Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I Never Know What To Do With These

Dear Harold:

This is the letter I’ve been meaning to write for over a year. It will be disjointed and I hope it avoids rambling--only one of us should be Grandpa Simpson, but I’m a year older than you, so it’s to be expected, although I hope there’s no Dutch uncle lurking about.

I had a dream about you. I was in North Carolina, and came to a meeting hall full of people ready for a seminar led by you, and dozens of cars clogged the road getting to the hall. I met you at a table with other NW members, but didn’t sit with you as I was interested in a blonde nearby who ate with a stack of books by her plate. Later, I joined a long line of people waiting outside to  hear you speak, and the sky rumbled, and I smelled rain. We were eager to get inside before the storm began.

I also thought about you the other night I got off work and watched a PBS show on the Easter rebellion of 1916. It was a sobering story about the rebellion you have been so influenced by, and I was appalled by the damage done to Dublin by the British shelling. They really were a lot of imperialistic bastards, weren’t they?  It recalls the Northwest novels, when the leadership is frantically trying to avoid being nuked. The feds would do it, too.  Then, the film mentioned the Ulster troops used in the Somme, and how in the Irish rebels and the Ulster troops were both willing to sacrifice for Ireland, and the other for ‘the Empire.’ The camera panned long rows of graves, like a forest of teeth. Very sobering.

I was also saddened how the rebellion’s unity faded into civil war that poisoned Irish relations for decades, especially noting how the original progressive ideals were usurped by the Church moving in.  I saw a movie about this, Jimmy’s Hall, dealing with the cultural conflict in Ireland during the Depression, the Church determined to crush any independent action by former revolutionaries. A very powerful and sad film, but I think you’d like it.

Perhaps the crowd in that dream reminded me of Trump. I think your podcast  of March 9 was one of the best I’ve heard in a while, and I made a copy of it for my brother to read. He feels the way we do about race. He’s a retired cop, so he knows all about permission slips, has a 80 plus gun collection (most of which are military, and will never be used---yeah, he’s got the gun fetish), and considers himself very well-read as long as it’s the Time-Life series of WWII and Vietnam. Everything else he’s kind of dim on. A national characteristic you duly noted.

I went to the Trump rally in St. Louis March 11. I’d gotten a ticket online, but it did no good, because there were thousands of people ahead of me in line, stretching for several blocks.

It was really impressive. The Peabody Opera house, where Trump spoke, holds three thousand people, and there were at least seven thousand outside. I was also impressed by the crowd, a mix of all kinds of middle and working class people, very well-dressed, polite, happy, many of them with children and there were quite a few teenagers there, from goth types to the khaki pants and blazer set. Everyone was having a good time.  The crowd was almost all white. God, it was inspiring.

I saw counter protestors walk by to make their way to the protest area. One whigger had dreadlocks that reached to his ankles. No shit. There was a cheerful Muslim guy, all smiles and bubbling babu like voice as he offered boxes of Krispy-Kreme doughnuts to people in lone.

“Oh, yes,” he sing-songed, “Islam is a religion of peace. We want to share this with you. Please take. Islam is a way of loooove.” Two white women were with him, holding signs calling for an end to racism, that Islam was a religion of freedom, no hate in America, Christians Against Trump, etc.

I was tempted to throw the doughnuts back in the guy’s smiley-smiley face. He reminded me of a lecture I went to some years ago where a babu like him kept pumping everyone with the ‘religion of peace-love-tolerance’ stuff, and ‘women are freer in Islam than in any other religion’...all nice and friendly until they get the upper hand.  But on the sidewalk everyone cheerfully took the doughnuts (would you take food offered on the street by a total stranger? I wouldn’t, but I’m a security guard, so there.) Then, two weeks later, we get Brussels. Then, San Bernadino, and now, Orlando.

If there’s one thing you didn’t totally cover in the NW novels, it is Muslim responses to a NW republic. You’ve said the leadership of this country is a corporate-Zionist-homosexual conglomerate, but there is a Muslim element as well. Looking at Europe and its Islamic infestation, there is obviously approval to this invasion going on at the top. The leaders of the ‘democracies’ are letting these hordes in. The immediate answer is the Jews simply hate white people enough to see them replaced, and figure they’ll be able to ‘manage’ things, along with the upper class, who will be safely protected behind their walls. Maybe, but, Harold, along with the appeal of homosexuality to the upper class, there is something about Islam that attracts them as well. I know an Irish descended Jesuit-educated scholar who told me he almost became a Muslim, and writer Anthony Burgess confessed he almost converted as well. There’s something going on, unless it’s simply the intellectual class’s hatred of Christianity. As you’ve noted, a large segment of our race simply despise Christianity...the dead-Jew-on-a-stick acidity you recount.

