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Bronze Age Beauty 

More of HAC's archaeological fetish. The reconstructed face and features of an 18 year-old-girl who died in Scotland some 3,700 years ago. I wonder how she would feel about her country being handed over to niggers?

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Man Who Will Not Shut Up


I am probably annoying people with emails, so I apologize.

However, yesterday I read an enormous amount of correspondence, and that probably not being all of it, from the United States Department of Justice in Washington, from various U.S. Attorneys, from federal law enforcement, from private persons like Richard Warman and the lawyers at Troutman Sanders, and from articles published in the Roanoke Times, all of which had one aim:  to stop me from publishing.

The DOJ's ludicrously misnamed "Civil Rights Division" sent several emails to the Roanoke FBI demanding that they arrest me for publishing my newspaper column in the American Free Press -- not for the contents of that column, but for the mere act of publishing.  

The Roanoke Times printed numerous articles touting the claim that I would be "banned from publishing" for three years.  The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote reports and Richard Warman sent emails demanding that I be arrested, setting up meetings with Canadian officials -- overall, it is really amazing me to the number of people who were working full time, not only after my first release, but beforehand and probably now, afterwards, with only the goal of, in the words of U.S. District Judge Michael Urbanski, "making Bill White shut up."

This effort, for all of the harm it caused me, failed because people like yourself continued to publish my column despite the threats of violence, the terror and intimidation unleashed by the U.S. dictatorship and its Judaeo-occult allies throughout society.

I want to thank all of you for that.


William A. White #13888-084
USP Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959

Thursday, July 28, 2016

That Old Home Town Of Mine

[I got a contact from my old stomping grounds of Raleigh, N.C. the other day. I asked the guy how things were back home, small h. - HAC] 

Sorry for the late response. I'd have to say terrible. Just tons of Muslims, 'groids, Indians and Mexicans everywhere. A lot of times I'm the only White person where I go.

It's pretty dangerous, really, in my opinion. You're lucky you aren't here these days. It's one thing to be pissed about seeing an entire area swiped with the tar brush, but it will downright enrage you to see what you once called home look this way. It blows my mind that you said the Klan once marched down Fayetteville Street.

My plan was originally to finish school here and then migrate with my degree (chemical engineering) to the Northwest. I'd be able to get a good job, somewhat close to 100k, and I'd be able to help the party a lot financially. I really don't understand these stingy assholes who could piss on a 100 dollar bill but would rather do that instead of giving it to you. 

My grades have suffered terribly due to being a total minority everywhere I go. This combined with only running into mudsharks, friends of mudsharks and feminists has made meeting women impossible. Even your standard kosher conservative women are pretty much nonexistent.

My "conservative" Christian friends understand my points but mock me just the same.  My parents expect me to be an A+ student and I'm practically failing because of all this. They agree with my WN views, which I am very lucky for in that regard, but they can't seem to understand why I'm failing things. I've learned by being here that your day-to-day interactions, what you live around, will effect your quality of life even if you aren't realizing it.

So that's something maybe WNs should think about in regards to where they are. I see myself moving back to Charlotte soon where I am from, which is just as bad or worse. I think Raleigh is 50 percent White while Charlotte is only 40 percent. I'd only go there for a few months to get things in order before moving to the NW in January to start/finish school.

There are six schools I can go to that I'll probably be sending applications to. Unfortunately the University of Montana is about an hour east of 15 so I wouldn't technically be inside the borders, but I'd move inside them once I was done if I ended up going there. 

So yeah, it sucks here. There is nothing here to come back for. If you'd like me to take some flowers to your parents' graves or something and send a picture to you I'd be happy to do so. I hope to see all you guys up there at some point soon. Thanks for reading.


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Radio Free Northwest - July 28th, 2016

HAC on the Horse Race and the Ghost Dance; Gretchen on Nigel Farage; Andy on hobbyism and the misuse of White Nationalism as entertainment.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Michael Moore Quoted In

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said the last reason Trump would win is that millions of people would vote for him "just because they can. Just because it will upset the apple cart and make mommy and daddy mad," he wrote.

By George, I think he's GOT it!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Weird Aryan History Series

[I was having lunch with a couple of comrades today and it came out that neither of them had ever heard of this once-famous project of mine from a few years ago. Anyone who wants all 56 articles in .pdf format, e-mail me at - HAC]

Someone once said that Americans are a people without a past. I once saw a statistic to the effect that less than 50% of Americans, meaning White Americans, can name all four of their grandparents (I mean actually name them: Grandpa and Mee-Maw don’t count) and less than ten percent could name more than one great-grandparent. Many Americans confuse the Korean War with World War Two. Something like 30% of reporters in the Gulf War did not know there had been a World War One, although you’d think the designation of World War Two might have tipped them off that there was a previous version floating around somewhere. (True story.)

