Monday, July 11, 2016

Yeah, I Know, I'm Getting Really Lazy

It's just that so many of these graphics are so damned good! I'll give the alt.right this much: it is providing an outlet for the creativity of our (mostly) young people. Problem is, sometimes the script can be a little small for the screen. Hope you guys can read this one. It's cute.


Blogger Luek said...

The mass media seems to report on the Trump Campaign like it does ISIS. It has reported gleefully that the leaders of ISIS have been killed by drones and ISIS is being defeated on all fronts. But they fail to report that they have been reporting these "facts" for YEARS now and ISIS has even exported its terrorism to the West.

Like media reports on the demise of ISIS they report gleefully that the Trump Campaign bank is broke and the Hildabeast has tons of donated (legally?)funds to spend. Also, they report Trump politically dead in the water and really wasting his time running for a position he has no hope of winning. However, Trump still draws massive enthusiastic crowds to his rallies and has momentum gains every week plus the free publicity the media gives him by reporting his political demise and publishing unflattering pictures of him. Let's hope Trump wins because the alternative will be hell.

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