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Bill White On How Not To End Up Where He Is


Hello Harold:

I have in front of me photographs of numerous supposedly "white" events that are obvious federal sting operations. After the Roof shootings last year, Obama ordered federal law enforcement to round up some more white people.  Budgets were handed out in October, and starting early this year a crop of old FBI favorites, with some new moronic twists, have cropped up.  When you've been involved in political organizing both on the fringes and not, for a quarter century as I have, you learn to spot this kind of phoniness. Having fallen for this before myself, I now feel duty bound to warn others about it.

Some thoughts:  

1)  The National Socialist Movement is an FBI front group, and Jeff Schoep is a low-life and a fool.  When I was involved in the National Socialist Movement, during the last big federal sweep of white people, I would say that 60% of the NSM's active members -- at least -- were federal agents.  I saw the FBI set up entire NSM units as "honeypots" to infiltrate local white subcultures -- this is how three members of White Revolution got 25 years in prison in Orlando. I also saw the FBI infiltrate NSM headquarters -- which is how Brian Holland (who has written a book on how the FBI infiltrated him into both David Duke's operation, and, the NSM) stole the NSM mailing list.  And I saw that those who were involved in the NSM who were not federal agents -- or, at least, not definitely federal agents -- were a group of homosexuals, uniform fetish-freaks, and weird, often homeless fringe Satanists.  I cannot stress strongly enough that anyone dealing with Jeff Schoep, and/or, the NSM in any way is asking to go to prison.

 2)  Real white organizations do not get permits to hold a march for twelve people.  Legally one is not required and practically, doing this just invites the government to organize a mob to attack you.  Real white organizations just go out and walk down the street -- which is all that a march of twelve people is.  Or better, they stand on a corner talking to people and distributing literature.  Or better yet -- instead of wasting time on this, they do something useful, something profitable, something charitable, instead of standing around getting photographed, catalogued, and set up for arrest.

 3)  The guy who wants to be involved in "security" is a federal informant.  Real white organizations do not generally need "security" forces, and those that do, do not need unqualified losers off the streets to perform "security" for them.  The kind of "security" that most white organizations need is in screening potential recruits.  When I ran the ANSWP, I rejected about one-third of the membership applicants for being obvious homosexuals, lunatics, or informants -- in fact, I now know of 20 informants the feds sent at us;  there may have been more. Not many made it in.  However, of those who made it in, I'd say that I ended up tossing about one fifth for being homosexuals, lunatics, or, otherwise not suitable.  The only "security" I've ever seen anyone "volunteer" for  has been knocking-heads-around security, not the kind that is really useful. This is a fraud.

 4)  The dozen guys who come with the guy who wants to be "security", and who claim to be a "biker gang" or a "militia" are also feds.

 5)  The guys who wear sunglasses indoors during the group photo? Yeah, they're feds.

 6)  The guy who suggests that taking a group photo at a small meeting is a good idea?  Yeah, he's a fed, too.

 7)  Real people who commit crimes do not go out and advertise that they are committing crimes -- unless they are children who have watched too much TV (as I was once such a child.)  The guy at the events who doesn't really know you, but who keeps talking about the need to commit any kind of crime -- a speech crime, a thought crime, a real crime -- is a fed.

 I am so sick of seeing legitimate white activists falling for the simplest tricks in the federal counter-intelligence playbook.

 Real white activism looks like this:

 1)  You get together for a reason. Maybe you just want to meet someone you don't know, but generally there is a productive reason.  It may be as simple as hearing someone speak, but underlying that there should be something productive -- Karl Hand's White Christmas Drive, your Northwest Imperative, the publication of a newspaper -- something useful.  Getting together for non-useful reasons, or with no ultimately productive aim in mind, is a big hint that something is wrong.

 2)  Getting together so that the government can organize a much larger mob to attack you is not a productive reason.

 3)  You do not alert the authorities that you are getting together by seeking permits, making media announcements beforehand, etc. If you are going to make a media announcement, after the event you say what happened;  you don't make predictions before the event.

 4)  If you are doing a community event, you try to contact the community. You do not stand isolated from the community behind a police line.

 5)  The ultimate end of a white organization should be to benefit white people.

 6)  Because real white organizations benefit white people, they demand service from their members and do not tend to attract criminals, gangs of any sort, or, lunatics;  when they do, they promptly expel them.

 I have never seen the federal government organize a real white anything that really benefits white people, and I do not see any of these myriads of phony white groups that are springing up across the country doing any good for white people.  I do see some people with real potential getting suckered in -- and that upsets me.

 Anyways, please spread my thoughts on the latest crop of fruitcakey "KKK" groups, "Skinhead" groups, "Aryan" groups, and the like which are springing up like mushrooms and ambulance-chasing the Donald Trump campaign, and warn anyone you know against them.

 Thank you.


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P Marion
P. O. Box 1000
                                     Marion, IL 62959


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt Hale is going nowhere for a long time thanks to an informant.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever since his North Carolina days, Harold has been warning about the danger of Feds and lowlifes in the movement. (The same thing seems to be repeating with the Muslim community based on all the terrorist "plots" solved by the Feds.) News reports bear him out. Be warned.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Paul Bunyan said...

Back in the middle 70s I was involved in a so-called patriot org in Lane county, Ore. I think the feds tried to infiltrate the org with some good old boys who were shape-shifting for the sheriff's department and the FBU.

Myself and another fellow, whom I haven't seen for over 35 years, figured out what was up when the two ringers tried to sell us handguns. So we let them know that our wee little org, yes HAC we were wee also, that we had a whole God damn box car at the RR siding full of munitions. The whole nine yards. My old friend (I didn't go) kept a lookout at the RR siding and low and behold, ever lawman in the county was searching the siding for the mythical things that go bang in the night. We got a good laugh out of whole thing and we disbanded a little while later.

BW is one smart fellow. I can see why they will pull out all the stops to keep him in lock up as long as they can get away with it. What an ideal man to take over the reins so you can kick back a bit. I suppose you have already thought of that.

8:38 AM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Paul, but they're never letting Bill out. He's going to die in there. They're going to make sure of that. If nothing else they'll never let him out because he could file such massive lawsuits over what's been done to him. Mustn't embarrass the Sea Hag.

8:40 AM  
Blogger Clarence Malcolm said...

Thank you William for the warning...and you are correct!

8:24 PM  

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