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The Bill White Case

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Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. It’s October the 8th, 2015,  I’m Harold Covington, and this is Radio Free Northwest.

I’m going to start out this week by talking about something I’ve been covering pretty extensively on the Thoughtcrime blog for several years now, to the point where I suspect that the dictatorship is now taking steps to muzzle that coverage, thoroughly illegal steps, but since we are now living in a dictatorship and we effectively have no laws beyond volus princeps lex est, that doesn’t matter any more. So instead of letting them succeed, I’m going to ratchet it up a notch.

Over the past few years I’ve devoted a lot of time on this show and elsewhere to the horrific case of Edgar Steele, who was extrajudicially executed a little over a year ago in one of the dictatorship’s fortress prisons in California. But as many of you know, there is another legal case that I’m peripherally involved in, in a supporting role, and that is the almost equally infamous case of Bill White.

The Edgar Steele incident was a simple case of outright judicial murder, based insofar as I can tell on the desire of members of the Spokane FBI office not to be transferred out of the lovely and peaceful White Northwest to some urban environment full of niggers and Muslims where they might actually have to do some for-real police work and go after for-real criminals. So they fabricated a case against a so-called high value target, in order to impress the reptilian suits in the J. Edgar Building as to how necessary it was to keep their office fully staffed so as to deal with all us wicked White supreeeemists.

I understand from some of the things Cyndi Steele said during that case that there was also more than a hint of personal hatred and obsession on the part of one of the FBI agents in particular, including an apparent willingness on the part of the bureau to use Cyndi as live bait and risk her getting killed, with complete disregard for her life, in the presence of an explosive device which was planted in her car by a federal informant. But since under the Bill White precedent, individual FBI agents and other federal officials are above the law and cannot be criticized or even named in public by someone with legally diminished Constitutional rights such as myself, I won’t get into that.

So let’s talk about the Bill White case. It has not so far resulted in the death of the victim, probably because White is younger and healthier and not a 65 year-old man just recovering from open heart surgery like Ed was,  although it’s hard not to get the impression that some of the abuse and mistreatment White has received at the hands of the dictatorship during his ordeal was intended to kill him, or at least drive him into a mental breakdown of some kind.

But in its own way the case of Bill White is even more insidious, because it is being used to establish extremely vicious and serious legal precedents which have the effect of stripping away the last shreds of constitutionality, due process, and accountability from the judicial system and federal law enforcement.

I think when future scholars write the history of our era, if indeed there are any scholars left in the future to write anything at all, they will record that the Bill White case was a milestone, the point where the judicial process and the prison-industrial complex finally became a completely unaccountable law unto itself. Of course it always was like that where we’re concerned; this case just dots the i’s and crosses the t’s.

The first thing you need to know is that I never met Bill White personally, but I cyber-knew him and followed him online for many years before he was victimized by the dictator’s servants, to the point where at one stage the Goat Dancers claimed that he and I were one and the same person and that Horrible Harold the Movement’s Prince of Darkness was really up in Bethesda Maryland operating under the name of Bill White. And yes, they really are that stupid.

I have to say the man had some rough edges. He was one of these guys who was fascinated by the power of the internet and when he sat down behind that computer keyboard, sometimes he got a visit from Mr. Hyde. He thought he was invulnerable and he thought he could say or do anything online because the internet was the last frontier of freedom, as indeed it was in the early days. Bear in mind all this was before social media allowed the surveillance state to vastly increase its ability to watch everybody all the time, and before Edward Snowden let the cat out of the bag, when some of us could still pretend that the internet was actually free and not what it really is now, which is a completely surveilled kiddie pool for toddlers, where we are kindly allowed by the dictatorship to sail our boats and our rubber duckies so long as we play nice and don’t scream and splash too much.

Bill did some really stupid stuff online, like mooning in public over some trashy Skinhead girl he was lusting after, but also he posted and said some things on the original that I’m amazed never even got him a visit from our friends in the silk suits, or so he said.

I should also point out, in the interest of complete honesty, that part of Bill’s problem is that he insisted on wearing the old Hollywood Nazi costume in public, long after I and others of the older school understood that as proud a tradition as it was from the Rockwell times, we had to lose it if we wanted to establish any kind of credible basis of communication at all with our own people.

The result, of course, is that at every trial the U.S. Attorney finds some excuse to introduce ten year-old photographs of Bill in all the old lodge regalia and wave the 8 X 10 glossy photos under the jury’s nose like it was Alice’s Restaurant. Sorry, I know most of you won’t get that reference. Before your time.