We as a people have no idea where we’ve been, so it’s no wonder we have no idea where we’re going.

My Weird Aryan History series is an attempt to remedy that, to inform White Nationalists of some of the more interesting events in the history of our people and let them know that yes, in fact there were Aryan events going on before the time of cowboys and Indians, which is as far back as most Americans have any historical awareness at all.

Beyond a highly inaccurate movie version of the Wild West, some Americans have a vague impression of the Civil War (some re-enactors are downright anal about the 1861-1865 period to the exclusion of the other 3000-odd years of Western civilization, just like some National Socialists can recite a day by day history of the Third Reich from 1933 to 1945 and nothing else at all.) There is a dimmer impression in a few consciousnesses of George Washington crossing the Delaware, and guys in white wigs signing something in 1776, and beyond that there’s Elmer Fudd in Puritan dress, wearing a cartoon steeple-crown hat and carrying a blunderbuss, hunting turkeys for Thanksgiving (nobody in the 17th or 18th centuries hunted with a blunderbuss) while having run-ins with Bugs Bunny. For 99% of Americans, that’s it.

Now, in addition to being a people with amnesia, we are also a very sleazy people, as the current pre-occupation with Court TV and assorted media hyped crap indicates, from Scott Peterson to Natalee Holloway. Fine, I’m sleazy too. So I will be selecting all kinds of weird, wonderful, violent, bloody, bizarre, and ghastly stuff from the history of our race and presenting it for our own little tabloid show here on the internet. I’ll start off with the mystery of the Princes in the Tower.

These articles will in fact be mostly fairly long and detailed and you will have to dust off the old attention span and give it a good workout to read and understand most of them, but I will try to intersperse short little Aryan factoids as well. I think this will actually be a kind of entertaining project, something to occupy myself while waiting for the lights to go out, and something many of you will appreciate. If you don’t, there’s always the old delete button.

Okay, are we clear on what the Weird Aryan History Series is and why? We do know that there is a purpose to it and it’s not just Harold losing his marbles? Good. The series consists of 56 e-mails, including this one. I have sent them out before. A few of you loved it. Most of you--well, it was pretty obvious most of you just considered the series one of HAC’s little eccentricities, and didn’t even bother to read them. That always saddened and disappointed me. I don’t understand why I could never seem to get any traction with this.

I mean, I just don’t get it. How can anyone not be fascinated with all this stuff? Anyway, to counter all this Black History Month crap, I am going to re-transmit the complete Aryan History Series, roughly two or three per day, so this will probably take about a month. It will give you guys some great entertainment, which seems to be largely what many of you are looking for. No, history did not begin with America. Yes, our race does have a past other than WWII and the Civil War and the cowboys.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Bill White On How Not To End Up Where He Is


Hello Harold:

I have in front of me photographs of numerous supposedly "white" events that are obvious federal sting operations. After the Roof shootings last year, Obama ordered federal law enforcement to round up some more white people.  Budgets were handed out in October, and starting early this year a crop of old FBI favorites, with some new moronic twists, have cropped up.  When you've been involved in political organizing both on the fringes and not, for a quarter century as I have, you learn to spot this kind of phoniness. Having fallen for this before myself, I now feel duty bound to warn others about it.

Some thoughts:  

1)  The National Socialist Movement is an FBI front group, and Jeff Schoep is a low-life and a fool.  When I was involved in the National Socialist Movement, during the last big federal sweep of white people, I would say that 60% of the NSM's active members -- at least -- were federal agents.  I saw the FBI set up entire NSM units as "honeypots" to infiltrate local white subcultures -- this is how three members of White Revolution got 25 years in prison in Orlando. I also saw the FBI infiltrate NSM headquarters -- which is how Brian Holland (who has written a book on how the FBI infiltrated him into both David Duke's operation, and, the NSM) stole the NSM mailing list.  And I saw that those who were involved in the NSM who were not federal agents -- or, at least, not definitely federal agents -- were a group of homosexuals, uniform fetish-freaks, and weird, often homeless fringe Satanists.  I cannot stress strongly enough that anyone dealing with Jeff Schoep, and/or, the NSM in any way is asking to go to prison.