I’m a Christian, attend church, and I’m thankful for your support of Christians. We aren’t all white-hating faux socialists, and Christianity as you and I knew it in our childhoods and the way it is now is very different, and I know we’ll not get it back the way it was, because too much has happened, and too many Christian leaders sold out.

When you announced your books were going out of print, I immediately bought Freedom’s Sons and Slow Coming Dark. I’d read Freedom’s Sons on the computer, but Slow Coming Dark is a new read. 

It was enjoyable, since Matt and Heather are always a good pair, and Visconti was a very intriguing, dignified character. I always perked up when he was on the page.

I was disappointed by the massive shoot out at the end, but this kind of fiction and your audience seems to demand this. I also thought the Hildebeest was underdone, and Clinton as well. I would have liked a more rounded picture of them. Also, since you write novels of character, those with a lack of it get short shrift.

I’d read Freedom’s Sons in the early drafts and offered you some criticisms. It’s a massive work, and I enjoyed most of it, and your way of defining the making of a country.

I’ve found much of  it more relevant as time goes on.

What is especially interesting is page 404. “What kept us from being physically overrun by literally billions of niggers and gooks during the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries?”

Explaining that tribal wars and chaos saved us is new and thoughtful, and I’d like to see you elaborate on it, since you were in Africa and  saw much of this.

Another part of your book I found thoughtful is page 481, when you bring up the possibility of most of our nuclear arsenal being nonfunctional. An article in The New Yorker on March 9, 2015, reported on a group of protestors who kept invading missile sites to paint anti-war messages on the missiles, and the author implied a lot of missiles might not be working, and that security for them was lax to barely nonexistent in some cases, since they’re too spread out to adequately protect, and the system keeps laying off security guards to cut corners.

The protestors were the usual sort of peaceniks, but you have to admire their dedication, especially older people who made their way in the dark and through brush, evading sentries. If only we had people that dedicated to white nationalism, but as you’ve said, there seems to be something programmed in us to do good for everything except our own race. Reminds me of a documentary of a group of marine biologists and environmentalists who went on a crusade to save tuna from being harvested in Japan, even sabotaging fishing boats so the fucking tuna could escape. It’s not really evil or totally stupid, but these people...well-educated, healthy, robust, the kind of folk who’d make up a team to fly to Mars...waste all their time on fish, and nothing for their own race and future. Somewhere, somehow, a circuit in their brains got shorted, or a moral instinct went dead from some kind of civilized virus.

It’s the way I feel about you and people like us, that we have some kind of  viral immunity to the indoctrination we’ve grown up with. Amidst the plague, we’re the ones who are immune.

You spoke of people who insist you read this or that or listen to people...‘Harold, you gotta hear this!’

You mentioned Red Ice radio, and I’ve heard them from time to time, and the host has some good topics on race, although there are also the UFO types and mystical sorts...what the British call the flat-earthers. One man I heard was Colin Flaherty, and his White Girl Bleed a Lot website. He had a good program, and his site also carries raw, informative stuff about nigger behavior, but on Red Ice,  halfway through the interview he announced he wasn’t a racist, he had no hard feelings about blacks, and his site is intended to show bad behavior, with no racial connotations. He didn’t exactly come out and say some of my best friends are... but it was close.  I wondered what Flaherty’s sudden about-face was for, then recall what you say, that most whites are happy to inform and show crappy behavior, but do nothing.

They feel when they’re aware, that’s all that’s needed.  Sort of like when I told you a few years ago when I heard Sam Francis lecture, and there were these desperate men waiting to see Sam clutching manila envelopes bulging with news clippings and typed pages...Sam, ya gotta read this...I imagine poor Mr. Francis had a trunk full of  ya gotta you.

Another site I’ve followed is run by Craig Hulet, and I’ve sure you’ve heard of him. He is an antiterrorism expert, and is on Coast-to-Coast a lot, and other stations. He has an accurate description of the ruling class and corporate control. Craig says there aren’t 535 members of Congress, but 535 corporate representatives who are bought and sold. Also, he maintains 9/11 was planned by Saudi Arabia, and Israel knew about it. Craig thinks elections are a joke. Fighting a one world system? It’s already here, he says. Hulet is more left then you are, and in talking about the elections, which he says what you say, that they’re a method of corporate control, not democracy in any real sense. In this, he is a practitioner of Samuel Huntington’s theories that a two-party system is a perfect device to preserve the ruling class’s continuity. It reminds me of  the novel The Leopard, where the ruling class in Sicily decides to go along with dumping their king and agreeing to a republic.  As they say:‘If things are going to stay the same around here, they’ve got to change.’

He kept predicting the presidential candidates will be Jeb (!) Bush and Hilary, saying Bush is primed to win, because he’s been groomed by the elites, and Hilary has too much baggage. He also said God help us if Bush gets in, because he’ll be a ruthless tyrant. Also, that the system will, with a new Supreme court justice, finally get rid of guns. He said the system is genuinely afraid of the American people and the second amendment.

