Thursday, June 16, 2016

FBI Stages Clown Show In Georgia

by Bill White

[Yes, I know this is a bit dated, but Bill's material wanders in whenever the Bureau decides it will wander in. - HAC]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, acting in accordance with its new mandate to fabricate White supremacist terrorism, staged a clash of clowns at Stone Mountain, Georgia, National Park, complete with an anti-hate Klan rally, a phony Nazi march, a multi-racial crew of confused Confederate conservatives, and a small mob of George Soros-funded extras from the movie Planet of the Apes.
The “Rock Stone Mountain” rally, nominally organized by some minor Klan faction, followed the FBI playbook to a T. Organized at a National Park so as to grant federal jurisdiction, the participants in the Klan event were kept to a select two dozen, half of whom were federal undercover agents, who let it be known that they did want not “hate symbols” like Klan regalia at their Klan rally. The two inexperienced organizers, led by a federal informant, predicted 2000 attendees and brought out two dozen in a wide open space which dwarfed them and provided atrocious optics.
Meanwhile, two federally-organized groups of counter-demonstrators, one a group of confused Confederate conservatives, and the other a Soros #BlackLivesMatter mob, showed up and were also photographed, recorded, and in nine cases, arrested by federal agents. Going back to their African roots in the jungle, the Jew-led negroids stalked through the trees, attacking police—not any of the federal agents portraying White supremacists. One police officer was injured and a police barricade was burned.
As this went on, an equally multi-racial mob of confused Confederates, comprised of federal informants within local militias, Anonymous, and a phony multi-racial biker gang, held flags and pretended to support Republican Party politics.
As if this federally-funded stupidity wasn’t enough, 85 miles away in Rome, Georgia, the costumed part of the “racist” rally was held as 80 people, mostly long-time deep cover agents of the phony National Socialist Movement marched through that town. The National Socialist Movement, loosely led by a man named Jeff Schoep, has long been used by the FBI as a honey pot to trap White workers unhappy with Jewish multi-culturalism.
Local Jewish media, such as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, played along with this fraud, covering the federal traps as if they were important.
The motley checkerboard of stupidity on display shows how rusty federal law enforcement has gotten at setting up White people. After all  legitimate White organizations were shut down by the Bush and Obama administrations in the first decade of this century, the FBI lost their touch. Now, with a mandate to suppress “domestic terrorism,” the bubble-lipped babblers of America’s law enforcement agencies have begun projecting their own understanding of extremism, a bizarre mix of Marxist caricatures, into the world.
In operations like this, the FBI takes their informants off of drug and gun operations, and instruct them to strike silly pseudo-radical poses. These phony, self-declared leaders are paid $400 a week to tell the Jewish press that they are Nazis or the Klan and immediately win the support of a host of similarly situated informants. A few suckers are drawn in, like flies to a honey pot, and paraded before the press. The FBI over time talks these suckers into committing crimes, arrests them, and claims a victory against terrorism which the FBI itself created.
The federal government performs these operations because there isn’t much real political crime in the United States. Besides, detecting real criminal plots is hard work, so the FBI makes plots up to look like they’re doing something.
In the real world, rallies are the end product of hard organizing work, in which political activists talk to, meet with, and educate people, while networking with existing groups and organizations. The FBI and the Jew media, however, make organizing look like an act of magic, where poof, mobs of people just come into being. People who have never organized then get suckered into this fantasy and get crushed and dispirited when organizing turns out to be hard work, and they find Jew-financed mobs confronting them.
Similarly, "anti-racist" rallies are also financed by Jewish groups. Most people who attack allegedly racist rallies are paid staffers at Democratic Party-aligned activist organizations, and suckers they rope in. These black and communist suckers are equally recorded by the FBI. However, since the FBI supports the violent Jew-negro communism of these mobs, their supporters are rarely arrested.
Ultimately, the American system is so corrupt that it cannot be changed through peaceful or public political protests. The American government is too wicked and too violent to allow its goal of enslaving the world under internationalist, multi-cultural Zionism to be set aside by persuasion or popular will. Because of this, even legitimate rallies achieve little, and are rarely designed to achieve much. Given how little use White working people have for the dying Jewish media, there is no need for the attention rallies draw.
Instead, rallies like this play into the fascination with bizarre spectacle that defines the American public consciousness. Essentially, these FBI-financed events, like federal judicial proceedings or reality television shows, are a kind of theater of insanity. By confusing people with disorganized, clashing, and intense imagery, the Jew-media-government complex mentally reprograms and mentally paralyzes the American public. So confused, no one can resist America’s expropriation and exploitation of their property and labor.

* * *

[No word yet on Bill's location. He is still shown on the BOP Inmate locator site as being at the Oklahoma Transit Center. Bill believes he is being sent to the Marion SMU in order to give a patina of legality to the FBI intercepting and destroying or disappearing his legal mail and court filings, but that's not confirmed yet. I will publish his new address when it becomes available. - HAC]


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