 2)  Real white organizations do not get permits to hold a march for twelve people.  Legally one is not required and practically, doing this just invites the government to organize a mob to attack you.  Real white organizations just go out and walk down the street -- which is all that a march of twelve people is.  Or better, they stand on a corner talking to people and distributing literature.  Or better yet -- instead of wasting time on this, they do something useful, something profitable, something charitable, instead of standing around getting photographed, catalogued, and set up for arrest.

 3)  The guy who wants to be involved in "security" is a federal informant.  Real white organizations do not generally need "security" forces, and those that do, do not need unqualified losers off the streets to perform "security" for them.  The kind of "security" that most white organizations need is in screening potential recruits.  When I ran the ANSWP, I rejected about one-third of the membership applicants for being obvious homosexuals, lunatics, or informants -- in fact, I now know of 20 informants the feds sent at us;  there may have been more. Not many made it in.  However, of those who made it in, I'd say that I ended up tossing about one fifth for being homosexuals, lunatics, or, otherwise not suitable.  The only "security" I've ever seen anyone "volunteer" for  has been knocking-heads-around security, not the kind that is really useful. This is a fraud.

 4)  The dozen guys who come with the guy who wants to be "security", and who claim to be a "biker gang" or a "militia" are also feds.

 5)  The guys who wear sunglasses indoors during the group photo? Yeah, they're feds.

 6)  The guy who suggests that taking a group photo at a small meeting is a good idea?  Yeah, he's a fed, too.

 7)  Real people who commit crimes do not go out and advertise that they are committing crimes -- unless they are children who have watched too much TV (as I was once such a child.)  The guy at the events who doesn't really know you, but who keeps talking about the need to commit any kind of crime -- a speech crime, a thought crime, a real crime -- is a fed.

 I am so sick of seeing legitimate white activists falling for the simplest tricks in the federal counter-intelligence playbook.

 Real white activism looks like this:

 1)  You get together for a reason. Maybe you just want to meet someone you don't know, but generally there is a productive reason.  It may be as simple as hearing someone speak, but underlying that there should be something productive -- Karl Hand's White Christmas Drive, your Northwest Imperative, the publication of a newspaper -- something useful.  Getting together for non-useful reasons, or with no ultimately productive aim in mind, is a big hint that something is wrong.

 2)  Getting together so that the government can organize a much larger mob to attack you is not a productive reason.

 3)  You do not alert the authorities that you are getting together by seeking permits, making media announcements beforehand, etc. If you are going to make a media announcement, after the event you say what happened;  you don't make predictions before the event.

 4)  If you are doing a community event, you try to contact the community. You do not stand isolated from the community behind a police line.

 5)  The ultimate end of a white organization should be to benefit white people.

 6)  Because real white organizations benefit white people, they demand service from their members and do not tend to attract criminals, gangs of any sort, or, lunatics;  when they do, they promptly expel them.

 I have never seen the federal government organize a real white anything that really benefits white people, and I do not see any of these myriads of phony white groups that are springing up across the country doing any good for white people.  I do see some people with real potential getting suckered in -- and that upsets me.

 Anyways, please spread my thoughts on the latest crop of fruitcakey "KKK" groups, "Skinhead" groups, "Aryan" groups, and the like which are springing up like mushrooms and ambulance-chasing the Donald Trump campaign, and warn anyone you know against them.

 Thank you.


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P Marion
P. O. Box 1000
                                     Marion, IL 62959

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

From Bill White

Monday, July 18, 2016

Radio Free Northwest - July 21st, 2016

HAC, Trucker, special guest speaker, long and abstruse raps on deep subjects. And the Horse Race, of course.

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Bill White On Orlando Shooter

Islamic State Shoots 102 Fags In Orlando; Obama
Blames White Supremacists
by Bill White

[NB: Due to glitches in the censoring and photocopying of Bill's mail by incompetent and lazy FBI agents, his articles are often long delayed, so yeah, this one is a little dated. - HAC]