Now, I am not going to go all Movement on you here and start regurgitating internet bullshit from ten and twelve years ago and longer like some Goat Dancer. Just suffice it to say that Bill had been getting away with all kinds of footloose and fancy-free stuff on the internet for years, he got careless, and when the trap was sprung he kind of walked into it. Or so I think.

I personally believe, although Bill himself denies this, that his mistake was in creating a cover for a magazine he was publishing during the 2008 election, when The One was on his way to being immaculated for the first time. He never actually published the magazine; he was shut down before he could, but he was so proud of the cover he splattered it all over his website and any other place he could find to post it.

The cover had a picture of The One’s glorious and sanctified baby-shit brown visage thereon, and the headline was “Kill This Nigger?” Bill’s thinking, of course, was that the question mark would cover his ass First Amendment wise. And so it did, eventually, after the first three years or so in prison when a judge threw it all out on First Amendment grounds after Bill had lost his home, his business, his wife and his child. But back in 2008 somebody at the Obama campaign saw this purported magazine cover online and went through the roof.

Although I don’t pretend to understand what goes on in the minds of the dictator’s servants, the FBI apparently decided or were ordered to use Bill White first off as some kind of example to those of us who dared to protest at the seizure of the White House by a Kenyan-born mulatto who was and is constitutionally prohibited from holding the office and who should be sweeping the floor of the Oval Office rather than sitting behind the desk. 

But it is also a kind of lab project for experimentation, to see just what they could get away with and more importantly to see if they could actually use the process of running him through a wringer of multiple charges to create new legal precedents undermining the Constitution and essentially to create new criminal offenses that didn’t exist before, which for the past seven years is what they have done. The liberals have always hated the Constitution that tells them what they cannot do, and this was an opportunity to slice away some more of our rights.

Okay, I’m not going to go too much into detail about Bill’s many, many legal cases since then; if you’re interested you can open an account on and get all the bizarre details, thousands of pages of them. But the first thing we need to bear in mind when we talk about the Bill White affair is that all of Bill’s eight or ten alleged crimes involved nothing but words on the internet..

Even the United States Attorney’s Office at its wildest and most hysterical has never claimed that Bill White has ever actually done anything physical at all, or prepared to do anything physical which is usually how they get people on fabricated conspiracy charges courtesy of federal informers, or conspired with anyone to do anything physical. It’s all about words on the internet and nothing else.

That in and of itself is a stunning legal and judicial development, and if allowed to stand it means the effective death of the First Amendment. In this country people aren’t supposed to go to prison for words. At least not until this case came along, although there were a few previous to this like the Matt Hale and Johnny Logan Spencer cases. In Hale’s case he got 40 years simply for typing a single sentence in an AOL private message chat.

The second thing we need to understand is that Bill didn’t do most of it, and that what of it he did do would not and should never be considered a crime in any sane society. His original arrest was for the quote-unquote “crime” of publishing information on his website that anyone who knows how to use Google and knew how to frame a search could have found in 60 seconds, and the Jewish judge’s reasoning in convicting him anyway, if allowed to stand, effectively destroys not just the First Amendment but the entire concept of Constitutional government, by formally recognizing different “classes” of citizens with different sets of rights. But we’ll get into that in a bit.

Getting back to Bill’s innocence, yeah, I know, everybody in prison claims they were innocent or they were framed or whatever. I get that, but the fact is that especially in some of Bill’s later cases like those farragos of lies in Roanoke and Orlando, his defense attorneys made a very persuasive case that Bill did not send the e-mails in question and that he had nothing to do with what appears to be an entire bogus Facebook page, a hoax that was erected by person or persons unknown with the specific intention of entrapping Bill White.

I might add that in point of fact, it would appear that in at least one case, the e-mail in question was actually sent by the prosecution’s star and only witness against Bill White, sent when said star witness was actually in the physical presence of United States Marshals. That evidence was presented at trial and simply ignored. The same star witness appeared in court under the influence of drugs, admitted on the stand that she was under the influence of drugs and that said narcotics had been provided to her by federal law enforcement agents. Bill White was convicted anyway.

I could make some comment here about the, uh, "demographic composition" of these idiot juries that keep convicting him after the dictator’s servants wave pictures of Bill wearing the old costume under their noses, but since I am an admitted White Nationalist and under this very precedent I accordingly have only diminished constitutional rights of freedom of speech and conscience, I better not. And yes, I have been indirectly threatened by these political gangsters if I don’t shut up.

I have to add that in order to obtain those convictions and work around the fact that the prosecution’s evidence is not just fabricated but ludicrous as well, the dictator’s courts have ruled, with a completely straight face, that Bill White has the extraordinary ability to be in two places at once, since at the same time he was in Mexico allegedly sending unpleasing e-mails to various people, the wisdom of our finest judicial minds has determined that he was also in Florida making posts to a hoax Facebook page. 

