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From Bill White 7-7-2016

[Guys, Bill's support system obviously needs some shoring up. He needs people to do important things for him that for a variety of reasons I simply am not in a position to do. - HAC]

Hello Harold:

You can publish this letter if you like.

I am tired.  One cannot imagine how tired I am.  I am in prison for a nonsense case, a crime that I clearly didn't commit, which was proven by the government with not only ridiculous and prima facie impossible perjury, but with forensic evidence which they have admitted was incorrect, and documents which, now that I have some of the originals, anyone can see were clearly altered.  

I was convicted of the crimes because, as my attorneys stated on the record, they did not even read my discovery, and they made no serious effort to defend me at trial.  One of them berated me throughout the proceedings, demanding that I plead the guilty;  the other one, while I was being tortured nearly to the point of death, lied to me in order to persuade me that he was defending me when he intended to throw the case.

This would be tiring enough.  But foolishly, I continued to dispute my convictions -- convictions which I know, in my heart, have no basis in and were never intended to have any basis in either the facts or the law.  

First, I have spent two years trying to collect evidence to prove my innocence. There are many witnesses who know that I did not commit these crimes. About half have simply up front refused to provide a statement, saying that they are afraid of the United States, and don't want to be a target.  The others I hired counsel to take statements from.  My counsel botched the job.  The first investigator put on the case decided that if he couldn't reach them by e-mail, it wasn't worth the effort to do what he was paid to do and physically find them. So I spent a year and a half spinning my wheels with that mess.

Throughout these proceedings, the dictatorship has done everything in their power to prevent me from defending myself.  They prevented me from having access to my discovery, the evidence against me, for a while.  They prevented me for a while from having any contact with my own attorneys.  When this became too obvious they just impeded me, placing me under "management," despite the fact that in the eight years I have been in prison, I have never been accused of doing anything inappropriate. 

They have also created this bizarre myth that I have "followers," which is apparently based on the plot of a television crime drama I haven't seen. I think a female assistant United States Attorney may have come up with that one. My problem has always in part been that I don't have enough followers who are willing to do what I ask of them to assist in my legal defense,

I was fortunate enough to get to Chicago and have access to a phone for a year.  Using that access, I was able to hire secondary investigators who found my witnesses -- witnesses who, no surprise, didn't get the communications from the first investigator. To do this, I had to fight with my own supposed supporters who, despite having a legal fund which exists for no purpose except to hire lawyers, and investigators, told me that they "didn't feel it was necessary" to hire the people I needed because if the first one didn't succeed it was obviously "impossible."

So for months I struggled against my own "support" to get the necessary signatures. Similarly, in my cases I have provided sworn affidavits, and everything else proper to bring myself into court.  However, in opinion after opinion, it seems clear that the courts literally have not even read the pleading and affidavits that I've provided.  

The judges make up rules that don't exist -- like saying that my sworn statement is "conclusory" because it is "self-serving," even though the case law says the exact opposite, or requiring that signatures be notarized, when that requirement was abolished seven years ago.  Frankly, my long experience in the federal courts has taught me that judges often don't know what the law is, and simply hold prisoner pleadings in contempt.  So every time I go into court with competent evidence, and tell the truth, without my evidence even being read, I get called a "liar" and summarily thrown out.  

True, many times my cases have been reinstated on appeal.  But why do I constantly have to be appealing things that are nonsense?

I am just tired.  

I am tired of constantly having to fight everyone.  I am tired of constantly having to fight the United States, which is a Satanic, illegitimate entity that doesn't care about truth or justice or anything except exterminating whatever is good in this world through whatever means are available -- torture, perjury, forgery, whatever.  

I am tired of having to fight the people who "support" me to get basic, normal, things like hiring lawyers and investigators done.  I am tired of telling the truth and being called names, and then whenever I provide documentary evidence that I am telling the truth, being told that my evidence won't be regarded for reasons that do not even exist in the law, or, which the law specifically says are not reasons for disregarding the evidence. I am so tired of being confronted with a society full of people that is based upon lies, cowardice, greed, envy and insanity passing as normality.

I am tired.


[I might point out that in the past eight years Bill has more then once been offered time-served plea bargains if he would just plead guilty to SOMETHING, thereby admitting that SOMETHING HAPPENED, whatever it might have been, and thus letting the dictatorship and the dictator's servants off the hook. I suspect that one of the reasons he is being so viciously persecuted is that they know they fucked up and if this ever somehow sees the light of day some careers are going to end up in Gnome, Alaska. (Any actual punishment for wrong-doing is simply a fantasy, as the events of two days ago prove.

Things are starting to move forward for the Party now, albeit at a glacial pace, and I myself am running short of time to help Bill, as badly as he needs it. Please contact him and help him. - HAC] 

William A. White  #13888-084
USP Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


Anonymous BadGoy said...

Too bad what happened to Bill. This is what happens when one tries to save their own people.

Shit like this makes me want to say fuck it and give up. I am honestly starting to be convinced white people deserve to go extinct. Why should any of us sacrifice anymore.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

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