Lately, Craig has said Jeb is still a possibility, since it is determined that the GOP will never let Trump have the nomination, or, if he does, then Bush will be VP, just like in 1980, when Reagan had Bush forced on him. I think if this happens, unlike the past, more white men will smell that the fix is in. As you and so many of us have said, Trump’s major accomplishment is to show how crooked ‘democracy’ is. This cycle, they really let the curtain fall, and maybe they don’t care anymore. After all, they’ve got the power.

Really, more people are realizing we’re not going to vote our way out of the present crisis.

Hulet also says Hilary is a very dangerous woman to put in charge of the government. If she wins, he says, she’ll need to be under medical observation. He thinks she really is mentally unhinged, and he’s uneasy with her being near the  nuclear football.

Also, Craig said the system indoctrinates people. Their tools of indoctrination are drugs, porn, sports, and music.

He has little faith the people will do anything. There aren’t enough conservatives because they’re now outvoted by the illegals, and, as he snidely puts it, ‘American people like to wiggle their toes and smile, and be told everything’s all right. Most young men are unemployed and live with their parents, playing computer games. The white American male ain’t got the cojones.’

Craig reminds me of Wally Post in The Brigade. He plays the corporate and patriot side.

Then, he’s like you in complaining how the internet ruins public participation. He said nine years ago, he always had crowds when he appeared to speak, and now they don’t show up. He has to stick to talk radio, and he’s kept off the big shows. When Craig is on radio, it’s funny how the callers on black talk shows seem to be quieter. The white shows always have these old Amurricans who rant, raise their voices ‘bout guns,  bringin’ God back, the people, stop the UN, bring back the Constitution, gotta do somethin’!!!’  Man, their voices really crack and they just won’t shut up.

He also agrees with you on race, but from a different perspective. He says whites will never accept blacks, that they hate being integrated with them, that all integration has been forced by the New World Order, and whites will never accept blacks as equals...but you understand Craig says this is a desultory way, to knock whites and play up to the black audience, like when he mentioned Ferguson “...we know black men are being gunned down by the police every day when they try to surrender, just like Michael Brown...” that’s when I shut off the radio.

But he’s listenable. At least he’s not a goofball like Glenn Beck. Yet, his tone and solutions remind me more of a status quo supporter or perhaps a provocateur, especially when he brags about his connections with government agents and counter-terrorists. He just sounds fishy.

There’s also a Matthew Bracken, who has a website Enemies Foreign and Domestic. He talks a good fight, but again, I see all these types on the ‘net, but they never unite. Everyone’s scattered and prefers to remain so, a pack of lone wolves who whimper instead of growl. Just like the Indians, who could never get it together. Which reminds me; a while back on the podcast, I compared you to our Sitting Bull, and you seemed to take offense. What I meant was, you’re like our spiritual leader, and if you and others were offended being compared to an Indian...well, as Sitting Bull complained about his own people becoming dependent on treaties and trade goods: ‘you are fools to give up your freedom and land of  your people for sugar, coffee, bacon , and mattresses.’ I think the comparisons are apt. 

* * *
 Poor Europe, eh, Harold? It’s sad seeing things happen there, but I’m also cold to it. All the muzzies swarming into Germany is, I agree with Bill White and you, a plan, and I’m numb. I should be angry seeing these babus assault and rape German women, but remember those photos of women in Germany holding banners reading ‘Welcome Refugees?’ It’s like in South Africa, where I read of communities of whites living in shacks, and are defenseless and out of work. Part of me wants to be angry, but, like Dr. Pierce said in the nineties, they voted themselves out of existence.

I still wonder why, oh why, didn’t the whites in South Africa  immediately form their own country? As you and Dr. Pierce intimated, they just were too used to their kaffirs to give them up, and democracy lulls your mind to sleep. Certainly there’s a case, like you say, that whites there, like in Europe, have had their masculinity bred out of them. 

I’ve met a few South Africans, and unlike the media image of them being aggressive and mean, tough rogues, they were very middle class and passive, a Boer version of  der Broedy Bunch. They seem, like Kevin Alfred Strom’s description of  his (our)  youthful America; a people who were decent and hard-working, but a little too naive and trusting of their government and democracy. Even now, I sense many South African whites live in their little gated islands and go tra-la-la; kind of like the Eloi in Wells’s Time Machine...waiting for the Morlocks to eat them. Although, in fairness to the Morlocks, they did run the machines and keep that society going, unlike our niggers and kaffirs.

