Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bill White On Orlando Shooter

Islamic State Shoots 102 Fags In Orlando; Obama
Blames White Supremacists
by Bill White

[NB: Due to glitches in the censoring and photocopying of Bill's mail by incompetent and lazy FBI agents, his articles are often long delayed, so yeah, this one is a little dated. - HAC]

President Barack Obama, appearing at a news conference in a kufi and flowing white robe, responded to the shooting of 102 brown and black fags inside an Orlando night club by denouncing “White supremacists” and promising a continued crackdown on the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups.
“This wasn’t real Islamic terror”, Obama stated, “The shooter converted to Islam while in the club’s bathroom talking to a 9-11 dispatcher. The root cause of this attack was racism—systemic racism and remnants of White supremacy. For this reason, I am announcing an immediate focus on racist White people, a $100 million budget increase, and a 100,000 arrest quota to be met by Friday.”
When asked how he would arrest so many when White people—even “racist” ones –weren’t weren’t committing crimes, Obama responded: “We don’t need them to commit the crimes. As Andrei Vyshynsky said, the thought is the crime. We will commit the crimes and torture those white honkies until they confess, just as we’ve been doing for twenty years.”
Obama’s account of the shooter, Omar Mateen’s alleged conversion to Islam in a gay night club’s bathroom suggested Obama’s own conversion. As a child, Obama worshiped Hanuman, the monkey god of Indonesia. But Obama converted to Islam after a sexual affair with a Pakistani man at Harvard. Obama later joined the “Reverend” Wright’s “down-low” club in Chicago, a meeting place for gay Muslim men who pretended to be Christian hetero-sexuals during the day. There Obama met Dennis Hastert, Lindsey Graham, and other members of the Republican gay mafia who assured Obama’s victory in 2008 by nominating John McCain as his opponent.
Joined at his press conference by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a nutty anti-Muslim Somali bitch beloved by America’s Judaeo-occult élite, Obama made clear his support for Islamic gender-bending by donning a hijab and demanding that reporters call him “Lat” and Ms. Ali “Uzza”.
“The only brown-skinned fags I want being shot to death are members of the U.S. military,” Obama continued. “And I don’t mean Antonio Brown.”
“Captain” Brown, a nigger moron aged 30, was one of Mateen’s Orlando victims. His mother, Rosetta Evans, who has a different last name because she never married Brown’s baby-daddy, told the press that Brown had been taking a Ph.D. course by mail in black gay film, a skill in high demand in the modern U.S. military, and was only a few months shy of becoming Dr. Antonio Brown.  Brown’s first film, a gay porn flick, featured many of the young men serving under him, and Brown was out celebrating when Mateen thankfully killed him.
Obama-Lat’s statement distracted from the bizarre parade of sympathyless victims featured in Judæo-occult news stories. The scum of the earth, these mostly Puerto Rican homos looked like the revelers in the ancient rites of Cybele and Dionysos. Many could not be definitely identified as man or woman, most were clearly mentally ill, and none were White.
Donald Trump’s response was thus, ironic. He immediately demanded closing the borders against Islam, while failing to note that the Puerto Ricans and other mud-people don’t belong in a White nation either. Most of the faggots killed had recently moved to Orlando from Puerto Rico, a bankrupt, broke territory that resembles every county and city of the United States run by niggers.
Hillary Clinton joined Obama in blaming White supremacy, and White people in general, for the violence. “We have to take these honkies’ guns,” Clinton told her multi-cultural gay crowd. Her wrinkled jowls flapping along with masses of skin hanging from her arms, Clinton screeched like a badly played bagpipe, telling her equally ugly crowd that the problem was White men.

Judæo-occult newspapers, many run by America and Europe’s homosexual and pedophile elite, sent senior commentators, many of them former Obama advisers turned viziers, to the press conference in long, flowing robes. After Obama’s remarks, they held a brief slave market, where they bought and sold young boys and planned to sell the families of the 100,000 Obama demanded arrested.
One man, shouting from the crowd, tried to point out that America has turned into a lunatic asylum and that the daily parade of homosexuality and abortion and bizarre sexual perversion which constitutes American life under Obama is insane. “The Emperor wears no vlothes!” the man shouted, causing Obama to drop his white robe revealing him in nothing but leather chappes and a kufi. Obama then knelt to pray, shouting “Allahu Akbar” while Ali mounted him.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw this comment on a fox news board on the latest black mooslim attack in Baton Rouge., thought you'd like it:

6 minutes ago

I once thought that prejudice against blacks was caused by ignorance and/or stupidity. I am starting to think it is the result of experience and good judgement."

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Barney said...

One of my neighbours is an Iraqi Muslim, and apart from being a complete pain in the rear, he assures me that there is no such word as "Allahu" in Arabic, that adding a U to Allah renders it meaningless.

Apparently "Allahu akbar" is even worse gibberish than a supposed "Christian" shouting "Godot is great".

I could be mistaken, or my neighbour could be lying, but I'm inclined to believe him on this one.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barney, you're mistaking us for people who care, again. Alla, Allahu, Allahi, Alora Dannon, whatever... They're out to kill us all!

7:36 PM  

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