Monday, October 05, 2015

Why Did CNN Doctor Killer's Photo To Disguise His Race?

The media also photoshopped George Zimmerman's photo as well, lightening his skin color. Zimmerman was in fact a Peruvian Jew but that didn't fit the lefty-lib narrative, so he became a "White Hispanic."

Anyone who believes anything the media tells us about anything is a damned fool.

Christopher Mercer's real image (left) and his Photoshopped CNN image


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, they cleaned up his moles too! Non-whites (especially orientals) always have such awful skin and disgusting skin conditions...

I note also that anytime a white guy flips out its "EVIL WHITE SUPREMISTS! RACISTS!", "DISGUSTING WHITE PRIVILEDGE!, "RACISM EVERYWHERE!"

But whenever its a nugget that flips out, its "mentally ill" "underprivileged yooth", "victim of white privilege", "Guns are the problem...", "victim of joblessness and no opportunities (because of white people of course)", "Society (i.e. white people) drove them to it."

This too is really obvious to anyone who has two and a half brain cells to rub together.

7:18 PM  

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