I was stationed in Germany during the seventies, and visited there a few times after I was discharged. There were  lots of Gastarbeiter, and the Germans didn’t like them, but when I spoke to Germans about them, there was always a hands-up and shrugging ‘we need them,’ and, ‘we’ve got them under control.’  For a long time they did, and were very strict on keeping out a massive influx of families, but it couldn’t really be controlled, and by the early nineties, the Germans had a serious Turk problem that wasn’t going away.

The Turks showed no interest in assimilation. None. There were and are a few here and there who play German so they can get political power, then when they have it, go after the white power structure, although to be fair (again), they’re no more anti-white then a lot of leftists. I’ve seen them, and it’s the same kind of shock Orwell had when he encountered Marxist groups in the Spanish Civil War, dutifully purging anyone they didn’t like.

The self-hatred some of these whites have for their own skin is creepy, and if there was any serious effort to close the borders in Germany, there would be a racial and political civil war.  I really could see the leftists  massacre whole communities if ordered to.  Much like Clinton, the Schroeder regime just said the hell with keeping a lid on all the Turks and others floating in, the extreme left took over the policy, and, more so than in the seventies and eighties, the Holocaust got brought up over and over by you-know-who. When I recall the Clinton administration, it is the time when the Jews started sueing everyone, from the Swiss to us, to get reparations. Sort of like the end of the Cold War made them break out of the pen and start hunting for prey. I feel that the unified Germany I wanted, when it finally happened, seemed to destroy the Germans.

Merkel, echoing your remarks about the hidden hand in The Iron Dream, really seems to be a sleeper agent. There’s something about her that’s just wrong.

When I was younger, I spoke to Germans my own age who’d been in the Bundeswehr, who were liberal but wanted to see Germany strong and confident, and had no doubt  they were prosperous and hard-working, and kept much of Europe going. It seems that kind of confident, orderly mentality ended in the Clinton era. There was something insidious about Clinton. He really brought some kind of moral and feminine rot with him, copied by Blair and his ‘Cool Britannia’  shit.  To recap what I said above, there’s just something wrong about these leaders. It reminds me of a security class I went to for re-certification, and the instructor, an ex-cop, broke out of the training mode to say that  lots of people (cops) feel that the country is going in the wrong direction, and it’s sad how the good people seem to get punished while the bad people get a pass, or as you’d say, a permission slip.

I think about this when talk goes to Trump. I have many of the same reservations you have, and mostly I think he’s thirty years too late. The immigrant problem (actually a barbarian invasion) really got hot around 1980, and Reagan could have stopped it but didn’t, yet, again, there seems to have been a reluctance throughout the West to save the race, as though that breathing space you talked about in Freedom’s Sons had ended, and it finally burst through the gates. 

I think of the Roman emperor Diocletian; stern and fanatical, trying to restore the old values, but failing. I recall the journalist Sebastian Haffner say that, perhaps centuries from now, Hitler will be seen as a kind of Diocletian who proposed a radical, monstrous way to save the West. But really, there’s nothing to restore. As you’ve said, we have to move on.

* * *

Entertainment. I don’t watch much TV.  Partly due to our movement’s dislike of the ‘entertainment’ it offers, but I also work evenings, and it’s no great loss. When I read Entertainment Weekly (assuming you actually can read it and not just feast on pictures and blurbs), I see a world that says nothing to me. There is a network, METV (Memorable Entertainment), that shows old sitcoms and dramas over and over. Also there’s the GRIT TV, showing all the westerns ever made (and God knows there were enough, weren’t there?), and I suppose networks like this are for people who don’t care for the usual offerings with their multicultural, sadism lite shows.  You can even see old Johnny Carson shows now. Jeez, Harold, are people that hard up for entertainment?

I did like watching some of METV. It was fun to see F Troop again, an old childhood favorite, and also seeing these 60’s shows in color (my family only  had black and white), but really, how many times can you see I Dream of Jeannie? Once was enough, or, in the case of My Mother the Car, once was too much. It reminds me that most TV then was pretty much temporal entertainment. All the sitcoms, westerns really hasn’t changed much, just updated, feminized and niggerized. So you have METV, which is a symptom of whites ignoring reality and changing the channels, which seems to be a racial trait nowadays.

 I did watch Elementary, the new Sherlock Holmes series, where Lucy Liu is Watson and Johnny Lee Miller is Holmes. It’s another example of a traditional hero who has to have an ethnic assigned to him to keep an eye on him...and, by implication, us. It is kind of diverting. There was one episode where a murder occured at a Jewish foundation gathering shekels for Holocaust survivors, and the chief Jew is skimming the profits. Wow...a Jew actually ripping people off about the Holohoax. You don’t see that every day, but you do more often, because I sense it’s losing it’s aura. People are getting a little tired of Jews. They, like our rulers, aren’t covering their tracks anymore.

