Wednesday, November 04, 2015

U.S. And Russia Play Chicken. Russia Wins

by Bill White

United States naval vessels in the Black Sea and also off the coast of Britain have been forced to flee their areas of operation after aggressive movements led to an overwhelming Russian response.

The first incident occurred on March 23, 2015, when the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, operating in the North Sea, was forced to flee to England's Hampshire coast after a confrontation with three Russian Akula-class nuclear subs. According to Russian news services, the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt and its battle group began to move toward the operating zone of the Russian North Sea after threatening communications from the United Kingdom were intercepted by Russian intelligence. The subs were then sent to intercept the carrier group, causing it to reverse course. The incident was not reported in the American news outlets.
More disturbing for the United States, on April 10 the American Aegis destroyer U.S.S. Donald Cook was paralyzed by a Russian Su–24 using the latest Russian electronic countermeasures. According to Russian media, the U.S.S. Donald Cook, loaded with Tomahawk missiles, approached the coast of Crimea, remaining just within international waters, in violation of the Martreux convention, which is the treaty defending the rights of militaries from countries not washed by the Black Sea in those waters.

In response, the Russian Su–24 used electronic countermeasures completely to blind the Aegis radar and trajectory systems, then buzz the destroyer, do a battle turn, and launch a simulated missile attack 12 times before flying off. American media also did not cover the incident.
The two confrontations highlight the dangers of American bullying and aggressive challenges to Russian sovereignty. While American neoconservative Jews bluster over Russia's resistance to US–EU aggression in the Ukraine, the facts on the ground and on the water reveal the reality: that the American military is too weak to make good on its threats.
In 2014 the Obama administration, which is controlled by Jews, homosexuals, and occult forces allied with them, launched a coup in the Ukraine as part of its effort to bring to Russia the homosexual Judæo-occult tyranny that it has imposed on the United States. The coup, aided by deluded Ukrainian nationalists, succeeded until Russia helped Ukraine's ethnic Russian population counter–attack. Now Ukraine is bankrupt and divided, civil war having riven the country for the past 18 months.
Such devastation is normal for countries on the front lines of the Zionist one world order. In the 1930s,and the 1940s, the Judæo–occultists destroyed the British Empire to occupy Palestine and to destroy Germany, their greatest opponent. Since then they have raped and plundered every nation of the world into which they've gotten their claws. But despite this history, nations like the Ukraine are deluded, over and over again, into thinking of America's homosexual Judæo–occult regime as "liberators.”

Now Russia, like China, like Iran and like other national powers, is standing up to the Obama dictatorship and showing America to be a paper tiger. Such details of American military performance are systematically hidden from the American people, who are kept distracted with racial and other issues. This process of transforming the American people has been ongoing for over a century, and shows recent signs of coming apart only because of the complete collapse of the American economy.
One reason that America has been left largely unable to respond militarily to Russia is the fact that with little public notice, Barack Obama has conducted the greatest purge of a country's generals and admirals since the time of Joseph Stalin in 1937 and 1938.

Almost 300 American generals and admirals opposed to Obama's homosexualization of the military, his plans to use the U.S. military against American civilians, and Obama's aggression towards Russia, have been removed from their posts in the past seven years. This has left the U.S. military leaderless and unable to defeat even ragtag militias like the Islamic state. Should full-blown war come on, Obama's army of girls and faggots will disintegrate on the battlefield.


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