanding infinitely the amount of pain and suffering in the world. The Great Satan, America knows that there is no torment for dead men, and so it does all it can to capture and torture its cowardly victims. As it does this, its lying media demonizes those who pierce the veil of illusion and kill in the name of justice. This fear of demonization leaves American law enforcement the only killers, an unchallenged power unconstrained even by law itself.
The recent fiasco of the Bundys shows the danger of patriots playing with guns. The United States is a violent tyranny, and guns are for killing. If you aren't willing to kill, leave your guns at home. If you want to be a slave in an imperial prison, stay at home, because America is a prison-nation. The feds, through the Bundys, have shown that revolution is more than posturing and playing. It's a serious affair. For American patriot, go hard or go home.

William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


Anonymous Barney said...

What most people fail to understand is the simple fact that the first "government" came about by force. Once the criminal gangs had stolen everything, even the land itself, they declared themselves "the government" and a once free people became their slaves.

There is NO legitimate government, never has been and never can be. Even after the NWR comes into being, the people will need to watch the new administration (not a "government") very closely, and have some means of "throwing the bums out" if the present system is to be consigned to the trash heap of history, as it must be.

Our new administration will need some powers, especially regarding the labour force and defence of the new nation, but my suggestion is to ban "the government" from "owning" ANYTHING - EVER.

Individuals can own things, but not organisations (as in corporate "personhood"). NEVER let the administration hold weaponry greater or more powerful than that available to the general public. Make the new administration "of the people, by the people and for the people" and our SERVANTS forever.

Like an employer sacking a useless employee, we need a way of voting rogue politicians out WITHOUT having to vote someone else IN.

Goverment has ALWAYS been composed of criminals. It's sole purpose is to commit crimes on an industrial scale, whether against "it's own" slaves or against other nations.

What is a war of aggression if not mass murder? Who but a psychopath would want power over others? What is a monetary system if not a means of enslavement?

There is NO legitimate government anywhere in the world, which is why every government ignores laws intended to control the slaves. The Hildebeast (assuming it's still alive) will NEVER face charges unless WE make it happen in a court of the PEOPLE.

Forget "government". They're CRIMINALS, the lowest of the low, the scum that rises to the top. We need to ram that simple fact into those minds full of mush.

11:32 AM  
Blogger brian boru said...

The stark reality. Not much else can be added.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Bob said...

I have come to the conclusion that the "IIIer" movement is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Millions of guns, some say as much as 12 trilion rounds of ammo, 782 gear, night vision, MREs...the list of stuff that a "patriot" just has to have goes on and on. Some of these guys are 50 to 100 pounds overweight and have at least a minor league alcohol problem, but they actually think they're going to live long enough to shoot up ALL of that 20,000 rounds stash of ammo they're got saved up.

The reality is, it's going to be free resupply for somebody, cops or survivors.

There are some good people involved in the movement, but also a lot of wannabe's, has-beens, never were's, and just plain con-men.

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 3 percenters of yesteryear were a different (and better) breed than the ones of today. They wouldn't even stand a chance against Fatpo.

6:33 AM  

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