One series I catch when I get off work is Seinfeld. I always liked it because it’s genuinely funny, and gives you insights into Jews. Larry David was a kind of truth teller, and occasionally juxtaposes Jew and gentile groups to show how cracked up Jews are. I understand in Americanized Germany they refused to show Seinfeld: it was considered too Jewish.

I’ve never gotten into Game of Thrones. I did read the first of R.R. Martin’s novels to get a feel for the series. It’s not bad, but has much convoluted prose, which sword and sorcery readers seem to love.  I think your writing is a lot easier to read, and you get to the point.

 A problem I have with the series is that they’re all dislikable or at least characters I don’t root for, unlike the cast of the Northwest novels. The characters Tyrion and Daenerys are  fairly sympathetic, but also Martin’s prose for them is simpler and more approachable, and that translates to the series. Although Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys,  looks Jewish in a horsey kind of way, and the bleached hair and dark eyebrows don’t fit. She looks like a Jew trying to pass as a gentile.

I gave up watching after season two, when Cersei gave this speech that was so nihilistic and soul-killing, I simply lost all interest in the series. It sums up that world. I want some good guys here and there. Also, Joffre, the nutcase king...I watched I Claudius many years ago, and John Hurt played Caligula. He was crazy too, but you kind of liked some parts of him, and Hurt was also funny now and then. Joffre is just a crazy monster, and after three episodes, I kept thinking ‘for God’s sakes, someone just kill him.’

And recently I’ve heard that a large number of Game of Thrones fans would like to see Tyrion as president instead of Trump or the Hildebeest. Much like a college offered Game of Thrones as a study course in Medieval History. It’s a sad example how Americans (and Europeans) are substituting TV fantasy for reality; like Kievsky, a VNN viewer, said some years ago that the Jews offer a Midrash on reality; that is, they saturate you with fantasy images so much that you begin to believe they are reality...such as endless TV/movie bits on a responsible nigger president, or kickass women warriors who can easily whip four men at Kievsky said, as you’ve said, people won’t believe a revolution is happening until they see it on TV, which he warned was dangerous for WN, because we must deal with reality.  The whole sword and sorcery business only confirms what you wrote about feminists seizing publishing (page 94, The Iron Dream).  Now, with all the transgender shit coming out, I note in Publishers Weekly where they report on the growing titles about transgender literature.

But as you’ve said, the Northwest novels are novels about character, and I’m more comfortable with your cast and their struggles.

A series I watch when the DVD’s come out is Veep, where Julia Louise Dreyfuss plays Selina Meyer, an incredibly neurotic VP with a staff and world that lives and dies by tweets, instapolls, Beltway buzz. It seems an awful lot like the world of the Hildebeest, and it’s funny because Selina has all these liberal ideas that she wants to implement, but they all go to shit. When she  comes out for something like restricting immigration, a tough stand on terrorists, less gun control and getting tough on crime, her poll numbers go up, and she’s appalled. Selina wants to be worthy, but being a self-absorbed, authoritarian bitch gets in the way of her better self. Sound like anyone we know?

Also, Selina despises her fellow pols, and they despise her. It seems to capture pretty well that kind of world. Once, Julia was talking so fast that ‘doing’ came out ‘doingk’...nice to see her Jewish roots come out.

I’ve also thought about the Twilight Zone. If you remember the episode The Howling Man, what better way to show the Jew being unloosed on the world, and a desperate man trying to lock them up again? Or  the episode It’s a Good Life, where the creepy little kid rules a town, terrifying everyone when he points his finger: ‘You’re a bad man. You’re a very bad man!’

What better depiction of the PC world? You should get that audio for the show

A series I really like is Turn, based on the book Washington’s Spies, dealing with the Culpeper spy ring Washington operated. Turn isn’t just a period piece. It’s really good drama, especially about people concealing their true selves, dealing with an oppressive government, and both trying and avoiding to be used by others. I think it has a lot of depth, and think about you when I watch it, because it has a lot of HAC themes in the stories, and much of the conflict wouldn’t be far removed from the world of the NW novels...especially when the Americans start spying, and they’re reminded they need a goddamn system to make it work, and people who don’t do it for the money. Most of the characters are based on real people. Benedict Arnold and Washington, for example, remind you of Hal and Hotspur, and Washington comes across as a very astute spymaster, but also struggles with fighting a war while keeping a moral code.

Robert Rogers (of Roger’s Rangers) is amoral, serves the king, and is a ruthless killer. Angus Mcfadyen, the actor that plays him, reminds me of you. 

Watching it, I easily see the patriots as the NW volunteers and the British as the American empire, and many of those who support the British really do it out of money or indifference. The It’s about people taking a stand, and  giving up their comforts for something better. I’d love to send you the DVDs if you’d watch them.