President Barack Obama, appearing at a news conference in a kufi and flowing white robe, responded to the shooting of 102 brown and black fags inside an Orlando night club by denouncing “White supremacists” and promising a continued crackdown on the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups.
“This wasn’t real Islamic terror”, Obama stated, “The shooter converted to Islam while in the club’s bathroom talking to a 9-11 dispatcher. The root cause of this attack was racism—systemic racism and remnants of White supremacy. For this reason, I am announcing an immediate focus on racist White people, a $100 million budget increase, and a 100,000 arrest quota to be met by Friday.”
When asked how he would arrest so many when White people—even “racist” ones –weren’t weren’t committing crimes, Obama responded: “We don’t need them to commit the crimes. As Andrei Vyshynsky said, the thought is the crime. We will commit the crimes and torture those white honkies until they confess, just as we’ve been doing for twenty years.”
Obama’s account of the shooter, Omar Mateen’s alleged conversion to Islam in a gay night club’s bathroom suggested Obama’s own conversion. As a child, Obama worshiped Hanuman, the monkey god of Indonesia. But Obama converted to Islam after a sexual affair with a Pakistani man at Harvard. Obama later joined the “Reverend” Wright’s “down-low” club in Chicago, a meeting place for gay Muslim men who pretended to be Christian hetero-sexuals during the day. There Obama met Dennis Hastert, Lindsey Graham, and other members of the Republican gay mafia who assured Obama’s victory in 2008 by nominating John McCain as his opponent.
Joined at his press conference by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a nutty anti-Muslim Somali bitch beloved by America’s Judaeo-occult élite, Obama made clear his support for Islamic gender-bending by donning a hijab and demanding that reporters call him “Lat” and Ms. Ali “Uzza”.
“The only brown-skinned fags I want being shot to death are members of the U.S. military,” Obama continued. “And I don’t mean Antonio Brown.”
“Captain” Brown, a nigger moron aged 30, was one of Mateen’s Orlando victims. His mother, Rosetta Evans, who has a different last name because she never married Brown’s baby-daddy, told the press that Brown had been taking a Ph.D. course by mail in black gay film, a skill in high demand in the modern U.S. military, and was only a few months shy of becoming Dr. Antonio Brown.  Brown’s first film, a gay porn flick, featured many of the young men serving under him, and Brown was out celebrating when Mateen thankfully killed him.
Obama-Lat’s statement distracted from the bizarre parade of sympathyless victims featured in Judæo-occult news stories. The scum of the earth, these mostly Puerto Rican homos looked like the revelers in the ancient rites of Cybele and Dionysos. Many could not be definitely identified as man or woman, most were clearly mentally ill, and none were White.
Donald Trump’s response was thus, ironic. He immediately demanded closing the borders against Islam, while failing to note that the Puerto Ricans and other mud-people don’t belong in a White nation either. Most of the faggots killed had recently moved to Orlando from Puerto Rico, a bankrupt, broke territory that resembles every county and city of the United States run by niggers.
Hillary Clinton joined Obama in blaming White supremacy, and White people in general, for the violence. “We have to take these honkies’ guns,” Clinton told her multi-cultural gay crowd. Her wrinkled jowls flapping along with masses of skin hanging from her arms, Clinton screeched like a badly played bagpipe, telling her equally ugly crowd that the problem was White men.

Judæo-occult newspapers, many run by America and Europe’s homosexual and pedophile elite, sent senior commentators, many of them former Obama advisers turned viziers, to the press conference in long, flowing robes. After Obama’s remarks, they held a brief slave market, where they bought and sold young boys and planned to sell the families of the 100,000 Obama demanded arrested.
One man, shouting from the crowd, tried to point out that America has turned into a lunatic asylum and that the daily parade of homosexuality and abortion and bizarre sexual perversion which constitutes American life under Obama is insane. “The Emperor wears no vlothes!” the man shouted, causing Obama to drop his white robe revealing him in nothing but leather chappes and a kufi. Obama then knelt to pray, shouting “Allahu Akbar” while Ali mounted him.


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More Ramblings From HAC

Okay, I promised you guys some comments on the Hillary Clinton-FBI thing and the Dallas cop shootings, which is going to be a bit hard because so much has already been written and said on both these topics, and a lot of what I have to say isn’t really original with me, but here goes.

The Hildebeest first. Last week I was speculating that maybe the meeting in the government jet on the tarmac in Phoenix between the shuffling old peckerwood and the mulatto woman was some kind of Byzantine effort on the part of Billyboy deliberately to create an appearance of impropriety in order to totally gum up the works and knock the whole investigation of his wife back to Square One and necessitate the appointment of a special prosecutor. Thus kicking the can down the road for a year or so, or at any rate certainly past the November election.

Well, in view of subsequent events, maybe this time I was the one who was over-thinking things and who should have remembered Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Like Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes things are exactly what they look like.

