Monday, August 01, 2016

Think I'm Going Whacko? I'm Not The Only One

Elizabeth Bathory, early feminist heroine and Hillary role model?

For those of you who think I'm paranoid and conspiracy-theoretical about the secret ELE (Extended Life Expectancy) treatments Bill and Hill and George Soros and John McCain and certain others among our ageing Lords and Ladies and Masters and Mistresses are receiving, check out the above. 

Remember, Thiel is Donald Trump's personal favorite faggot, and was a keynote speaker at the RNC a couple of weeks ago. Maybe The Donald wants to catch up with the Sea Hag and live forever as well.

If Thiel is right about the secret lying in young people's blood, perhaps Hillary is like a modern version of Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess of the 16th Century, who bathed in the blood of young girls she kidnapped and murdered in order to stay young.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At $8,000, it is rather high for a transfusion, but the market price would go down as supply increased. The article said that you only need it once, but, if this works, it would probably be once a decade. Which means it would eventually be affordable for the average person and perhaps subsidized by insurance companies if it works (meaning that it cuts down on costlier treatments which is why my insurance provides for a free yearly checkup). I wouldn't rush to do it and the rich and powerful are just as prone to fads as anyone else.

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