* * *

The question is, why am I not in the Northwest? My age, for starters. I’m sixty-four now,  and like the NA when I went to their meetings here when they were still a unit, I think you want young families. I haven’t much of a family. My brother is all I have left, and we’re distant in the usual American way. He disappears for weeks at a time, mostly teaching law enforcement classes, even though he’s a retired cop. He’s also stuck taking care of his granddaughter. His wife runs the house (another reason we don’t keep in touch: she doesn’t like me around. ) His adopted daughter from Russia is a doper and pot smoker,  was raped by their next-door neighbor (who only got two years in jail), lives at home and is probably turning tricks, and has no interest in her daughter. So, at sixty-nine, my brother is stuck taking the kid to day care, playing with her, etc., 

The father was a Marine who got a disability and like so many people you’ve described, didn’t really grow up until he was thirty. Now he’s cleaned up his act, works at a rent-a-car agency, and is pretty much into workaday life. I’ve met him and he’s okay, but like a lot of Americans, there’s a kind of mindless passivity that runs him. The only real institution or morals he ever had in his life was the Marines. My brother is still waiting for him to  take care of his daughter, but although he has the child on weekends, he’s not much into being a full-time daddy.  My brother asked his parents if they could help with taking care of the girl. They said it was their son’s problem, not theirs.

Also, the father is dating a black girl now.

All of this just recaps how very screwed up American family life has become. There are good families like my uncle’s kids. All four of them in top jobs, from carpenter to Congressman, and they’ve all got healthy, happy kids. But so many people, like my brother, are just stuck. He agrees with us racially, and his wife is very right wing and gung-ho for Trump, and no friend of niggers, but the personal domestic garbage messes it all up. 

My brother and I had (and knew) both sets of stable grandparents, our parents, even though they got divorced, were pretty square (although Mother was an alcoholic), but today everything’s so fragmented. It’s like Rush Limbaugh said today, that so many Americans have no real values or anything resembling a moral order. They’re just drifting and doped up. The NWF, as I see it, should take the remnant...the good, stable people...and use them for a place of retreat. As you’ve said, the white race needs to regroup and get its house in order. It needs to flush away the moral relativism and dead-end nihilism and niggerization that it’s been infected with. You and I and others almost seem to have an antibody against the rot, and sticking around to hope for ‘true conservatives’ to take back the country is a waste. The rot could be cleaned out of the system, but Jesus, Harold, it’s got to be cleaned out; not as Limbaugh et al. do and keep talking about two election cycles from now, when true conservatives will be elected, and...blah-blah, yadda-yadda, rhubarb-rhubarb.

I recall what Tom Wolfe said when his book The Bonfire of the Vanities came out, that to restore America from what he put it as the Sixties madness, you’d need at least twenty years of strong conservative presidencies, both houses of Congress, a new media, and a step-by-step repeal of most social legislation. That was in the eighties, and we see none of that even had a chance  of happening.

I feel a better solution is what the Roman empire had to do: split into two, and let the unsalvageable parts fall, and keep what could be kept.

 The description you have of America in the latter part of Freedom’s Sons is really becoming true: large, rural swaths of whites, urban centers overrun with coloreds. The big reason the NW movement hasn’t really took off is that are at least two dozen NW republics once you get twenty miles away from the nearest niggerville. You’ve given the reasons why people don’t, but I did vote for him in the Missouri primary. As Craig Hulet said, what will Trump followers do if he actually wins the nomination and Jeb Bush is his VP? That’s what happened with Reagan.

As you predicted (imagined?) in Freedom’s Sons, eventually, people in the rural areas will simply start ignoring edicts from the feds, and just get on with life. That’s if they are still a coherent racial group, and the money finally goes bust. Like all mercs, their code is no money, no battle.

You said that Bush was probably the last sexually normal white man who will be elected president, and that looks true. If Cruz would have gotten elected, he’d have been the first Hispanic and already our political system is slowly ceasing to be white, and Hilary and Sanders (Pete Seeger without the banjo) are openly anti-white although Sander’s supporters are mostly white.

But this election’s saving grace, as well as that of Trump, is to show the system for what it is. If enough people finally get it, maybe at last they’ll decide to go for the Northwest, or a local variant.  But there’s that niggling little demon of inaction and, as you put it in a recent podcast, people looking up to the sky like those niggers at Hurricane Katrina, waiting for someone to come down and save them.

* * *

I read with much interest your views on writing and publishing, and I agree with them. I also read a funny and fairly honest article by Fred Reed on writing, and he pumped Elderberry Press.

