Saturday, August 20, 2016

Jewish Crook Laundered Money Through Wiesenthal Group

by Bill White 

Murray Huberfeld, a board member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, laundered money through the Jewish group he made from defrauding the poor and  the terminally ill in insurance and usury scams. This is according to reports published in the Wall Street Journal, a federal indictment in the Southern District of New York, and Securities and Exchange Commission administrative proceedings.

“We had no idea,” Rabbi Marvin Hier told the media. Hier is an Orthodox Jew who traveled the world with Huberfeld, while his fellow Jew scammed “investors.” Hier has not been charged in the scheme, though not all indictments have been handed down.

Huberfeld now faces decades in federal prison as officials investigate his Platinum Partners Hedge Fund, another organization which Huberfeld helped lead.  According to the federal indictment, Huberfeld has been charged with raising the funds he donated in part to the Wiesenthal Center by shaking down union pensions, manipulating the dying with stolen personal data, and Bernie-Madoff-like inflation of his funds hard to value and illiquid alleged assets.  Huberfeld is also charged with diverting investor money to his own pocket by taking out high-interest loans in Platinum Partners’ name from his own family trusts.  Platinum Partners was valued, at its peak, at $1.25 billion, and hundreds of millions of dollars in theft appear to be involved.

According to members of New York’s Jewish community, Huberfeld’s reputation for money was enough to draw investments to him. “In the Jewish community,” one person close to Huberfeld told the press, “If you have a wallet, people perceive you to be a genius.”

Yet in 2015 Platinum told investors that “it wouldn’t immediately be able to pay out full redemption request,” and, that it was going to pursue an “orderly liquidation.”  According to Huberfeld, the problems stemmed from the Jewish funds’ over-investment in illiquid assets like illegal death-benefit scams and usurious, often phony loans to failing businesses.  Platinum has so far paid $1.5 million in fines to the Securities And Exchange Commission for stealing health care data, using it to identify terminally ill patients who were particularly likely to die in the very near term, and offering them a seemingly high “death benefit” payout in exchange for being named the beneficiary of their life insurance policies.  In addition to scamming the dying, and, their families, Platinum also invested in high-risk, high-interest loans that the SEC deems “Level Three,” a designation that allows the fund holding them to assign whatever value to them that it wants.  Over its eleven year history Platinum managed to never report a loss by simply increasing its own valuation of its worthless assets.  This worked like a Ponzi scheme; when the money coming into the fund was no longer enough to pay out, Platinum failed. 

Federal prosecutors have added to these allegations of fraud criminal charges of bribery, and corruption.  Huberfeld has been specifically charged with bribing Norman Seabrook of the New York Corrections Officers’ Benevolent Union in an effort to get Seabrook to divert $20 million in union cash to Huberfeld’s coffers.  Federal investigators also say that Huberfeld used family trusts to make high interest loans to Platinum to cover payouts to suspicious investors, and played funny with securitized insurance policies that Huberfeld had Platinum buy at face value from an insurance company his family trust controls and then mark down to near worthless market values, making Huberfeld $70 million off of Platinum’s losses.

Most notable, though, is the way that Huberfeld’s money was funnelled into promoting the phony myth of a Holocaust during World War II.  The Simon Weisenthal Center is named after a Jewish Communist guerilla who was put up by the Soviet Union after the war to hunt National Socialists who had survived the Jewish-led genocide of the German people in the 1940s. Wiesenthal, a career liar, and murderer, was hailed among Jews for his role in making their persecution fantasies seem real, and, an entire industry of extortion of white nations, particularly Germany, was built around these fantasies, financing, and, forming, among other lies, the false Israel in Palestine.  

Rabbi Hier and his Wiesenthal Center have been one of the Learned Elders of the Holocaust game, and Huberfeld’s scams have grown with Hier’s programs.  In 2005, Hier and Huberfeld, took their first trip together to the Vatican, where they met with the Pope, and, Papal officials. Hier has confirmed that Huberfeld solicited and received investments for his schemes.  Hier, in fact, has admitted to the media that at least “several” people were drawn into Huberfeld’s scams through contacts with him made through Wiesenthal Center activities. With Hier’s assistance, Huberfeld became known as a patron of Talmudic scholarship, and until his arrest in June sat on the board of several New York area yeshivas, and Jewish colleges.

Most Jews know that the Talmud teaches that Jews may use thievery, bribery, fraud and usury to appropriate the wealth of the non-Jews among whom they live.  Babylonian Talmud tractates Babe Mezia 24a, 111b, Baba Komma 37b, 113b, and, Baba Bathra 54b are particularly on point. 
But what many Jews don’t know is that both the Talmud and the true secret Jewish tradition which underlies it allows the Jewish élites, called nefeshim, to steal from common Jews, whom the Talmud refers to as am-ha’aretz, or “mud people” and kelipots, or “shells,” in BT Pesahim 49a-b, SSotah 22a and similar texts.  In the secret Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah, it is eventually revealed that that the Talmud and Torah are just frauds designed to deceive and make miserable, these little Jews, and, that the real focus of Jewish worship are a bevy of infernal Egyptian gods, including the Zohar or “shining”, the “purple flame” of Egyptian Re,  Shekina “the Goddess” who manifests as a cloud of burning darkness and the Egyptian god Thoth, whose name is an alternate spelling of Judah, and, who is regarded in the Christian religion as the Devil. 

In his thefts, Huberfeld teamed up with another future federal inmate, Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical investor who bought up the patents to generic drugs and jacked the prices up as much as fifty times to also exploit the terminally ill.  In imitation of Joseph in Egypt, those who wanted to survive had to give all that they had to the Jew, while those who had nothing to give were left to die. 

The kind of anti-social profiteering typified by Huberfeld and Shkreli is deeply ingrained into the Jewish culture.  Rabbi Saadya Grama, a Jewish religious leader, put it most succinctly when he said that “Jewish success in the world is completely contingent upon the failure of other people.” Yet, the United States has allowed networks of Jewish con men to take control of its economic, political, social, cultural, and legal systems.  While some are occasionally purged the Jewish control mechanisms as a whole are never addressed, allowing America to sink progressively deeper into insanity, poverty, and deceit.



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Very informative. I never knew about the Jews' giving themselves the religious authority to rob other Jews, the "mud people". We always knew though that there is no honour among thieves.

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