They base this on IP addresses which clearly indicate that the posts in question were made at more or less the same time from different countries in two widely separated parts of the world, a fact which apparently means something the precise opposite of what sane people would think it means. But sane people no longer have any role in this society. Certainly not in the legal process.

The defense politely and deferentially pointed out that this Bilocation of Bill idea was deranged, and the judge simply ignored it, as judges ignore all evidence which indicates that Bill White is being victimized by a bunch of politically motivated ghouls with federal credentials in some kind of demented experiment. (Okay, well, not completely. The 91 year-old judge in the Roanoke trial did state in open court did state that he believed Bill White to be innocent and that he was being persecuted for his beliefs, before sentencing him anyway.) Look don’t get me started on Bill White trial stories, or I’ll be here all night. Some sections of his trial documents on read like Monty Python scripts.

Anyway, all of us need to understand the legal aspects of this appalling persecution of Bill White, because those aspects have ramifications of historical proportions, for everybody. The most stunning result of these seven years of obscene persecution came when a Jewish judge in Chicago ruled as part of the initial trial that the fact that the information Bill published on was a matter of public record and could have been located by anyone online in a matter of minutes was irrelevant, because it was Bill White who published this information, and Bill White had—wait for it—an inherently violent and criminal audience, i.e. White people whose minds were not sufficiently under control. Therefore when Bill White published publicly available information, it constituted a “threat”.

In the first place this blows all to hell what used to be a legal principle taught in law schools, the concept of the “reasonable man,” or I guess reasonable person it would be these days. Would a reasonable man consider something to be a threat? The purpose of this doctrine was specifically to differentiate between some lunatic waving a butcher knife in the air screaming “I gone kill you ass, muthafukka!” and the person who says “I find out who’s been stealing my yogurts from the break room fridge I’m going to kill them!”

That’s gone now. The reasonable man in law has now been replaced by a Jew in a black robe and a jury in black skins. White himself accurately refers to this as a Talmudic form of so-called justice, a rabbinical type of situation wherein the accused has no right to appeal to the lawgiver or to the law itself, but is forced to accept the determination of the rabbi, i.e. the judge, as to what he thinks the law means. And if you’re somebody the rabbinical judge happens not to like, you’re screwed. Effectively speaking, there is no appeal, at least none that doesn’t take five years and a hundred thousand dollars in cash to pay for attorneys.

What the rabbi, er, judge has done in this case is arbitrarily and completely outside the United States Constitution to consign a given set of American citizens, i.e. Bill White and his audience, to a lesser category of citizenship, one that has fewer rights than others. For example, the right to publish information of public record on the internet. When the Associated Press or Salon Magazine does it, it’s a journalist performing their legitimate Constitutional function of informing the public. When Bill White does it, it’s a federal felony, since because of his political and racial views Bill White is a lesser being in the eyes of the law who does not have the same rights as others.

This type of relegation of perceived enemies of the established power structure to second or third-class citizenship is one of the things which the American Revolution was fought to abolish. You know, all men created equal and all that? Hell, this kike in the black robe didn’t just revoke the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, he revoked the damned Magna Carta.

Because of the Bill White case, any White person who dares to dissent, who dares to disagree, or who dares to voice opposition to anything the dictatorship does is a lesser person, a lower category of citizen. Who knows? Maybe three-fifths of a man?



Anonymous old engineer said...

The Bill White case has made it clear to me that passivism is the only strategy left. This is not so bad since it is a strategy that can work. Please see

Whites do not have numbers to take power via elections. Period. Full stop. There will not be a Reaganesque here riding to the rescue. The solution is to passively become a just alternative that can take power after the present power structure drives the train off the rails. This does not require violence, or any political activity. It does require us to become capable and worthy. If we all live together in the northwest that would be a huge help.

Here's part of the article: "Passivism is the political methodology that is behind the Procedure. It is almost exactly the opposite of activism. The activist looks at the world and sees problems in the system about which something must be done. He leverages his political rights to convince and agitate the public, affect change through various mechanisms, and get society to fix the problem. The passivist, on the other hand, has no political rights, and he does not try to shift public opinion or influence the system in any way. The steel rule of Passivism is absolute renunciation of official power...."

This is no big deal since you just plain don't have any real political power anyway. We do have the power to improve our own lives and move to a safe place. Become as worthy and wealthy as you can and ride it out. If you try to resist by political means you are playing the game the enemy wants you to play. If you advocate violence or resistance in any form you are giving your enemy ammo that will be used against you. Welcome to 1984 in 2015.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is whats gonna happen to all of us if we dont get our asses to the homeland. They will pick off any alpha types one at a time.

4:01 PM  

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