As Fred put it, New York agents seem programmed to publish nothing unless it’s by Hilary Clinton. I knew Edward St. John, the editor of Elderberry, when I wanted to publish my WN novel back in the nineties. He liked it, but it would have cost me eight thousand dollars, and was unaffordable. He did give some good advice, and he’s since died. I think his wife runs the company, but when I sent inquiries, there was no reply. Maybe she gave up. I since gave up the WN novel. It was good, but needed trimming although had a lot of well-written sections. As you can guess, like Slow Coming Dark was immersed in the politics of the nineties, which dates it.  Yet I was prophetic about race relations and government venality so that we’re now seeing what I wrote. 

Really, you do the WN better than I do, and it’s hard to see anyone top you there. I’ve been writing all my life, and it’s fair to say it has defined me. I’m poor, but it doesn’t bother me, and I think that you’re the same way in your art.  I’m not quite into your holy poverty, but like you, I’m non-materialistic.  I had a comfortable life growing up, and don’t need the goodies. We’re unlike Rush Limbaugh, with his constant bragging about one hundred dollar Ruth Chris steaks, the imported cigars, all his hanging out with sports types and the name dropping. We know Rush says some good things, but he and much of the ‘conservative community’ are into mammon. Really, he could tell the truth and still have a career, but the toys are too hard to give up. Like you, I wonder how someone with say, a three million dollar income could cringe that it’s not enough to live on, or that if he ticks off the puppetmasters, he could be cut off.

Now that I’m sixty-four, I agree with something you said a while back that it’s hard to write like I used to. I can’t concentrate as much, and where I could work on four projects at once, now I have to put my efforts one at a time. But these days, I’m mostly revising. There’s a novel that’s 700 plus pages that I’m trying to get into a 450 page length. Like you, I tend to write long novels. An historical romance of mine is 920 pages, but fortunately I have a quick, readable style, and one of the men in my writer’s group told me in confidence he thinks I’m the most skillful writer in the group. Then, that 700 page novel is about Germany, and I admit I’m depressed about recent events there, and it holds up my story of Germany in the seventies. To see a people (or at least their rulers) simply give up and choose extinction. Whenever I see news from Germany, I always think Deutschland Erwache! 

I work hard at rewriting and laughed when in The Iron Dream you described your earlier days writing on page 184, carrying your typewriter packed away from place to place. I know what that’s like, and I’m very thankful for the computer. It’s hard to believe there was life before spell check.

I was honored to read your draft of Freedom’s Sons and The Brigade. I like the way you have a readable style that isn’t pretentious but is very well-crafted, and the way you make your characters very identifiable and well-rounded.

I’ve thought of returning to my WN novel, especially since so much of what I wrote is coming to pass.  Back in 1991, I predicted Obama, Sarah Palin, and a sort of Trump, but you’ll agree anyone who was in the know twenty years ago and could see where things were going could come up with the same worldview. My big failure was creating a war where both sides split up the U.S. arsenal and had it out. In my book, a kind of Waco/PC raid starts a civil war, and that’s not going to happen. No one will fight, and I don’t see the point of trying to recreate that kind of world. When I wrote that, I pictured the niggers, beaners, and radicals breaking up into their own nations out of the U.S. Instead, it’s us who’ll have to make the NWR and leave them the greater part.

If anything is realistic, it’s probably 1985, a novella Anthony Burgess wrote in 1978, where he envisions a Britain that’s falling apart under uncontrolled socialism and PC madness, while at the same time the Muslims are buying up the country, setting up mosques, and, since they secretly bought all the breweries, slowly watering down the booze. But Burgess’s hero takes it. He almost joins the Muslims, but when they break a strike and a man dies, he quits because he hates violence. That’s western man, Harold. He won’t fight. He just takes it, and, as you put it, the argument of the gun is never used.  Our hero, placed in a reeducation center, finally kills himself.

It reminds me of Dominique Venner, a French writer, who in The Shock of History spoke of Europe’s crisis, saying ‘The crisis is not political-it is spiritual and civilizational. The USA and USSR froze Europe into immobility. When the Berlin wall fell, history began to move again.’ Unfortunately, history means all those hordes of wogs that you referred to in Freedom’s Sons. And Venner? He got so despondent he killed himself.  Just what we need.

* * *

Like you, I’ve always been attracted to the theater. I remembered your talking about theater on page 179 of Dreaming the Iron Dream, and I sense the frustrated actor in much of your writing, and how these talents weren’t allowed to develop. I think the Kelly Shipman story in A Mighty Fortress is reflective of this. Was there really a play about a platypus somewhere in HAC’s past? I’ve done some acting, but I’m happier writing plays, but no one wants to put them on. I’ve done a couple of historical plays that did very well in staged readings and the audience liked them a lot, but I can't impress the directors and agents, and yes, we know what persuasion they are. 