And this looks like an act of straight-up bribery, wherein according to leaks in the liberal media, which you may take or leave as you choose, Clinton promised Loretta Lynch that she would stay on as Attorney General and get a bump up to the Supreme Court first vacancy that opens up, perhaps in fact Justice Scalia’s seat which is now open. It could be that Billyboy and the Lynch woman knew perfectly well that there were reporters cruising in the area and for some intricate reason of their own decided they wanted to be detected and the meeting leaked, or my guess would be that they just plain didn’t care.

Why should they? Nothing will be done about it. Okay, so Billyboy flat-out bribed the Attorney General of the United States to sabotage an FBI investigation. So what? Who gives a damn? He’s Bill Clinton, he and his vile spouse have full immunity on anything and everything they care to do, to anyone, and nobody is going to do a damned thing about it.

By the way, if there was any doubt at all as to whose pocket the Federal Bureau of Investigation is in, I think this ought to settle it. This is the same FBI that send a small army of gun thugs to Oregon last January to shoot down an old man in the snow, but can’t be bothered even to interview the prime subject in a treason and espionage case until a week before the director stands up in front of the media and clears her. Jesus Christ on a raft! It’s come out that they didn’t even put the vile crone under oath or keep a transcript of her answers to the questions. What kind of interrogation doesn’t even keep a transcript? Hell, they’d do that in Guatemala!

So the Beest is now in the clear and Bernie Sanders, who had been hanging on in hope against hope that the bitch would be indicted and somehow forced to drop out of the race, is now totally and finally screwed. There was an article on Drudge today which I haven’t read yet, to the effect that he is now sullenly making his peace with the Sea Hag and so he will presumably be doing his best to ensure that the Democratic convention becomes a coronation for the Hag.

This is the system we live under, people. Total corruption from top to bottom. America the beautiful.

The Dallas cop-shooting thing is once again something that has been talked to death, but I did see one interesting point brought up by a lefty blogger. 

The nigger in question was blown up by a bomb-carrying robot that rolled in to where he was hiding and exploded. Now, let me explain right off the bat that I have no problem at all with that decision and I would have made the same one had I been in charge. The animal had tasted human blood and it had to be put down.

But the thing is, this was not a case of exchanging shots in a firefight or even a sniper firing in order to take out someone who is threatening hostages. This was an instance where although the monkoid was armed, there was apparently no immediate physical danger to anyone and somebody in the police command made the decision, “Okay, screw this, we’re just going to kill him.”

This left-loon blogger I mentioned actually was aware of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, which is unusual—most people left and right don’t even know it exists—and he correctly described this episode as an extrajudicial execution. So you see, I’m not making all this stuff up. Like I said, in this particular case I have no problem with it, but I’m concerned at the precedent it sets.

My understanding of the NDAA is that the president himself or quote-unquote “competent federal authority” are the only ones who are allowed to sign off on a kill order, not local county Mounties in Dallas, Texas. So was this execution NDAA authorized? Did the Dallas police check with anyone in the federal government before they did it? If so, who? Was any transcript or official record kept of this interaction? Considering no transcript was kept of Hillary Clinton’s interview I would imagine not, but still, it would be nice to have a name and get some idea of exactly who among our lords and masters, or ladies and masters, has the authority to bestow the kiss of death on someone without formal charges and a trial.

Or did some senior Texas cop who thought he was Chuck Norris just say “To hell with it, we’re just going to kill this coon and never mind the consequences?” Not that there are likely to be any consequences given the circumstances, but suppose next time it’s not so cut and dried? Suppose next time it’s a White man, and the time after that it’s just some guy who pisses off a cop? There is such a thing as a slippery slope.

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Quick Plug For My Other Blog

A quick plug for my other blog:

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The Coming Zoo

From Radio Free Northwest

 Okay, lotta stuff this week I want to natter about but, as I will probably do virtually every week for the next three and a half months, I’ll begin with a quick commentary on the presidential horse race, although as of today, Monday the 11th, there’s not much to talk about.

We’re in kind of a holding pattern until next week. Everybody is waiting on the two party conventions now. The Republican convention begins one week from today in Cleveland on July 18th, while the Democratic convention starts in Philadelphia two weeks from today on July 25th.  Both are supposed to last for three days and given what’s been going on of late, it looks like we’re in for two weeks of the most entertaining television and internet imaginable.

