Thursday, July 28, 2016

That Old Home Town Of Mine

[I got a contact from my old stomping grounds of Raleigh, N.C. the other day. I asked the guy how things were back home, small h. - HAC] 

Sorry for the late response. I'd have to say terrible. Just tons of Muslims, 'groids, Indians and Mexicans everywhere. A lot of times I'm the only White person where I go.

It's pretty dangerous, really, in my opinion. You're lucky you aren't here these days. It's one thing to be pissed about seeing an entire area swiped with the tar brush, but it will downright enrage you to see what you once called home look this way. It blows my mind that you said the Klan once marched down Fayetteville Street.

My plan was originally to finish school here and then migrate with my degree (chemical engineering) to the Northwest. I'd be able to get a good job, somewhat close to 100k, and I'd be able to help the party a lot financially. I really don't understand these stingy assholes who could piss on a 100 dollar bill but would rather do that instead of giving it to you. 

My grades have suffered terribly due to being a total minority everywhere I go. This combined with only running into mudsharks, friends of mudsharks and feminists has made meeting women impossible. Even your standard kosher conservative women are pretty much nonexistent.

My "conservative" Christian friends understand my points but mock me just the same.  My parents expect me to be an A+ student and I'm practically failing because of all this. They agree with my WN views, which I am very lucky for in that regard, but they can't seem to understand why I'm failing things. I've learned by being here that your day-to-day interactions, what you live around, will effect your quality of life even if you aren't realizing it.

So that's something maybe WNs should think about in regards to where they are. I see myself moving back to Charlotte soon where I am from, which is just as bad or worse. I think Raleigh is 50 percent White while Charlotte is only 40 percent. I'd only go there for a few months to get things in order before moving to the NW in January to start/finish school.

There are six schools I can go to that I'll probably be sending applications to. Unfortunately the University of Montana is about an hour east of 15 so I wouldn't technically be inside the borders, but I'd move inside them once I was done if I ended up going there. 

So yeah, it sucks here. There is nothing here to come back for. If you'd like me to take some flowers to your parents' graves or something and send a picture to you I'd be happy to do so. I hope to see all you guys up there at some point soon. Thanks for reading.



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