Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Another Glorious FBI Sting

A few warning notes here:

I dug around on the Net on this one. I am unable to locate a photograph of this Nicholas Young Induhvidual, so I can't confirm his race, but he is described as a "convert to Islam" who "dressed up as Jihadi John for Halloween."

That sounds like something a nigga would do, although granted, there are a lot of Whiteboys out there who are as dumb as a bag of hammers, dumb enough to do something like that. (Jackass springs to mind.) Black or White, he is obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Many of the people targeted by the secret police as career-building patsies are mentally "dull normal," to put it politely. 

Our friends in the silk suits were evidently on this Induhvidual's ass since 2009. That's seven years of time, effort, man-hours, and taxpayer's money they spent trying to entrap him. In this latest round of sleuthing their informer met with him over 20 times. (This is assuming there is any truth at all in the official version of events released to the media, which since we are now in what some journalists refer to as the Post Factual Era, there may not be.) Never underestimate how tenacious these people can be in pursuit of a fabricated conviction that will justify all that expended budget and get them a commendation in their personnel files.

They finally got him for the horrendous overt criminal act of purchasing gift cards, and he will spend the rest of his life in the prison-industrial complex as a slave laborer because the informer confirms on the witness stand that these gift cards were "intended for ISIS."

The mighty FBI might not have been able to stop the real Islamic murderers in San Bernardino or Fort Hood or Orlando; they might not have been able to nail the Hildebeest on clear evidence of treason, espionage and corruption after fifteen months of investigation (all it took was a little chat between Billyboy and the mulatto woman on the airport tarmac to scotch that one) and their most glorious exploit of late may be sending 100 agents to shoot down an old man in the snow in Oregon--but by God, they nailed this dumbass to the wall for buyin' them thar terrorist gift cards! 

The point I'm making here is that it is no longer necessary for someone who has been targeted for personal, physical destruction by the dictatorship to be caught "holding" common household chemicals for the informer in their garage, or anything even remotely violent or conspiratorial or indicative of any actual intent to commit any crime at all. The legal requirement that you actually do something in order to be arrested is long gone in this country. A targeted individual commits some perfectly legal act, and then the informer swears in court it was "in aid of terrorism," the ISIS boogeyman or whoever.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to and read the PDF of the booklet "RATS!" by a certain 'Claire Woolfe.'

Basically says everything HAC has been telling you all for years (including the one that if someone asks or offers to procure weapons and explosives, they ARE a law enforcement plant). But I figure, maybe if it comes from someone else, someone with a kind sounding female name, you all might listen.

9:50 AM  

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