Not to mention screaming hysterical lefty-loon bloggers and pundits on the Net. I really hope Trump survives the RINO knives that are out for him in Cleveland and wins through to the nomination, because the howls of hatred and terror from Salon and the Hufflepuff will be almost as exquisite as if he’d actually won.

Plus I really, really want to see The Donald and The Sea Hag throw down head to head for three months and tear this whole rotten house of lies to pieces, which in fact may be why certain parties within the power structure and the ruling élite are trying to cool things down by knocking out at least one of the candidates.

The people who rule us are evil sons of bitches, to be sure, but they aren’t complete fools, at least not all of them, and I think a few of them probably have enough sense to understand that this Trump thing could get so bad that it could slip out of control, and their wealth and power might actually be endangered through unintended consequences.

First off, I need to point out that it is possible that neither of the two front runners will be nominated—bear in mind that it’s not just the Bernie bros who are really pissed off with the Hildebeest and wish they had a better and more normal Democratic candidate—and we may end up with two candidates whom most of us probably won’t even have heard of, at least not recently.

My guess would be that in the unlikely event Hillary gets done in through some back room intrigue, it would be Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. The big mystery is who the RINOs intend to try and air-lift into Cleveland to receive the stolen goods in they succeed—either they don’t know themselves or they may be keeping it really tightly under wraps. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some kind of coup attempt from either Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz.

I say this is possible; I don’t say likely. Right now if I had to lay bets and give odds I’d say both Donald Trump and the Sea Hag will survive the challenges of their respective conventions and the first week in August the grand roller coaster ride will begin. I think. It’s possible that I may be wrong.

I am more likely wrong about Trump, who is going to have a much harder row to hoe at his convention than the Sea Hag. We know that there is a definite coup attempt being planned at the Republican convention by Rick Wilson and the neo-con RINO crowd to try to deny Trump the nomination that he has clearly won. Whereas in Hillary’s case it mostly just looks like the Bernie bros are going to throw a massive hissy fit, possibly in the streets because they’re so pissed off at the way the Hildebeest has fixed and rigged everything in advance, including apparently her own FBI investigation. This may lead to some neat optics of lefty loons getting their heads bashed in by cops, even if it’s nigger cops—Philadelphia is a black-ruled city, for those of you who didn’t know, and almost as much of a basket case as Detroit or Jackson or Newark.

Excuse me for quoting Rush Limbaugh here; I don’t want this show to become some kind of clone or echo of what he says, but I have to admit that once again El Rushbo seems to have hit the nail on the head. What Wilson and his RINOs are going to do at the convention to kick off their attempted coup d’etat is they are going to try and get the convention rules committee to agree to a motion for a rules change, specifying that the convention delegates are no longer pledged to vote for the delegate who won the most votes in their states and are free to quote-unquote “vote their consciences”, their consciences of course being formulated by whoever offers them the most money.

In other words, you know that whole year-long Republican primary election series, the one that started with sixteen candidates and which has expended God knows how many hundreds of millions of dollars and wasted God knows how much of everybody’s time since last August? They’re going to wipe that out as if it had never happened. The whole thing will become a massive exercise in pointlessness.

The Republican convention will then dissolve into a kind of bubbling tar pit of corruption and bribery and wheeling-dealing and threats and probably a little low-level violence as in the fist-fighting type, and the whole thing may well resolve itself spectacularly with Trump’s assassination on the convention floor Julius Caesar style as Rick Wilson and Irving Kristol run up and stab him with daggers, or whatever. If it’s purely a matter of money then Jeb Bush will be able to buy the most votes, but I wouldn’t count Ted Cruz out.

If Trump loses the nomination because of all this jiggery-pokery, whether he runs as a third-party independent or not, that’s the end of the Republican Party because it will be mean the complete loss of their base for all time. I mean, why bother to vote if your vote isn’t going to mean anything? Trump may form his own sort of pro-White third party which may even last a couple more elections, although elections will become increasingly irrelevant in any case under President Sea Hag.

The Democrat convention may also get really nasty as the Bernie Sanders crowd has already booked all the available campsite space in Philadelphia; they’re calling their protest movement “Occupy the DNC” after Occupy Wall Street. I guess no one has let any of these Pajama Boys in on the secret that the original Occupy Wall Street was in fact nothing but an arm of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign; you may recall it disappeared completely after the last election, but I guess some of these little budding Che Guevaras didn’t realize they were being used by the Democrats.

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Radio Free Northwest - July 14th 2016

HAC on presidential race and also on avoiding post-Trump depression; we hear from a newly-arrived Northwest migrant, plus Gretchen and the Trucker.