I’ve also written several screenplays, although I doubt any would be made. Like you, I like stories about character, and I also am fond of the novels of Charles Brockden Brown (1771-1815), our first novelist. He has a gothic style that influenced Poe and Hawthorne, and I was overwhelmed reading his works. I adapted his Ormond, dealing with a yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia, a girl struggling to survive poverty and sickness, and meeting the proverbial tall, dark stranger who is a member of the Illuminati, and is almost a prototype of Dracula.  In Ormond, Brown talks of the Illuminati achieving control over people without their even knowing it, so they would work for the Illuminati’s agenda unconsciously. I think that’s amazing prescience for an eighteenth century writer.

Then there’s Edgar Huntly, dealing with sleepwalkers, Indians on the loose, a mysterious cave, and our young hero discovering he is a sleepwalker, and he kills then eats a panther, just in time to take on the Injuns. Read it and you’ll see how Cooper ripped off Edgar Huntly for The Last of the Mohicans. I was a finalist in a local screenwriting contest, and people liked the story, although the winner of the contest was...what else? A zombie movie.

Another screenplay of mine entered in a state contest for Missouri stories won me a three day fellowship, which was nice and we three finalists met with Bob Gale (Back to the Future), Phillip LeZebnick (Mulan), and Sandra McClearland, a writer on Touched By An Angel. I enjoy writing screenplays, but know it’s damned hard to get one made, and also that my chances are slim of favoring the tribe in L.A.

As one producer, Lawrence Bender, said to a director: "you are about to make your Bar Mitzvah movie. You are effectively going to be let into the tribe."  That lets you know what little chance an outsider has. After all, the screenwriting directions MOS, meaning silence, are short for 'Mit out sound,' showing the Jew influence.

I do, however, want to write a screenplay about you. In my story, a Jewish hotshot director pisses off Hymiewood. He somehow gets locked out, and to get even, he decides to join a neo-Nazi group, build them up, and give it back to Hollywood. He’s disappointed in all the Goat dancers until he meets an HAC figure, and together they form a national movement, taking an NA like group with a few hundred members into a party of 300,000. Then Hymiewood and DC decide it’s time to call that strange little man who lives alone, waiting for that phone call. Our Jew has to decide whether to sell out this movement or be heroic.

I see it as a comedy.

* * *

You say a lot of people who write you are depressed and unhappy. I’m certainly not. I enjoy life, and think that, despite all the problems and aspects of it we complain about, it has been a wonderful place to grow up, both for you and me. As a security guard (the last job allowed white males, you said in Dreaming The Iron Dream), I’ve enjoyed viewing society, been able to keep my independence, and also it gives me  a lot of time to write, which really is what I’m about, as are you. I know you’ve mentioned how difficult your family was, (Fire and Rain was only the tip of the iceberg, I suspect), and mine wasn’t like that. My mother was an alcoholic, but she overcame it and recovered to enjoy her life and make a contribution. My father, although formal (as a lot of dads were then...I dread all this hugging nowadays), was someone I respected. He was a state trooper, and when he quit, applied to become a U.S. Marshal (when you spoke of them in a podcast a few months ago, I was reminded of this), and they had to choose between him and a black guy. They took the black, but Dad moved on, worked in a funeral home, and did very well. In fact, he was one of the first men in St. Louis to argue for a paramedic system of ambulances instead of the clusterfuck way of having funeral homes do the ambulance work. He always had dignity and authority.

In many ways I listen to you because you sound like my father. His voice was as deep as yours, with almost the same intonations and pauses, as well as expressions, except he didn’t speak in a North Carolina accent.  In the army I met a Tarheel who gave me a good-natured lecture on the difference between North and South Carolina, to the Palmetto’s disadvantage. So I’ve felt a long kinship with you ever since you sent me Dreaming The Iron Dream and The Stars in Their Path. I’d say I have many similar feelings about reincarnation you have (and I enjoyed your quotation of Job 14:14 you enclosed in the book you sent me in 2005), and would like to relate a spiritual experience I had pertaining to that, but it will be for another time.

[Personal and identifying material snipped]

Harold, you don’t have to reply. I know you’re busy, and this is just another long letter you always get, but I had to write to you, and send you some money. You’re going to need it in the coming months, and I wish you the best.

I remember an article the journalist Paul Johnson wrote about the eighties, and he referred to a painting by the Victorian Hunt called The Awakening, where a ‘fallen’ woman hears an old song and suddenly revives and is ready to give up her present life for a better one. That moment needs to come to so many white people, and the NWF is doing something. Like you keep saying, the only group doing anything.

Again, you don’t have to write back. I know you, and there’s no need to say how you agree or disagree. You have enough work to do. But I will send you 120.00 a year.



Anonymous Uncle Nasty said...

You're right. It was a loooong post, but worth every minute. I would not shorten it by a word.

Keep up the good work.
Uncle Nasty

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Trainspotter said...

Max has an enjoyable, readable writing style. Hopefully, he'll consider putting his WN novel online at some point.


7:16 PM  

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