Monday, August 08, 2016

Radio Free Northwest - August 11th, 2016 

Part One of The Ghost Dance Series: “The World Must Change.”


Blogger Luek said...

You forgot to mention one important point about the "ghost dance" phenomenon from over a hundred years ago of the Indians or native Americans if you prefer and the one evidently going on today by the vanishing white race in Western civilization. And that is the Indians where a militarily defeated people. They actually fought for their way of life but lost. The vanishing whites of today are losing or have already lost not by being defeated by a more powerful military force but by psychological warfare and that is being terrified of being indelibly being labeled forever as a RACIST! I have met white people who would probably prefer to be known as a child molester rather than a dreaded racist.

Our opponents who pulled this off are very good at what they did and this proves it. Destroyed the white race without firing a single shot! However, black widow spiders, rattlesnakes and the incurable TB bacilli are very good at what they do too but that doesn't ennoble them either.

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