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Yeah, I Know, I'm Getting Really Lazy

It's just that so many of these graphics are so damned good! I'll give the alt.right this much: it is providing an outlet for the creativity of our (mostly) young people. Problem is, sometimes the script can be a little small for the screen. Hope you guys can read this one. It's cute.

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The Men We Once Were

Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Soul Of The Sea Hag

Yeah, I know I put this one on the other blog as well, but there's just something so disturbingly real about it ... I mean, I swear, I think in her mind, this is what she's like.

Friday, July 08, 2016

"Gimme A Slave!"

Jews Redesign Money

by Bill White
Don’t call it a twenty. Call it a slave.

America’s secretary of the Treasury, Jewish banker Jacob Lew, has decided to force more lies upon the American public through a redesign of the $5, $10, and $20 bills that will feature both make-believe scenes of the Civil Rights Error and the face of black slave Harriet Tubman.
The move, which is designed as a direct insult to White working people and a perpetual reminder of White Americans enslavement to both usury and the Jewish banking elite, will not be immediately implemented and could be reversed by a future President. But it culminates almost a decade of destruction and impoverishment forced upon White America by the Obama Communist régime.
Jewish academia and puppet Republicans, all slaves themselves of the banking regime, lauded the move. Idiot gun-rights activist John Lott called Tubman, a former slave who joined the proto-Marxist abolitionist movement, a “Christian and a Republican.” But in doing so, he only reminded America of the role that Karl Marx played in forming the Republican Party, and fomenting the U.S. Civil War, as a writer for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune.
Tubman’s ugly face will replace Andrew Jackson’s, the nation’s seventh President who stood against the country’s central bank, the Bank of the United States, and forced it into dissolution. Lew announced Jackson’s removal as part of a permanent purge of White males from power and linked it to the dismantling of Southern monuments.
In his final years in office, Obama, who has hollowed out the United States and destroyed its former power, has begun using the violence of federal law enforcement to turn America into a perverse anti-nation whose purpose is to destroy humanity. Flooding the country with multi-cultural immigrants, Obama has empowered homosexuals, appointed Jews and sorcerers to high positions in the courts, and allowed George Soros to finance and arm ignorant black mobs which roam America’s streets, randomly attacking White people. All the while, the Jewish bankers behind Obama have maintained the cult of money, promising that poison will enrich America, while packing all the money into their pockets.
The new money will not be printed until after 2020, and if Donald Trump is elected, the redesign may be stopped. If not, pictures of the Civil Rights Error and Southern desegregation will be placed on the back of the $5 bill; and pictures of the feminist movement, perhaps Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, and its other Jewish backers will go on the $10 bill.
Throughout history, the Jews have redesigned money to reflect their power. In Roman times, the Victory was printed on all coins, and when Rome fell, it was replaced with the Cross. But when Jewish bankers gained control of much of Europe in the 9th century, the Cross was replaced with the Seal of Solomon.
In the meantime, the new “slave” note invites White Americans to indulge in fonder times, when they could say “I need $100. Give me five slaves.” Urban youths have reportedly named the new $20 bill the nigger, as in “I got a bunch of niggers that want to see you.” The introduction of the new slave note also gives new meaning to making your money work for you.
The kind of bizzare things occurring under the Obama regime are the direct result of the cowardice of a White American population which is unwilling to kill, suffer, and die, to demand that human society be normal. Because White America ia entranced in a Jewish magical spell, it refuses to pull back the curtain and see that America’s Judæo-negro-homo-Latino power structure is bankrupt and toothless, and could be knocked over with a breeze.
Instead, White Americans are going to be content with carrying a rapidly diminishing number of slaves in their pocket while looking for ways to give them to the Jews in exchange for credit cards, distractions, and worthless plastic from overseas. White Americans are content to allow a literally insane regime of man-women and man-animals terrorize them and poison them, mocking them all the while.
Ultimately, the $20 slave bill is an argument for White people to dump the Jewish economy and to free themselves, adopting gold, bitcoins, or anything other than Federal Reserve notes as a unit of exchange.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

From Bill White 7-7-2016

[Guys, Bill's support system obviously needs some shoring up. He needs people to do important things for him that for a variety of reasons I simply am not in a position to do. - HAC]

Hello Harold:

You can publish this letter if you like.

