Saturday, August 27, 2016

Radio Free Northwest Call-In Show - August 25th 2016

Callers discuss life, law, and the economy in the future Northwest American Republic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold, we're all expecting lots of Wiener jokes this week! Don't let us down!

4:39 PM  
Anonymous James said...

Perhaps you might be interested in a piece of really frightening news being discussed over at Gates of Vienna; it's the revelation that the MAJORITY of the Bundeswehr (the German Army) are the children of Muslim immigrants to Germany. 60% according to a German/Hungarian security analyst are the children of Muslim immigrants. The original immigrants from whom they are descended came to Germany in the 1960's as "guest workers". The upshot of this is that if some ISIS inspired insurgent military action were to take place, and they needed the German Army to quell the matter, who would they side with?

Recommended reading, but I know HAC has stated he gets a lot of links and I suppose it is a bother to try to read them all, so I won't link to it here. If you are interested, the article in question is called "The Looming Crisis in Europe" and was dated August 29, 2016. The article also sheds a lot of light on WHY German men are unwilling to help when a German woman is being molested or a man is being beaten by Muslims.

In one instance cited, this security analyst states:
" I have an acquaintance there who was fired from his job because he wrote on Facebook about how migrants beat up his son and robbed him. His boss told him his services were no longer required because he “instigated” and “shared his Nazi opinions”. The short version of all this, is that it appears that Muslims are already in control of Germany, possibly many have government positions. Read the article on GOV if you want the long story. Germany is screwed.

9:45 PM  

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