I am tired.  One cannot imagine how tired I am.  I am in prison for a nonsense case, a crime that I clearly didn't commit, which was proven by the government with not only ridiculous and prima facie impossible perjury, but with forensic evidence which they have admitted was incorrect, and documents which, now that I have some of the originals, anyone can see were clearly altered.  

I was convicted of the crimes because, as my attorneys stated on the record, they did not even read my discovery, and they made no serious effort to defend me at trial.  One of them berated me throughout the proceedings, demanding that I plead the guilty;  the other one, while I was being tortured nearly to the point of death, lied to me in order to persuade me that he was defending me when he intended to throw the case.

This would be tiring enough.  But foolishly, I continued to dispute my convictions -- convictions which I know, in my heart, have no basis in and were never intended to have any basis in either the facts or the law.  

First, I have spent two years trying to collect evidence to prove my innocence. There are many witnesses who know that I did not commit these crimes. About half have simply up front refused to provide a statement, saying that they are afraid of the United States, and don't want to be a target.  The others I hired counsel to take statements from.  My counsel botched the job.  The first investigator put on the case decided that if he couldn't reach them by e-mail, it wasn't worth the effort to do what he was paid to do and physically find them. So I spent a year and a half spinning my wheels with that mess.

Throughout these proceedings, the dictatorship has done everything in their power to prevent me from defending myself.  They prevented me from having access to my discovery, the evidence against me, for a while.  They prevented me for a while from having any contact with my own attorneys.  When this became too obvious they just impeded me, placing me under "management," despite the fact that in the eight years I have been in prison, I have never been accused of doing anything inappropriate. 

They have also created this bizarre myth that I have "followers," which is apparently based on the plot of a television crime drama I haven't seen. I think a female assistant United States Attorney may have come up with that one. My problem has always in part been that I don't have enough followers who are willing to do what I ask of them to assist in my legal defense,

I was fortunate enough to get to Chicago and have access to a phone for a year.  Using that access, I was able to hire secondary investigators who found my witnesses -- witnesses who, no surprise, didn't get the communications from the first investigator. To do this, I had to fight with my own supposed supporters who, despite having a legal fund which exists for no purpose except to hire lawyers, and investigators, told me that they "didn't feel it was necessary" to hire the people I needed because if the first one didn't succeed it was obviously "impossible."

So for months I struggled against my own "support" to get the necessary signatures. Similarly, in my cases I have provided sworn affidavits, and everything else proper to bring myself into court.  However, in opinion after opinion, it seems clear that the courts literally have not even read the pleading and affidavits that I've provided.  

The judges make up rules that don't exist -- like saying that my sworn statement is "conclusory" because it is "self-serving," even though the case law says the exact opposite, or requiring that signatures be notarized, when that requirement was abolished seven years ago.  Frankly, my long experience in the federal courts has taught me that judges often don't know what the law is, and simply hold prisoner pleadings in contempt.  So every time I go into court with competent evidence, and tell the truth, without my evidence even being read, I get called a "liar" and summarily thrown out.  

True, many times my cases have been reinstated on appeal.  But why do I constantly have to be appealing things that are nonsense?

I am just tired.  

I am tired of constantly having to fight everyone.  I am tired of constantly having to fight the United States, which is a Satanic, illegitimate entity that doesn't care about truth or justice or anything except exterminating whatever is good in this world through whatever means are available -- torture, perjury, forgery, whatever.  

I am tired of having to fight the people who "support" me to get basic, normal, things like hiring lawyers and investigators done.  I am tired of telling the truth and being called names, and then whenever I provide documentary evidence that I am telling the truth, being told that my evidence won't be regarded for reasons that do not even exist in the law, or, which the law specifically says are not reasons for disregarding the evidence. I am so tired of being confronted with a society full of people that is based upon lies, cowardice, greed, envy and insanity passing as normality.

I am tired.


[I might point out that in the past eight years Bill has more then once been offered time-served plea bargains if he would just plead guilty to SOMETHING, thereby admitting that SOMETHING HAPPENED, whatever it might have been, and thus letting the dictatorship and the dictator's servants off the hook. I suspect that one of the reasons he is being so viciously persecuted is that they know they fucked up and if this ever somehow sees the light of day some careers are going to end up in Gnome, Alaska. (Any actual punishment for wrong-doing is simply a fantasy, as the events of two days ago prove.

Things are starting to move forward for the Party now, albeit at a glacial pace, and I myself am running short of time to help Bill, as badly as he needs it. Please contact him and help him. - HAC] 

William A. White  #13888-084
USP Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959